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Episode 4 Stats

Rob Brodeur breaks down all the latest stats!

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Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Winners At War.


  • Rob now has tied Ozzy’s previous record of 128 days played of Survivor.
  • This is the first time since Blood vs. Water where there were five tribal councils before a swap.
    • Tyson was on both seasons.

Tribal Council

  • Tyson was voted out 7-1-1.
    • Both times he’s been voted out pre-merge he was on a red tribe with Sandra.
      • This was Sandra’s first time voting for him, as she voted for Russell when Tyson was eliminated in Heroes vs. Villains.
    • Tyson won Blood vs. Water with a 7-1-0 vote.
    • Tina Wesson was voted out 7-1-1 in episode 9 of Blood vs. Water, Tyson was one of the votes for her.
  • Sandra and Coach are the only players to be present for two of Tyson’s vote-outs.
    • Sandra was on his tribe when he was voted out in Heroes vs. Villains and Winners at War.
    • Coach was on his tribe when he was voted out in Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains.
      • Coach didn’t vote for him at either tribal council.
  • Sandra has voted out every Tocantins returning player she’s played with and was a big part of why they went home.
    • Heroes vs Villains – she lied to Russell that Coach was targeting him in order to get the target off of her and Courtney, resulting in Coach being voted out.
    • Game Changers – Sandra knew JT was targeting her at the previous vote, so Sandra pitted JT and Michaela against each other by eating the remaining sugar from a reward they had won, JT was then voted out.
    • Winners at War – she found out that Tyson was targeting her, so she targeted him, resulting in Tyson being voted out.
      • Stephen is the only Tocantins returning player she hasn’t played with.
  • This is the first time Tyson wasn’t immune in the fourth episode of a season.
  • Tyson has been voted out the most times of all the players on this season with three times.
    • He was voted out in Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, and Winners at War.
  • Nick is the only player who didn’t vote for Tyson this episode.
  • Both players who were voted out of Dakal voted for Nick when they were eliminated.
  • Kim, Sandra, Wendell, and Yul are the only Dakal players who voted for both eliminated Dakal players.
  • Yul voted for Tyson during the pre-game Dalton Ross EW vote, and he voted Tyson out this episode.
  • Both winners of Blood vs. Water themed seasons (Natalie and Tyson) have been voted out.
  • Every returning player who’s returned from Tocantins has been voted out at least once pre-merge except for Stephen Fishbach.
    • Coach was voted out pre-merge in Heroes vs. Villains.
    • JT Thomas was voted out pre-merge in Game Changers.
    • Tyson was voted out pre-merge in Winners at War.
      • He was also voted out pre-merge in Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Every returning player who’s returned from Blood vs. Water has been voted out at least once pre-merge.
    • Brad was voted out pre-merge in Blood vs. Water.
    • Vytas was voted out pre-merge in Cambodia.
    • Ciera was voted out pre-merge in Game Changers.
    • Tyson was voted out pre-merge in Winners at War.
      • He was also voted out pre-merge in Heroes vs. Villains.
  • This is the first episode this season that took place over 2 days as opposed to 3 days.
  • Every vote so far this season had at least one person receive only one vote at tribal council.
    • Episode 1 – Jeremy voted for Adam.
    • Episode 1 – Amber voted for Nick.
    • Episode 2- Danni voted for Parvati.
    • Episode 3- Adam voted for Parvati.
    • Episode 4- Tyson voted for Nick, and Nick voted for Kim,
  • There was a voting triangle in this episode.
    • Kim voted for Tyson,
    • Tyson voted for Nick,
    • Nick voted for Kim,
  • Everybody that has been voted out so far has never played in a season filmed in Fiji before Winners at War.
  • Everybody voted out so far played their first season before Worlds Apart.
  • Nick and Kim have received votes at both tribal councils they’ve attended this season so far.
  • Nick never received a vote in David vs. Goliath, but he’s received a vote every time he’s been eligible this season so far.
  • In every all-returnee season in which at least one previous winner returned, a winner was the fifth person eliminated.
    • Richard Hatch in All-Stars, Tom Westman in Heroes vs. Villains, JT Thomas in Game Changers, and Tyson Apostol in Winners at War.
    • All of them have been men.
    • All of them played on their first season before Heroes vs. Villains.
    • Richard is the only one to not be on Heroes vs Villains.
  • This is the first episode of Survivor in both of Denise’s seasons where she did not go to tribal council.
  • This is the first episode this season where everyone on Sele was immune.

Reward/Immunity Challenge – “Beyond the Wheel”

  • The challenge title is based on a song by the band Soundgarden.
  • A version of this challenge was previously used in Edge of Extinction.
  • Nick did this puzzle in David vs Goliath and won.
    • His tribe lost this time.
  • This is the first reward Sele has won this season.

Edge of Extinction/Fire Tokens

  • Each player on the Edge of Extinction received one fire token for completing the task of moving 20 logs one at a time from the top of the island back to camp.
  • Nick is the first Dakal member to be willed a fire token.
    • He’s also the only Dakal member with more than one fire token.
  • Natalie has the most fire tokens with 4.
    • She’s received one fire token per episode.
  • This was the first episode this season where there wasn’t a fire token trade from someone on the Edge of Extinction to someone in the game.
    • It’s also the first episode where Natalie earned a fire token by not selling an advantage.
  • Sandra, Sarah, and Tyson have the least fire tokens with 0.
  • Everyone on Sele has at least one fire token.
  • Tyson is the only player on the Edge of Extinction with 0 fire tokens.


  • Ethan had the most confessionals this episode with 8.
  • Denise and Kim had the least confessionals with 0.
  • Every man this season had at least 1 confessional in this episode.
  • Natalie and Adam are tied for most confessionals this season with 18 each.


Episode Title

  • Sandra said the episode title “I Like Revenge” when discussing the decision between keeping Tyson or voting him out due to him targeting her.
    • This is the third Survivor episode title to have the word “Revenge”. The other two are as follows:
      • “Udder Revenge” – Episode 6 of Borneo.
      • “It Will Be My Revenge” – Episode 2 of Worlds Apart.

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