Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Final Round

It’s the final time for the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings as the season finale airs tomorrow night on CBS. In Round 12, Rob finished first by ranking Abi-Maria in 7th place and therefore gaining 7 points. Shawn and Jacob tied for second place gaining 6 points a piece. Rob remains in the lead with 121 points overall, Shawn stays in second place with 114 points, and Jacob remains in third place with 112 points. Can Rob be beaten in the final round?

Finale Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. However, the finale works a little bit differently. The contributors will rank the six finalists in order of placement and they will gain 2 points for every correct placement. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 121
Score: 114
Score: 112
JeremyPic KelleyPic SpencerPic
1. Jeremy’s game has been big, but he’s managed to stay under the radar since the beginning. There’s always been a bigger threat to get rid of, and nobody has seriously targeted him. Jeremy’s got his idol, he’ll definitely play it, and he’s got a good group of allies. He’s capable of winning immunity challenges, and unless a big power shift happens, he’s almost ensured a spot in the finals. 1. Kelley was my winner pick from the start of the season and remains as my golden flair. While I do believe a few stars have to align for her to win, it doesn’t seem fair to abandon her now. The placing of the other five castaways will reflect how I see Kelley getting to the million. Kelley has rarely been in the majority, yet has managed to maneuver her way into the final six with an idol.  She’s built strong relationships and if she plays final tribal the right way, could end up a millionaire. 1. Spencer has had:
A. A clear story arc about learning to show emotions more honestly (emotional connection to the viewers).
B. Another story arc about playing Survivor as a social game rather than a chess match (social strength).
C. More confessionals than I can count (visibility).
D. A better résumé than at least half his fellow finalists (strategic claims).
SpencerPic KimmiPic KimmiPic
2. Spencer has definitely come a long way since Cagayan, and even the beginning of this season. Pre-game and pre-merge he was one of the biggest targets, and he’s the biggest surprise to me for getting this close to the end. If Spencer makes the final 3, he’s got a great story to give to the jury, and he’s got a really good shot at winning. 2. A week ago, Kimmi stood a chance of winning the season if she started to make big moves. While she was a part of moves, I don’t think she can point to certain moves (except for the Monica boot) that were engineered solely by her. What Kimmi lacks in strategic prowess, she makes up for in strong relationships and jury management. I really love how Kimmi has played her second chance, but I don’t see her winning. I do see her gaining at least a vote for her social game if she makes it to the final. 2. Despite receiving minimal screen time, Kimmi appears to be a beloved member of the cast. With the exception of Monica, who isn’t voting, I don’t think anyone has a serious issue with Kimmi and some might even respect her social game. Towards the end she even played around with other options but wasn’t targeted for doing so.
KelleyPic KeithPic TashaPic
3. Kelley’s pretty much guaranteed to make it to the final 5 because she has her idol, and she will use it if she feels threatened (which she should). Kelley has played an amazing game this season, and she’s a huge threat to win it if she gets to the end. She barely made any enemies, and made the “big moves” that everyone is looking for. 3. My heart broke a little bit when Probst confirmed that Keith would not be driving the voting urn into the finale on a Tuk Tuk. Keith is not a strategic threat, but he has a knack for keeping his name off of ballots. He could easily win his way to the final tribal council. Keith’s game is incredibly fun to watch as a viewer, but I don’t see him having a chance of winning. The two people I could  potentially see voting for Keith, Joe and Kelley, are huge fans and will likely give their vote to the best player rather than the person who was mostly loyal to them. 3. Based on some Ponderosa clips and other general airs around the season, Tasha appears to have been painted as a less-than-loved player by her fellow castaways. She played hard, don’t get me wrong, but I think her relentless mentality from the beginning of the game came off in a nasty way rather than a strategic one.
TashaPic JeremyPic JeremyPic
4. I’m convinced the only way Tasha can win is if she’s at the end with the “goats” she’s trying to get rid of. Her game so far has been ok, but she’s burned a lot of bridges and she doesn’t have many people on her side. If she makes it to the end with her alliance, she’s destined for 3rd. 4. If Jeremy makes it to the final tribal council, he’s very likely to win. I don’t think this is a huge secret to the other five castaways remaining, which is why I think he’s going to be targeted at every possible vote. Jeremy has done a great job of maintaining relationships and making strategic moves this season. In order for Kelley to win Survivor and for me to win Power Rankings, I need Jeremy voted out. 4. *ducks* Look, I think Spencer, Kimmi and Tasha are all smart enough to recognize Jeremy as a jury threat with or without knowledge of his pregnant wife. All three know they have a better shot at the end without him. Jeremy doesn’t exactly have the best challenge winning record either, so I think it’s very possible he loses immunity and gets booted right before the end.
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5. Kimmi has played a good game so far, she’s stayed loyal to her alliances, but she hasn’t been too involved with a lot of the big power plays. Kimmi could very well make it to the end, but she needs to prove herself to the jury that her non-flashy game was better than the others. 5. I haven’t been too keen on Tasha in either of her seasons. She has made it far twice and I have to give credit where credit is due.  Tasha’s style of play seems best fit for when she’s in second position, but that doesn’t help in a final tribal council. I could easily see Tasha sitting at the FTC, but I don’t see her getting enough votes to win. 5. If Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha are a solid Final 3 alliance with Kimmi as a fourth, they will likely target a now defenseless Kelley as long as she doesn’t have immunity.
KeithPic SpencerPic KeithPic
6. Keith’s been sticking to the plan the whole season, but most of the time, it’s been the wrong plan. Keith is one of the most likeable people to be on Survivor, but he’s definitely the one most out of the loop at this point. Unless he wins immunity, he’s most likely the next to go. 6. Oh Spence, I want you to win and be a lot higher on this list.  Spencer is another player who has done a great job of making it deep after some early game obstacles. He is currently tied to Tasha and Jeremy, but it seems like nobody actually wants to hold to that alliance. With two idols in play, Spencer is a likely candidate for being voted out after an idol play. He might not be somebody’s first target, but his ever-present notoriety might be his downfall. 6. I think this “first time in Survivor history” moment is going to be the negation of all potential votes. Both idols could be played on their owners, perhaps in a 3-3 split or a 4-2 one. Say, along with this, that Spencer has immunity. I think neither Jeremy nor Kelley would vote, and Spencer would have immunity, meaning he would determine whether Tasha or Keith goes home. I think he trusts Tasha more. This is only one scenario, but I think it ends like this in multiple variations.

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