Survivor Inside Big Brother 25 (Week 3)

How are Cirie and the other Survivor-related players doing?

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To anyone wondering how Survivor legend Cirie Fields is doing on Big Brother season 25, as well as her son Jared Fields and Cory Wurtenberger (Survivor 42 Zach Wurtenberger’s brother), this is the place for you! 

This will be a time-pending cover of how Cirie, Jared, and Cory are doing in the show as long as they remain in it. These articles will also be significantly helped by Taran Armstrong’s entire season’s coverings which can be viewed or listened to on the Rob Has a Podcast website and YouTube channel.

COVERING DATES: Late August 14th – Early August 21st, 2023


  • The Professors meet in the HOH room on night 12, celebrating Cameron or Reilly leaving this week. However, Hisam states they shouldn’t talk to the other side and not make any side alliances, which doesn’t sit well with the rest.
  • After Hisam decides not to use the veto and gives Reilly a harsh speech stating she is his main target, Cirie is completely fed up with Hisam’s attitude. Cirie is considering voting out Cameron instead of Really since she can’t stand Cameron and wants to stick it to Hisam, but Izzy and Jared want to get rid of Reilly. 
  • Bowie is sent next to the nether region. The houseguests assume the next to go will not be able to vote, and as Cirie plays both sides, she’d like to be sent there so as not to reveal her game plan to the house. Similar to what Cirie did in Survivor: Micronesia, where she voted for Amanda Kimmel, knowing she’d play an idol to save herself and not show she was working with her all along.
  • Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy discuss Hisam overplaying and how his vendetta against Reilly seems to come from the week’s prior house division, as Hisam would’ve preferred to play with the Handful/Family Style alliance rather than with the older houseguests. 
  • Cirie, as well as Cory, tell Reilly she needs Izzy and Felicia to stay. Reilly begins to have these conversations, progressively changing the tide in her favour to remain in the house. However, there’s much resistance to Reilly staying, mainly from Mecole. 
  • As Cirie and Izzy find out Hisam made a pact with Jag and Blue to work together behind their backs, they plan to reveal this information to Cory and Mecole, so they flip against Hisam. Hisam later discloses this information to Mecole, though Mecole already knew, thanks to Cirie. 
  • On day 14, Cirie and Izzy creat chaos around the house as they debate whether or not to flip the vote for Reilly to stay. One by one, they start to convince their allies to go for the new plan, only to revert to the original idea (vote out Reilly), much to their allies’ annoyance after considering it wasn’t the right time to flip on Hisam since everyone else would already target him regardless.
  • Cirie is currently finding it difficult to adapt her Survivor gameplay style to that of Big Brother, as Survivor is much more fast-paced than BB. 
  • To cover her tracks, Cirie pretends to Reilly she’s still working with her and fakes not knowing how the vote flipped against her. Cirie later tells Hisam there was discussion about voting out Cameron instead, but he should remain calm as Hisam’s plan is still in effect after all. 
  • On day 16, Cirie, Cory, Izzy, and Jared form a new alliance named The Crossroads. Cory decides on the name as they meet at the house’s different gameplay crossroads. Cirie and Izzy say they like the name and want to take this alliance to the final four. 
  • Reilly is later evicted in a unanimous 12-0 vote. As with Kirsten last week, Reilly is utterly shocked to find out Cirie and Jared are related. 
  • Felicia wins the next HOH, again giving the Professors control over the house. Felicia wants to get a man evicted next, and Cirie proposes Jag/Cameron for initial nominations to backdoor Hisam. In case Hisam wins the veto, vote out Cameron instead. 
  • Cirie erroneously thinks there’s an alliance called The Middlemen due to Cory joking the people in the middle (Cory, America, Red, Mecole, and Bowie) would start working together against them, to the point she starts telling other people about it, like Jag. 
  • Jag proposes an alliance of seven, including Cirie, Jared, Izzy, Felicia, Jag, Matt, and Blue. Cirie agrees to join it, but her allegiance isn’t with it. 
  • Bowie informs Cirie that Red felt left out of the alliance as he didn’t know Hisam was a backdoor plan and was told by Cameron instead. However, Red, Cameron, and Bowie are oblivious to many mechanics within the house, so this information doesn’t blow up the Professors alliance. Cirie then starts distrusting Bowie and Red for thinking they have the fake Middlemen alliance and Mecole, who is playing a quiet and isolated game. 
  • At this point, Cirie is the most insulated player due to her superb social game. Cirie has four “onion” alliances and is at the core of every single one. 
  • Felicia nominates Jag and Cameron (both pawns) for eviction. Alongside Felicia, Jag, and Cameron, the players drafted to play for the veto are Red, Cory, and Izzy. Jag is later revealed to be the veto winner. 
  • Chaos erupts once again as Cirie starts distrusting Red as he found about Hisam’s backdoor plan through Cameron instead of the Professors, plus Red being part of the (fake) Middlemen alliance. Cirie and Izzy start planning to blindside Red instead. 
  • The backdoor target shifts between Red, Mecole, Bowie, Matt, Hisam, and basically half the house, eventually circling back to Hisam after a long night of strategizing. 
  • As Jag won the veto, Felicia decided to nominate Hisam as a replacement nominee, blindsiding a member of the Professors for the first time. 
  • Cirie’s alliances so far:
  1. The Fields trio: Cirie, Jared, Izzy (named by the fans)
  2. Brown Sugar Babes: Jared, Cirie, Felicia, Mecole.
  3. Bye-Bye Bitches: Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Izzy, Bowie. 
  4. Felirie: Cirie and Felicia
  5. The Professors: Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Jared, Izzy, Bowie, Hisam, Red.
  6. The Crossroads: final four with Jared, Cory, and Izzie. 
  7. The Savage Seven: Cirie, Jag, Blue, Matt, Izzy, Felicia, and Jared.


  • Jared wants Reilly out and has been advocating hard for her eviction. 
  • Jared and Blue continue to have long conversations about whether or not they could be a potential showmance. They have an awkward talk where Jared says if he tried, he could make Blue fall for him. Unknown to Jared, Blue says he talks too much. These conversations continue throughout the week, and Jared continues to make cringy comments regarding dating overall. 
  • Jared starts considering the flip, mainly because of Cirie’s insistence and Hisam becoming a tyrant as HOH, only for the Professors alliance once again to settle on voting out Reilly. 
  • Jag and Blue suspect Jared’s double spy game, and Blue says she’d like to evict Jared at some point. Jared later confesses to Blue he’s falling for her. Blue later celebrates with America that Blue has Jared in her pocket. 
  • Cirie warns Jared that his potential showmance with Blue is dangerous, and he’s risking his game unnecessarily as he isn’t even in love with her. (Cirie was much more explicit, but for all intents and purposes, that was the gist.) Cirie also tells Jared not to embarrass her on national TV. 
  • Jared shares some really misogynistic comments, and Izzy pushes back against them. Jared later tells Cirie he wants to get rid of Izzy, but Cirie tells him that Izzy is the only person she trusts aside from him and Felicia. 
  • Jared also starts to hint to Blue that he has a secret in the house, and he can’t tell her too many details about his life outside of the game as Blue will connect the dots (between him and Cirie). However, Blue remains oblivious so far.
  • Jared’s alliances so far:
  1. The Fields trio: Cirie, Jared, Izzy. (named by the fans) 
  2. Brown Sugar Babes: Jared, Cirie, Felicia, Mecole.
  3. The Professors: Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Jared, Izzy, Bowie, Hisam, Red. (silent 8th) 
  4. Family Style: Jared, Matt, Reilly, Blue, Cameron, America, Cory, Jag. (extinct alliance) Still “working” with them but knows he was on the outs with Cory.
  5. The Crossroads: final four with Jared, Cory, and Izzie. 
  6. Final two with Cory: Cory doesn’t plan to uphold it. 
  7. The Savage Seven: Cirie, Jag, Blue, Matt, Izzy, Felicia, and Jared.


  • Cory is one of the few players who truly understand the house’s mechanics so far. This is demonstrated when Cory explains to Reilly (who thinks she has enough votes and doesn’t need to campaign further) that if she wants to stay, she needs Cirie’s, Felicia’s, and Izzy’s votes. 
  • The relationship between Cory and Hisam has greatly improved so far (thanks to Cory), and after Cory promises Hisam he’ll vote out Reilly, Hisam tells him he was the target for many this week. Cory goes to double-check this information, making him distrust Hisam even further. 
  • Cory and Jared want to get to the final five together alongside Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia. Cory is sure he or Jared would win the competitions, though Jared tells him not to count anyone out. Jared then says the women will play emotionally, which Cory pushes back and says Cirie doesn’t play like that. 
  • Cory and Mecole push against the idea of flipping the vote against Cameron the most, as they see Reilly as a threat. Much to their chagrin, they ultimately agree to flip, only for the plan to revert against Reilly. This back-and-forth greatly annoys Cory, as he sees this move on Cirie’s behalf as too floppy. 
  • Cory took advantage of Cirie’s and Izzy’s gaming as they kept informing Cory of their every move when flipping the vote, and he’s now in their inner circle.
  • Cory and America have started talking game with each other, and other houseguests have noticed America might have a crush on Cory. The other houseguests also assume they have a showmance.
  • Cory names his new alliance with Cirie, Jared, and Izzy The Crossroads. Jared and Izzy have vouched for Cory with Cirie to trust him, and they all hope to take this alliance to the final four. 
  • Cory talks to the cameras alone, revealing most of his thoughts on the players and moves he wants to make in the future, including working with Cirie and Jared as long as possible but cutting them loose at some point.
  • Cory and America later discuss endgame scenarios where they talk about Cirie, Jared, and Izzy being an unbreakable trio and where Cory and America need to keep this in mind down the line. 
  • After Jag wins the veto, Cirie and Izzy plan to backdoor someone else instead of Hisam, fearing the other side of the house would have a numbers advantage. Cory, the voice of reason between chaotic conversations, says the whole house was down in backdooring Hisam, and if he stays, everyone will target them instead.  
  • Jared informs Cory about the Savage Seven alliance, and the latter goes to work trying to dismantle this alliance. Cory also tries to find another person to form a secret and powerful duo to take it to the final two; however, his options have been limited as alliances keep getting revealed left and right. So far, Cory has considered America, Mecole, and Jared.
  • Even though it started as a joke, Cory is trying to rally the people in the middle into working together in the future, mainly Red and Cameron. The pair later have a conversation with Matt to try recruiting him. Afterwards, Matt warns Jag (who is a target to Cory, Red, and Cameron) not to trust Cory. 
  • Cory’s alliances so far:
  1. Family Style: Jared, Matt, Reilly, Blue, Cameron, America, Cory, Jag. (extinct alliance) Still “working” with this side but knows he was on the outs alongside Jared.
  2. Mecory: has a deal with Mecole to look out for one another. 
  3. The Crossroads: final four with Jared, Cory, and Izzie. 
  4. Final two with Jared: Cory doesn’t plan to uphold it. 

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Mariana Loizaga

Mariana is a lawyer and a writer from Mexico City, Mexico. She has a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Surrey. Her hobbies include reading, blogging, and of course watching Survivor. The first season of Survivor she ever saw was Survivor: Philippines and she became so fascinated with the game and its many layers that she went back through the archives and watched every single previous season.

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