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Premiere Stats

Rob Brodeur looks at the stats from the premiere of Survivor: Game Changers.

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


  • Every time there’s been an all-returning player season, the same tribe lost the first two immunity challenges.
    • Saboga in All-Stars
    • Heroes in Heroes vs. Villains
    • Ta Keo in Cambodia
    • Mana in Game Changers
  • With this episode, Ozzy has passed Amanda Kimmel for 3rd most days played with 110. (Amanda had 108)
    • Boston Rob has 117 and Parvati has 114.


  • Everyone on the cast got at least one confessional during the double episode premiere.
    • JT is the only person who didn’t get a confessional during the first hour.
  • Tony had the most confessionals (combining both episodes) with 11.

Vote-out #1

  • Ciera was voted out 9-1
    • In the previous all-returnee season where a woman went home first, Sugar in Heroes vs. Villains was also voted out 9-1.
    • In Ciera’s first season and this season, the first vote was unanimous.
      • Marissa was voted out 8-1 in Blood vs. Water.
  • Ciera is the 21st woman to be the first boot in a season.
  • Jeff Probst chose Ciera as his pre-season winner pick.
  • In three seasons, Ciera has never had a boot episode to herself; she’s always been voted out in a double episode.
    • In Blood vs. Water, she was voted out during the finale episode.
    • In Cambodia, her boot was part of a double episode where Stephen was voted out in the episode after her.
    • In Game Changers her boot was part of a double episode where Tony was voted out in the episode after her.
  • Each time she was voted out, her placement was double that of her previous placement.
    • 5th in Blood vs. Water
    • 10th in Cambodia
    • 20th in Game Changers
  • In Cambodia and Game Changers the first boot was from Blood vs. Water.
    • Brad Culpepper is the only Blood vs. Water returning player who wasn’t a first boot.
  • With Ciera being voted out first, Blood vs. Water has four people that have been first boot in a season.
    • Tina in All-Stars
    • Rupert in Blood vs. Water
    • Vytas in Cambodia
    • Ciera in Game Changers
  • From this cast, Ciera, Cirie, and Andrea have been voted out three times.
    • Only Ozzy has been voted out more than this with four times.
  • Ciera has broken a record by having 33 total votes against her in the course of her seasons.
    • Coincidentally, her mom Laura Morett previously held this record (tied with Jonathan Penner) “She out voted her mom!”

Vote-out #2

  • Tony was voted out 7-2.
    • Tony got more votes (7) in this one tribal council than he got in the entire season of Cagayan (5)
  • Sandra is the last remaining winner in this season to have never been voted out.
    • Sandra and Jenna Morasca are currently the only returning winners to never be voted out of the game.
    • The only other people this season to never have been voted out are Aubry, Caleb, and Tai.
  • The returning final four from Cagayan have had reversed placement orders in their returning seasons.
    • Tony – Winner, Woo – Runner Up, Kass – 3rd, Spencer – 4th (Cagayan)
    • Spencer – Runner Up (Cambodia), Kass – 13th (Cambodia), Woo – 14th (Cambodia), Tony – 19th (Game Changers)

Tribal Council #1

  • This was Sandra’s first time going to the first (and second) tribal council.
  • This was Andrea, Cirie, and JT’s first time not going to the first tribal council.
  • Jeff and Malcolm have always gone to the first tribal council.
  • Michaela voted for Ciera at this tribal council. This matched her pre-season “who would you vote out first” vote as asked by Dalton Ross for EW.
  • This was the first tribal council Caleb has ever attended.

Tribal Council #2

  • Every time Aubry has received votes at a tribal council, she’s gotten two, including Final Tribal Council of Kaoh Rong.
  • Sandra has played 84 days of Survivor and only received one vote against her (that counted) in Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Sandra voted for Aubry at this tribal council, fulfilling her “pre-season” vote as asked by Dalton Ross for EW.
  • Jeff and Hali voted for Tony at this tribal council, fulfilling their “pre-season” votes as asked by Dalton Ross for EW.

Immunity Challenge #1 – Blue Lagoon Bustle

  • Ciera has competed in this challenge twice and lost both times.
    • Brad has also participated in this challenge twice. He lost the first time and won this time.
  • A red tribe has always lost this challenge.
  • This challenge has only been seen in the first episode of the season.

Immunity Challenge #2 – Serpent Turf

  • Malcolm, Sarah, Andrea, and Tony have competed in this challenge twice.
    • Andrea and Sarah won twice, while Tony and Malcolm won once and lost once.
  • Jeff has lost eight immunity challenges in a row, starting with the tribal immunity challenge in Episode 4 and the first individual immunity challenge of The Australian Outback, four tribal challenges in Cambodia, and two tribal challenges in Game Changers.


  • The double-episode premiere received 7.64 million viewers and 1.7/6 in the Adults 18-49 Rating/Share. This is Survivor’s lowest rated premiere in history. Last fall’s Survivor: Millennial vs. Gen X opened to a 2.3, and last spring’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong started with a 1.9 for the premiere. So this is quite a significant drop for Survivor, perhaps caused by the unusual March start date.

Episode Title

  • Andrea Boehlke said the episode title, “The Stakes Have Been Raised,” in her opening confessional.

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  1. A little correction re Varner’s immunity loss streak – it starting with episode 5 (not 4) of The Australian Outback.

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