Survivor Second Chance: Most Likely Awards – Injury Prone

You know what TV needs more of? That’s right. Award ceremonies.

Up next we have the Michael Skupin Award for Most Likely to Perpetually Injure Themselves.

Survivor is a tough show; the elements can be punishing and unforgiving. We have seen a number of medical evacuations over the years; from broken bones to serious infections, dehydration, and yes, even falling in the fire. Michael Skupin was the first ever medivac back in Survivor: The Australian Outback. He inhaled too much smoke and fell hands first into the camp fire. It was a tragic moment that highlighted just how real and dangerous Survivor could be. When Skupin returned to Survivor in 2012, for Survivor: Philippines, he proved that his fire fall was more than just a one-off accident. Skupin perpetually injured himself, whether it was hitting himself in the head with a machete, or cutting his finger, or smashing a swimming mask directly into his face. The man was a walking insurance claim.


Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance is rumoured to have one of the most brutal locations ever. With extreme heat, severe bug bites, and demanding challenges set to test the 20 second chancers, I can guarantee that someone is going to pick up an injury along the way. But which of them are most likely to get hurt? Who are the clumsy ones? Who are the ones that are going to be going so full force that they forget to slow down and think before they seriously do damage to themselves? I have nominated the two men and two women that I think are most likely to perpetually injure themselves.


And the nominees are…


Abi-Maria Gomes – I had to nominate Abi because she is the only one out of the 20 returnees that suffered a serious injury in her original season. Abi tore her ACL very early on in Survivor: Philippines. To her credit, she continued the season hobbling around on one leg and made it all the way to the Final 5. But it is this stubborn determination that also makes Abi prone to injury again in Cambodia – she isn’t the type that likes to be told she can’t do something. In her effort to prove herself she may risk hurting herself or others.


Kimmi Kappenberg – surely somebody from Survivor: The Australian Outback has inherited Skupin’s clumsiness, and fortunately for Jeff Varner I’ve already nominated him for way too much. So sorry Kimmi, but you are representing Skupin this season. Kimmi wasn’t exactly the greatest challenge performer in her original season, and I’m not sure she’ll fair much better now. I can see the challenges being very punishing in Cambodia and Kimmi may struggle in that regard.


Woo Hwang – remember when Woo climbed up a papaya tree in Survivor: Cagayan and then fell on his ass? Exactly. Woo is somebody that likes to show off his athletic skills and ninja moves and that is exactly the kind of person that could wind up injuring themselves. Did you see his speed as he ran through the jungle with Spencer’s idol clue? All it takes is one slip Woo and you could be on that stretcher looking up at Probst’s dimples.


Joe Anglim – wait, surely not Joey Amazing? Okay. Hear me out. Joe is very athletic and skilled in challenges. I know all that. But in a similar vein to Woo, I think Joe will be desperately trying to impress in the early portion of the game to prove himself to his tribe so that they keep him around. This could easily lead to Joe going too hard and injuring himself. At the very least he could suffer a bruised ego if he crashes and burns early.

Vote below for which of these four nominees you think is Most Likely to Perpetually Injure Themselves in Survivor: Cambodia. Results will be announced in September.


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    • Just to inform you as well, Woo wasn’t climbing a Coconut tree. He was climbing a tree with Papayas “The size of Morgan’s boobs”. – Trish.

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