Big Brother Canada 9

The Round-Up (Week 9)

What went down in Week 9?

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Each week, Gia and Garrett will round-up the week of Big Brother Canada 9 as they list their top moments in various important categories. This includes the most essential information, the most stand-out houseguests, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Gia and Garrett break down all the action from week nine and the latest eviction of the season!


HOH: Breydon

Garrett: As the season draws to a close, Breydon pulled out his first HOH win of the season at a crucial time. As someone who is personally rooting for Breydon to win the game, it was relieving to see him secure his spot in the Final 4 early in the week. Breydon played his role perfectly, not getting too involved with Beth and letting her drag down her closest allies. Socially, Breydon is in a great spot to secure a lot of Jury votes.

Noms: Tera and Beth

Gia: When Tera came back into the house, she asked the remaining guys for one thing; she’ll forgive them for evicting her, but can they please evict Beth this week? Turns out, this works perfectly for the newly-crowned HOH since Beth was going to be his target anyway. Breydon was never going to nominate Tychon, and Kiefer was a solid number for him, so it was Tera and Beth that saw the block for the second time in a row.

Veto: Breydon, Veto not used

Gia: Breydon went from an underdog to the latest competition beast this week, winning his third comp in a row when he was the last player to drop the ball in their pinball machine. While there was a slight temptation to nominate Kiefer at the Veto ceremony, Breydon felt he could trust him more than Beth and stuck to his initial nominations.



Garrett: As I said above, I am rooting for Breydon! There have been very few winners representing that LGBTQ+ community across the Big Brother (and Survivor) franchises. Breydon winning would be the perfect proof as to why diverse casting works. Breydon’s legacy on Big Brother shouldn’t just be who he represents, though. He’s played a savvy, under the radar, social game and worked well with everyone in the house, and he deserves recognition for that.

From an outside perspective, Breydon seems like a big jury threat. He can easily take the win depending on who he’s up against in the Final 2. No matter what, he has a great shot, but Kiefer might be his biggest Jury competition.


Gia: It’s official, Tychon is going into the Final 4 without ever touching the block. While I was worried that he’d be in trouble this week with the fake double eviction twist, the perfect person won HOH to ensure that he’d be completely safe. Tychon and Breydon seem to be locked in on going to the Final 2 together, and they have a strong chance of getting there. He probably won’t be getting Beth or Jedson’s jury votes, but I will highlight that his complete disregard for Beth led to some of the funniest moments this week.

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Gia: The majority of the jury says that if Kiefer makes it to the end, he wins the game. That’s great for Kiefer and not so great for everyone else. His primary problem is that everyone still in the game is also aware of this fact. To make things worse, the person that points this out the most is Kiefer himself. He avoided the block this week due to Breydon having a clear target in Beth, but his days are numbered unless he can start winning comps again.


Garrett: Tera has a growing story in the house after winning the Battle Back, but is it enough to win her the game? At this juncture, I see Tera drawing dead against anyone else in the Final 2. For that reason, I think there’s a very good chance she makes it there. Unfortunately, Tera seems to be in the “goat” position even though she is not much of a goat.

That being said, anything can happen with a jury vote (looking at you Topaz), and we don’t really know how this season will shape up. Tera may have the lowest odds of winning, but to count her out would be foolish considering how unpredictable Big Brother can be.


Gia: Beth fell off her pedestal this week, and she only made things worse for herself as they got closer to eviction day. The rest of the house has seen through her strategy for some time now, and no one was even pretending to believe her anymore. All of her scheming from last week came back to bite her when the person she was hoping to send home won the HOH and the POV. Her campaigning only made things worse and the show didn’t even try to pretend there a chance for her to stay.


Tera Wins the Battle Back

Garrett: This Battle Back let out a bit of the steam in the game. Jedson and Tera were tasked with rolling three balls down a table into the designated slots after the Fake Double Eviction. This challenge was something we have seen numerous times before; it wasn’t particularly interesting. Tera’s ultimate victory made Jedson the fourth member of the jury, after not using the Veto on himself. Yikes.

The Downfall of Beth

Garrett: Beth has been a central cog of this entire season, exactly as she planned. Her scheming and romancing often took center stage in the show, but her shenanigans the week before seemed to be the tipping point as it all finally caught up to her. Beth, for many viewers, was the antagonist of the season as they were frustrated by her actions. She was a fun “villain” to root against without really being all that villainous. Beth’s eviction here really helps with the season’s story, a final obstacle for our “heroes” to overcome.

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Jury Segment

Gia: The majority of the jury is already out of the game, which means we have finally gotten some jury segments in the past few episodes! Victoria, Rohan, and Tina have made a comfortable little home for themselves in the jury house (despite Spicy V’s distaste for nature).

Of course, they are still in the game, and never is that more clear than when Jedson walks through the door and has to explain the insanity of the past week. There was shock and delight from news of what’s transpired, but things are bound to take a turn once our next juror Beth is added to the mix. With the finale a week away, who knows where their heads will be at once we have our final two?

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