Survivor Season 40 To Shake Up The Family Visit

All you need is love…

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There is going to be a whole lot of love going around on Survivor’s fortieth season, as every cast member is set to receive a family visit, according to Inside Survivor sources.

For the season 40 family visit, every castaway remaining in the game AND those living on the Edge of Extinction had loved ones flown out to Fiji. Furthermore, not just one family member was flown out as per usual, and not two either, like in Caramoan. Groups of family members were flown out per contestant. (It’s not yet clear the minimum or maximum number of loved ones per contestant overall.)

The family visit has been a part of Survivor since the second season and usually takes place late in the game for the handful of players remaining. Now it seems like everyone on the upcoming all-winners season will at least have an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones, whether they’ve been voted out of the game or not.

Currently, Caramoan holds the record for most loved ones appearing on-screen during a season. In the Fans vs. Favorites season, the four reward winners (Cochran, Eddie, Erik, and Sherri) received a visit from two family members each, while Brenda and Dawn saw their loved ones before the challenge. Season 40 is about to blow that record out of the water.

Earlier in the week, we revealed that Edge of Extinction will be returning in season 40, alongside a brand new Survivor “currency” twist. The 20 returning champions will also be competing for $2 million, the biggest prize fund in Survivor history.

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  1. So, really, there’s no real disadvantage to being voted out. You can still get rewards, you still get the family visit, and you can still win the game. What is even the point anymore???

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