Survivor: Game Changers – Tribe Names and Divisions

Inside Survivor reveals the tribe names and divisions for next year’s all returnee season Survivor: Game Changers – The Mamanuca Islands.

A month ago, Inside Survivor revealed the full all-returnee cast for Survivor Season 34. Twenty former players are currently in Fiji battling it out for another shot at the million dollar prize money and the title of Sole Survivor. Last month we announced the title and theme of that season, Survivor: Game Changers – The Mamanuca Islands, and now we can reveal the tribe names and divisions.

Disclaimer: The two castaways from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X are covered up at the end of each list (not placed alphabetically) – if you want to know who they are, check out the cast page and click on the spoiler button.


Season 34 Mana Tribe.

The Mana tribe, who will wear red/blood orange, are named after Mana Island, located within the Mamanuca group of islands in Fiji. The tribe consists of Caleb Reynolds, Jeff Varner, Malcolm Freberg, Tony Vlachos, Troyzan Robertson, Aubry Bracco, Ciera Eastin, Hali Ford, Sandra Diaz-Twine and the female representative from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

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Season 34 Nuku Tribe.

The Nuku tribe, who will wear blue, are named after the Nuku beach and resort located on Gau Island, Fiji’s fifth largest island. The tribe consists of Andrea Boehlke, Cirie Fields, Debbie Wanner, Sarah Lacina, Sierra Dawn-Thomas, Brad Culpepper, JT Thomas, Ozzy Lusth, Tai Trang and the male representative from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor over the summer for all the latest Survivor news and features. Survivor: Game Changers will air February 2017.

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  • Josh

    Do the tribes happen to be extremely even like Second Chances, Challenge and placement wise?

  • Monae

    Surprised Sara and Toni aren’t together.

    • Ishay

      Most of the people with connections were separated – tony&sara, brad&cierra, Sierra&hali, Aubry&tai/debby, Tai&caleb, Sandra&JT, andrea&malcolm. I think it’s better to give this season a fresh start

  • Matthew Hecht

    With the exception of Cirie to Ozzy and J.T, and Tai to Debbie none of these people have been on a tribe together.

    • me

      Actually, Cirie and JT were on the heroes tribe together in HvV

      • me

        I read your comment wrong sorry ignore that

  • Ishay

    Don’t know why, but I hoped for Cirie and Aubry on the same tribe. Hope they’ll have the chance to play together. I see a Malcolm-Aubry-cierra power alliance

  • Ronald Thomas

    I cannot wait to see Tony and Sandra on the same tribe that’s going to make great TV

    • Applesauce

      Tony: “Look, Sandra…”
      Sandra: *explicit rant*

      Every episode.

    • Lauren

      And then throw Varner in the mix too? It’s going to be amazing

    • Ben

      I still feel sad that I’m deprived of seeing Sandra and Natalie together, those two would have gotten on so well. I am really hoping we get to see a Sandra/Aubry alliance.

  • Chris

    I think this is gonna be a good season it’s kinda like 2nd chance 2 but just with 3 people who won it I think we will have a person that never won

  • Dutch

    Tony and Sandra together. I love it.

    • It’s Gonna Happen

      I can hear it already, “Maaan, I don’t trust Tony’s ass AT ALL.”

  • John

    do they want Cirie to fail?? two of her enemies are on her tribe and they are the strongest men of that tribe… I don’t see how Cirie could possibly last πŸ™

    • Matthew Hecht

      I think she will align with Tai and Debbie. Sarah and Sierra will likely join them.

      • John

        I can see Cirie aligning with Debbie but Sierra and Tai will definitely gravitate towards Brad and JT and Ozzy. Tai is a huge fan of Ozzy and Sierra and Ozzy were partnered together on TPIR and she has a history of aligning with the intolerable people of the season. It looks like a bro down with Sierra as a sixth to me πŸ™ unless Brad flips on the men again

    • Adam

      Right?! I’m devastated. I feel like her legacy is gonna take a big hit for some people πŸ™

    • Ben

      Why are people convinced Ozzy and JT are her enemies? All of them will be coming in with a target on their back, isn’t just as possible they realise that they need to stick together in this season? These things are contextual (mind you, I should never rely on Ozzy to know what is best for him).

    • Damien Roberts

      I don’t know if it is so deep seeded that they’ll go after her immediately. I am optimistic that she COULD be okay.

  • Eli Edwards

    I’m sure that Malcolm and annoying Cierra will team together to get rid of Sandra/Tony asap. Annoying.

  • Snsetblaze

    They did not match up the athletic ability of the women very well though.

    Nuku has four women (the weak one being Cirie) that are pretty good to very good at challenges. Sierra was voted out over others because Mike was afraid she could beat him. Debbie was ok on some, good on others. Sara and Andrew were athletic.

    Mana has at least two women that are challenge liabilities in physical challenges (Sandra and Ciera). Aubry is very good at challenges. Hali is fair (although it really is hard to tell as she had challenge beast Joe Anglim on her side) and we do not know the new woman.

    The men seem matched up. Caleb with Ozzy on the other side. Malcolm with J.T. (who was great but is older now). Tai/Troi – neither great or bad – depends on the challenge. Tony/Brad – although Tony was not particularly great. The new guy/Varner.

    • Ben

      I feel like Mana has the advantage with the men, and Nuku the advantage with the women. Tai is not really that great in team competitions and he is matching up with Jeff to my way of thinking, Malcolm/Caleb seem overall slightly better than Ozzy/JT (factoring in age) and Tony/Troy seem slightly better on balance than Brad/s33 male, although of course my view could change after watching s33.

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  • Hance

    In Mana tribe (great name btw) I think that Jeff, Tony, Troyzan, and Sandra will be in same aliance. And on the other side there will be Malcom, Ciera, Hali, Caleb. Not sure where Aubrey and other girl will end up.

    In Nuku tribe, I think that big surprise will be aliance between Cirie and JT.

  • Joe

    Yup, Mana has more rootable/inoffensive people whereas in Nuku, it’s only Andrea whom I like over there, with the added detriment that the Nuku dudes are pretty much write-offs.

  • Applesauce

    Malcolm and Aubry are on a tribe with a bunch of crazy people. Should be extremely entertaining.

  • Landon

    Queen Cirie is screwed. Why is Ozzy and JT on her tribe???

    • Ishay

      If they’ll work togheter, it will be awesome. I’m can’t wait for this season !

  • Daniel

    Well Cirie is fucked.

    • Ishay

      Men I hope she makes it

  • Owen

    Cirie won’t be that screwed over. If anything, she will want vengeance on JT for flipping on her in HvV. The only people she really has to be worried about is Ozzy, Andrea, and the season 33 guy. I don’t know if she can make it all the way to the end, but she isn’t as hopeless as one might think.

  • Anne

    I would really like Aubry, Malcolm, and Caleb to align but I so fear that Malcolm and Caleb are so screwed. I hope I am wrong about that!

  • Ismael

    If anyone can make it is Cirie. She was overconfident in HvV, but I think she’ll learn from that.

  • Ben

    I wish they banned themselves, temporarily, from so regularly making the starting tribes primary colours exclusively, or secondary colours exclusively. Cambodia mixed tribal colours up a little nicely with pink, teal and yellow. Lets hope if they revisit the ‘Angkor’ concept in this game that the equivalent tribe is NOT yellow on this season – perhaps a pale purple or brown or something. Or lets hope that Mana is more orange than it appears here, because Orange and Blue would work.

    Really bored with the red/blue/yellow colour scheme over and over.

    On the other hand – Mana is my tribe right now. Hoping the girls stick together and bring in Jeff, I could see guys like Troy and Tony being in immediate trouble on that tribe. But I also get the feeling like it will be the tribe that meshes a little more. Hope Cirie manages to make it to the merge on the other tribe, it’s really hard to see how things might play out with that mix of people. Can’t wait to see how Ozzy copes with Debbie! I could see this being the season where Ozzy doesn’t make the merge.

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  • shihomt

    a.k.a The guys Vs Sandra+Ciera sasszzz
    Tony and Aubrey will probably work together. Vaner and Troyzan will probably try to get in majority and get in control. I hope they put Varner, Tony and Troyzan in the same tribe, so they’ll try to get rid of each other, and leave Sandra alone hahaha

    meanwhile in NUKU TRIBE
    the girls seams more peaceful, and Brad and Tai are the most aggravating, but Brad seems tolerable, he’ll probably slide more quietly now. Ozzy will probably talk and talk until they lost their first immunity and get rid of him, I hope not.

    I just want Ozzy, Malcolm, Andrea, Ciera, Sandra, and Caleb to reach the merge.

    • shihomt

      the price is right “models” will probably align with each other, Sierra should spray insecticide before Ozzy can rub in anyway possible his latino charm all over her, pretty much like what he did on that red car. *and amanda*

  • Chris Merch

    I am pulling for Ozzy, Cirie, Andrea and Malcolm they were so darn close before ugggh. I hope they team up and Cirie doesn’t make the same mistake she made on H vs. V. If you get rid of the athletes you will go to tribal everytime and dwindle. I would love to see this final four with a final two of any combination, would be sweet.
    – Tai was close too, but I don’t think he could win with a returnee jury.