Survivor Second Chance: Most Likely Awards – Purple Edit

You know what TV needs more of? That’s right. Award ceremonies.

Up next we have the Purple Kelly Award for Most Likely to get a Purple Edit.

Human beings crave attention; perhaps none more so than Survivor players. They all desperately want air-time, and to have their story highlighted in front of millions of viewers. Unfortunately, not everyone can get that. Most episodes, outside of the premiere and finale, run at 42 minutes. On average, we see about 11 and half hours of footage per season. That obviously means that not every person is going to get equal coverage. There are those characters that for whatever reason (boring, quiet, disinterested, or not involved in the main plots) get left by the wayside. I’m talking about the Brets, the Cowboy Ricks, and the most famous of all, the Purple Kellys. In Survivor: Nicaragua, Kelly Shinn received such an invisible edit that she was simply referred to as “Purple Kelly” and in return birthed a new Survivor term – the Purple Edit.


Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance includes lots of big characters, and while we wish for nothing more than to see each person getting their fair share of the screen-time – we know that isn’t going to be the case. So which of our 20 returning players are going to get the shaft in the edit? Again, I have nominated the two men and two women I think are most likely to get a purple edit.

And the nominees are…


Kelley Wentworth –  she’s blonde and she’s called Kelley. How could I not nominate her for the Purple Kelly Award? While I certainly believe that Kelley Wentworth could have a Parvati style breakout season in Cambodia, if we are to judge by her original season (which is what the majority of these nominations are based on), then out of all 20 cast members she had the least amount of air-time. She only lasted five episodes in Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, but even so, she got very little confessional time. Kelley is a very down to earth, logical player, and there is a chance she could be over-shadowed by some of the crazier personalities.

KellyWigsNomKelly Wiglesworth – she’s not blonde, but she is called Kelly. Even though you could say that this entire Second Chance concept is based around the return of the original runner-up, there is a high chance that Kelly Wiglesworth could be a victim of the Purple Edit. Kelly isn’t the most engaging person, even looking back to her original season in Survivor: Borneo. Her pre-season campaign interviews were very short and lacking. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person that will be able to deliver killer confessionals and narrate the season.


Woo Hwang – even though Woo made it all the way to the final two in Survivor: Cagayan, he had a very subdued edit for the majority of the game. Woo wasn’t the most aware person game wise. Often when you have little involvement in strategy or controlling the narrative of the game, then the editors leave you on the bench – unless you’re a larger than life character, which Woo isn’t. With a lot of big personalities and hardcore gamers on Second Chance, it is very easy to see how Woo could again end up outside of the driving narrative.


Andrew Savage – this last guy was really difficult to pick. Every other guy, including Savage, got a pretty big edit in their original season. But I had to choose somebody. It wasn’t going to be the new Survivor golden boys Joe and Spencer. Jeff Varner is already hogging all the pre-season coverage. Keith is the lovable underdog. Jeremy, Stephen, and Vytas are all strategists that know how to deliver a strong narration confessional. So it came down to Savage or Terry – and Terry got a much bigger edit in his first season. Savage is a very soft speaker, and his confessionals in Survivor: Pearl Islands were very one-dimensional. Amongst the strategists and the lunatics, I could potentially see a Purple Savage edit.

Vote below for which of these four nominees you think is Most Likely to get a Purple Edit in Survivor: Cambodia. Results will be announced in September.


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Written by

Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

10 responses to “Survivor Second Chance: Most Likely Awards – Purple Edit”

  1. These things are difficult to predict on a returnee season – just look at Heroes v Villains, where the most under-edited players were two of the best confessional givers of all time, Tyson and Courtney. Kat, who was a huge presence on One World, utters a couple of sentences in Blood V Water. And then there’s the infamous Purple Brenda.

    So I am assuming that it will be dictated by the actual events of the game – people who are non-factors in the outcome will be cast (relatively) to the side. Of these four, though, I think Kelley is most likely to score low screentime, as she got the least amount of screentime in her original season.

    • She got little screen time because she spent little time on the island. And she was playing with her dad. She has said many, many times that she never had the chance to strategize.

  2. This is hard! I voted for K Wigs because…

    K Went: She seems to be quite the strategist. Strategist = Screen time.

    Woo = CBS brought him back solely due to screen time. He sucks at gaming, but is entertaining. Entertaining = Screen time.

    Savage = Probst loves him. Enough said. Probst approval = Screen time.

    I think K wigs will get a lot of screen time during the first 2 episodes because she was on Borneo, but I don’t think she will get very much after that if she acts disinterested or doesn’t want to strategize (which she is most likely to out of anybody on this cast). Boring/Bland/Non-strategist = Little screen time.

  3. Savage is going to be the most determined this season and will surely have a good edit.

    I think Vytas was a better choice for the nomination.

    Regardless, I vote for Woo so it doesn’t matter to me lol

  4. My vote is for wigleworth just cause I don’t think she’s gonna be in on the action a lot, I could gone woo too though for same reason . I also don’t think we’ll see a lot of kieth

    Also why did Brett get such an invisible edit he was a likeable guy who had a chance to win. I know Russell and shambo got all the screen time but they could have made some time for brett

  5. I personally think Kelley Went will be the more under edited. I don’t understand how she managed to get back on. I personally think Monica could fall into that category too. She was on a season where everyone got that edit except Russell and Shambo

  6. I hope It’s the people who got on by a mistake: Monica, Woo & Keith

    I hope Monica, Keith and Woo dont take the airtime from anyone. They know nothing about the show and how to play the game. Monica might manipulate with her psychical appearances but dont know how to play strategically. I really hope they give Kelley more airtime. And Kimmi. Since I know this tiem they will deliver.

  7. If any of these four deserves to get it it’ll be Woo. If I’m honest though I don’t forsee the purple kelly edit appearing this season. I believe that after the success of Cagayan the editors at Survivor realized that fans wanted to hear about the game from just about everyone’s perspective and not just a select few people. I think this will hold especially true in an All Stars type season.

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