Survivor Second Chance: Most Likely Awards – Slay Your Faves

You know what TV needs more of? That’s right. Award ceremonies.

Up next we have the Romber Award for Most Likely to Slay Your Favorites.

In 2004, some of Survivor’s most well-known and popular players returned for the first ever returnee season – Survivor: All-Stars. This season was meant to be the best of the best going against each other – previous winners like Richard Hatch, Tina Wesson, Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca, and big time players that were close to winning like Colby Donaldson, Lex Van Den Berghe, and Rob Cesternino. But amongst the cast were two relatively unknowns. Rob Mariano, the player with potential but whom ultimately failed to make the jury, and the quiet and uninteresting Amber Brkich. You all know how the story goes. Rob and Amber got together and proceeded to dominate the All Stars season. They systematically took out all the big time favorites – from Rob Cesternino to Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien to Big Tom, and at the time, the most popular player ever, Rupert Boneham. Romber steam-rolled to the Final 2 slaying all your favorites along the way.


In Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance there are lots of players that could be considered favorites. You have recent fan faves like Joe Anglim, Spencer Bledsoe, Tasha Fox, and Ciera Eastin. There are sentimental favorites like Kelly Wiglesworth. And then you have superfan favorites like Stephen Fishbach. These are players that fans expect and want to do well. But who is going to stand in their way? Who is going to take them down? I have nominated the two men and two women I think are most likely to slay your favorites.

And the nominees are…

MonicaNomMonica Padilla – Monica fits into that unassuming young female role very well. She was side-lined as a glorified background extra in Survivor: Samoa thanks to a heavily weighted edit in favor of Russell Hantz and Shambo. Therefore, Monica shouldn’t be coming into Cambodia as a huge threat, and if she plays it smart she should be able to get into a tight alliance early on. Once she gets her footing in the game, I doubt it will be long before she starts taking down the top dogs. We saw a small glimpse of her fiery side when she stood up to Russell late in Survivor: Samoa, so she is definitely capable of going head to head with the big names this season.


Kelley Wentworth – like Monica, Kelley had a rather subdued edit in her first season. In fact, out of all 20 returning castaways, Kelley had the least amount of screen-time. Her strategic game and personality are relatively unknown coming into Cambodia. Again, this could mean that Kelley is overlooked as a potential threat. If given the opportunity, I don’t think Kelley would hesitate to remove the big targets and public favorites. If this does happen, I expect plenty of tears from certain sections of the online Survivor fanbase.


Jeff Varner – Jeff has made it abundantly clear that he is returning to play hard with no regrets. And he already has targets in mind, in particular, the Cagayan four. Going after members of one of the most popular recent seasons, specifically fan fave Spencer, proves that Jeff isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. A lot of new, casual viewers may not remember Jeff Varner, but they’ll certainly remember him after this season if he takes out all their beloved Survivor heroes.


Jeremy Collins – I’m not saying that Jeremy isn’t a favorite – he has a lot of fans too (in fact all these returnees do; after all, they all received enough votes to make it back on). But he isn’t Joe or Spencer when it comes to devoted followers, and for that very reason, I can see Jeremy targeting the favorites. Jeremy will be looking to make up for past mistakes and carve his own path in Cambodia. He will want this season to tell the story of Jeremy, and for that reason, he needs to be chopping down faves left and right.

Vote below for which of these four nominees you think is Most Likely to Slay Your Favorites in Survivor: Cambodia. Results will be announced in September.


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Written by

Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

16 responses to “Survivor Second Chance: Most Likely Awards – Slay Your Faves”

  1. Well, Jeff and Kelley are aligned with most of the favourites. Jeremy is a big blank for me. Monica said she wants to align with the annoying, weird people, so I voted for her.

  2. Tight between Jeff and Kelley so I went with Jeff because he seems like he’s been getting the villain edit in preshow stuff.

    • Right there with you. In fact, three of my four fantasy league players are in this poll! I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

  3. Jeremy is claiming to be doing the complete opposite in his pre game stuff, he says he wants to stick with the big alphas (which for the most part cross lists with the popular players) because when it gets to the merge he doesn’t want to be the only big threat player around and get voted out because of it, hence what happened his first time around when it was just him and john misch in final 9 and they both ultimately paid for that.

  4. I can see all four slaying my faves! I definitely think one of these four will be our Winner just because of how All Stars seasons usually go. I voted Varner because he is just awesome.

  5. I voted for Jeff based off his edit so far and with his plans and ideas to take out the big and more popular players. He has also heavily watched abd studied the game over the years, so I see him going very far.

  6. Jeremy FOR SURE! Mostly because Jeff & Kelley are a couple of my favorites.
    Jeremy wants to eliminate players he sees as ‘goats’ like Kimmi, Peih-Gee, & Varner. I honestly don’t think any of them are goats. But Jeremy is the only player in this game right now looking to cut the under-the-radar players out of the game. So he would slay the favorites for sure!

  7. Because Varner & Kelley are some of my favorites, I won’t say they will slay my faves. But I do think that Varner & Kelley are going to make one hell of a team this season! After watching the pre-game interview on Youtube, I definitely think they are going to team up and do some serious damage! It will be amazing to watch. I hope they team up with Peih-Gee!

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