Survivor Second Chance: Most Likely Awards – Misspell Vote

You know what TV needs more of? That’s right. Award ceremonies.

Up next we have the Ralph Kiser Award for Most Likely to Misspell Vote at Tribal Council. There is nothing that makes me smile more in Survivor than misspelled votes at Tribal Council. Right back from the very first episode in Survivor: Borneo, when Sue Hawk misspelled Sonja as “Souna”, misspelled votes have been a constant source of mirth. Even CBS themselves have trouble correctly spelling the names of contestants, as evidenced by the Survivor: Cambodia pre-season videos. My all time favorite (pictured above) comes from Survivor: Redemption Island’s Ralph Kiser, who turned misspelling into an art-form over the course of the season; his masterpiece being his misspelling of Phillip as “Phile” (or alternatively “Philite”). Beautiful. Survivor superfan Igor would be proud.



Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance has lots of potential for hilarious misspellings. With a Peih-Gee, and a Shirin, and a Vytas – lord knows just what delightful reinterpretations we’ll see. I can’t wait to find out. As always, I have nominated the two men and two women I feel are most likely to misspell votes at Tribal Council.

And the nominees are…


Keith Nale – ah Keith. Not only might he have trouble spelling the names of his fellow contestants, but he may also have trouble pronouncing them. Already in his pre-season interview with Dalton Ross for Entertainment Weekly, he referred to Peih-Gee as Phoebe (amazing). It’s not that Keith is stupid, he’s just unfamiliar with a lot of these people. For example, he referred to Stephen Fishbach simply as “Fish”. As long as you get the general gist of who he is talking about then that will suffice. And I love Keith for that.


Terry Deitz – I don’t think Terry is necessarily a bad speller per se, but I think he is the type that won’t be bothered about learning people’s names. I don’t think Terry will care about spelling, as he’ll be too busy focused on challenges and keeping the tribe strong.

Kelly Wiglesworth – again, I’m not saying Kelly is a bad speller in general, but when it comes to Survivor she is way out of the loop. If you think Keith doesn’t know many of these people, then Kelly knows even less! Her pre-season campaigning proved she isn’t at all up on social media and Twitter and didn’t seem particularly willing to learn. I doubt she cares how to correctly spell Shirin or Vytas.


Kimmi Kappenberg – Kimmi only got to write two votes in Survivor: The Australian Outback, and they were simple names to spell, Debb and Jeff. Now, Kimmi could be the greatest speller in the world for all I know, but I have to nominate someone. The reason I’m nominating Kimmi is because she is someone that has a very thick accent – she’s originally from Long Island, New York (and last season’s Long Islander Joaquin, of course, gave us the delightful “Cherilyn” vote). A lot of people who speak in a thick accent and use local vocabulary often tend to write how they speak – as someone with a British Northern accent, I am guilty of this myself! So I could see Kimmi spelling names how she says them, rather than how they are spelled.

Vote below for which of these four nominees you think is Most Likely to Misspell Vote at Tribal Council  in Survivor: Cambodia. Results will be announced in September.


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12 responses to “Survivor Second Chance: Most Likely Awards – Misspell Vote”

  1. What? Where’s Abi? I thought that a foreigner would be the first pick without doubt. And if a remember correctly she misspelled names in Philippines.

    • Abi is pretty well educated. She can speak two languages! That’s one more than I can. I don’t think she ever spelt a name wrong in Philippines. I know Carter did the “Skoopin” vote and Penner did his funny “Denies” vote.

      • Even though is a small mistake, she spelled “Malcom” at Pete’s tribal.
        I think all of the nominees are very well educated, just thought a foreigner would have more trouble having to spell names that aren’t even her second language.

  2. just once… at the end of the scramble, as the sun is getting low in the sky…
    I want to see footage of a survivor walk up to someone and see them ask,

    “I need to know how to spell your name.”

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