Survivor Rumors Q&A – All-Star Season, Greg Buis, Australian Survivor

Answering fan questions.

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What season was the most difficult to find the cast?

This current one (Season 46)! I seem to remember the last few of S39 being quite hard to find too.

Is there a Survivor-related topic you haven’t gotten to talk about or want to talk more about? If so, what?

Hmm. That’s a good question, but nothing is really coming to mind. Not quite what you mean… but I would love to hear stories from Survivor alternates, especially ones flown out to location. I’d love to hear about their experiences.

I heard Survivor 46 will be longer than 26 days?

It’s still 26 days.

If I recall, Greg Buis was on the shortlist sometime in the early 30s. Would you know if he is someone that would have been on the show’s mind since then?

Greg was in the mix for Second Chance and made the shortlist. But, if I’m remembering correctly, he just got a promotion or new job around that time and had to back out. I haven’t heard his name in the mix in subsequent returnee seasons, sadly.

Do you think Survivor will follow tradition and do an All-Stars season in the 8th season of the new era (S48) and only invite players from S41-47?

Hmm, it’s possible. But I wouldn’t bank on it. And I don’t think they’d restrict it to just the 40s seasons, either. But right now, Jeff Probst is on a big newbies kick and doesn’t seem to be considering returnees at all. Actually, I heard something a while back about Probst saying he didn’t want a returnee season again until Season 50. Of course, things change all the time, so that isn’t a guarantee.

Obviously, I’m sure you’ll find everybody for 46 soon… but do you have any idea if there will be any “new things” added for 45 and 46? Besides the auction and whatever they do with that. Or are we just watching the same boring game/format forever?

I expect there will be some changes, but nothing majorly significant. Right now, production seems to be happy with the three-tribe, 26-day format. So I don’t think things will stray too far from that. But they’ll add new wrinkles to the format as they have done in the past couple of seasons. I do believe the auction is back for S45 (with a slight twist to it).

Any 47/48 casting news?

Casting will open up again in August.

Any news on the upcoming season of Australian Survivor? Is next season Millennials V Gen Z?

As someone first mentioned on Reddit, the theme for the next Australian Survivor is meant to be Titans vs Rebels. I’m not quite sure what that means, but it’s expected to be a newbie season and will film soon.

Since you said you found one person for 46 so far… what determines “a confirmation” in your eyes that “oh, that person is on the show” kind of thing while you’re scoping and looking? Like what do you look for when finding these people/names?

I probably can’t say too much regarding this without giving away secrets/sources, etc. But when I do find a potential contestant, I make sure to double and triple-check. This means cross-referencing and checking in with other sources to make sure the person is definitely on the cast. I’m very careful not to post a name out there if I’m not 99.9% sure. And thankfully, after 16 seasons of doing this, I have yet to post an incorrect name (Update: After I said this, I posted two incorrect names for the first-time ever, though quickly rectified it)!

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