The Return of Survivor: Brazil aka No Limite

Brazil’s first reality show is back!

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No Limite, also known as Brazil’s first reality show, is back after a hiatus of almost 12 years. The reality show is inspired by Sweden’s Expedition Robinson (the format that birthed Survivor US), and despite the differences, both in the dynamics and in the name, it is, for all intents and purposes, considered the Brazilian version of Survivor.

Over the years, No Limite has undergone some changes in its format. The first season took place in 2000, and the game’s dynamic was similar to the original Survivor format, with castaways voting one another out until the final. However, unlike Survivor, the final was not decided by a “jury” but by an Immunity challenge. This format lasted until the third season of No Limite, which ended in December 2001.

The show made its first comeback in 2009 and saw some fundamental changes occur; among them was the significant increase in the number of contestants. The series jumped from 12 castaways in the original three seasons to 23 in Season 4, including the arrival of three new players during the show to replace players who had withdrawn or been expelled. The season also lasted 62 days, compared to the original 24 days, and introduced the long-awaited jury format to determine the winner. The prize fund was also bumped up from R$300,000 to R$500,000.

In this same season, there was a controversial change that did not please the viewers. This involved a public vote. The two players on the losing tribe that received the most votes from their fellow tribemates would then face a public vote to determine who was eliminated. This change angered fans so much that it only lasted until the fourth of elimination before being dropped completely. From that moment on, the fourth season remained mostly faithful to Survivor, including the introduction of Survivor staples like Exile Island and the hidden immunity idol.

How Season 5 Will Work

– Filming period: Filming began on May 1 and will end in June, with no end date announced at this time. The episodes will start broadcasting on May 11, 2021, on the Rede Globo network.

– Location: The fifth season is being filmed in the state of Ceará, Brazil, more specifically on the beach of Beberibe, the same location where the first season was filmed.

– Format: Rede Globo confirmed that there will be two tribes of 8, totaling 16 castaways. There will also be Reward and Immunity challenges with one elimination per episode until the finale, just like in the original Survivor format. However, in regards to the final, it has not yet been confirmed whether it will stick with the format adopted in Season 4 or if it will revert back to how it was in the original three seasons.

Fernando Oliveira, from BuzzFeed Brasil, has reported that the final will have three castaways and a jury element. However, Oliveira has stated that the jury will only decide who finishes in third place. The remaining two finalists would then face a short public vote to decide the ultimate winner. While this is not yet official, Oliveira is the same journalist who disclosed other details regarding location and filming later confirmed by the show itself.

– Colors and Tribe Names: It was reported that the name of the tribes will be Carcara and Calango, which are two animals of the Brazilian fauna, and the colors of the tribes are orange and green.

– Cast: It was confirmed that the cast will be composed entirely of former Big Brother Brazil contestants. Big Brother Brazil started soon after the original version of No Limite ended, debuting in January 2002. Since then, it has become the biggest reality show on Brazilian television. The series is so successful that it’s currently in its 21st season and has already opened registration for the 22nd.

No Limite Season 5 starts May 11 on Rede Globo.

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6 responses to “The Return of Survivor: Brazil aka No Limite”

  1. Oh boy … as a brazilian looking to apply for a future season i hope it works. They used the ex-BBB as contestants to keep the hype and fanbase appeal through broadcasting this back-to-back BB. The final-2 decided by a popular voting on internet just show how they(production) fear “taking the control off” the public about the ending. Brazilians always like a good ending with a “good guy/girl” winning like the novels because a cutthroat game is not well received like Survivor US/AU.

    • Agreed. Production itself is not expecting anyone to really play a strategic game, considering the BB ex-houseguests they chose. And that’s not saying that are not interesting names in this cast (BBB4’s Zulu, BBB7’s Iris, BBB18’s Paula and even memorable first boot Ariadna from BBB11), but there are lots of other names that actually played a game at the BBB house (BBB3’s Jean, BBB4’s Marcela, BBB7’s Alberto, BBB11’s Talula, BBB14’s Angela and BBB20’s Petrix are some names that quickly come to mind) and that people would love to see back. The show is being advertized as a wild challenges galore, which is very disapointting. Let’s hope at least one player will crack how the game works and make gears work.

  2. Aêê Brazil Manoooo!!! I’m so glad with No Limite relaunch.. In hopes that the season works out so I can apply next year #TeamElana #TeamAndré

  3. good to see, after 2 and half years, that the second comment on this thread became a former “No Limite 2022” contestant and his big major play was “prohibited” by production LMAO guess who???

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