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Give Me Five! Premiere

Brent Sullivan breaks down the top five influential moments from the premiere of Game Changers.

Welcome back to Give Me Five! Each week, Brent Sullivan will look at the top five moments from the latest episode that could influence the rest of the season.


Also, welcome back to another season of Survivor. All-Star seasons are fun, so this should be a blast. Of course, this was a two-hour episode, so picking only five moments was hard. I wanted to write something about Tony after the first episode, but we all saw what happened in the second hour, so no need there! Enough small talk, let’s get down to it.

1. There were a few things during the marooning that could have an impact on the game: one tribe getting all of the chickens or Ozzy going for the tools right at the start. But the most obvious one that I need to talk about is the Legacy Advantage that Sierra finds. So, the Legacy advantage returns this year! Not sure how I feel about that since it made such little impact last season, but I am willing to give it a second chance. At least now it can be used at two different times, so that may up the strategy involved this time. So, the long wait begins. Will Sierra use it at final 13 or final six? Will it even be her that plays it? There is still a lot to be answered here first. The one other thing that I think we all need to think about is this foreshadowing that there will be a merge at 13 this season and is Sierra thinking of that yet?

2. Ozzy and Cirie are not best friends. BAM… right out of the gate, we get Ozzy and Cirie very passively going back and forth. We hear Ozzy say that he doesn’t trust her, then we hear her say that the past is behind them. She confronts him at camp in front of everyone which didn’t seem like a Cirie move to me at all. Then after some more of Ozzy talking about Cirie, with Tai right there. Well, once again Tai doesn’t understand how to play this game and totally locks up when Cirie asks him a simple question. Not even coming at him hard. So now she doesn’t trust Ozzy again and has to start scrambling. I am not sure if they end up on the same tribe after the swap, but I think that these two will continue to go after one another until only one of them is left.

3. Oh Tai… It seems that poor Tai was just not made for this game. He is too nice, doesn’t lie very well and flips to other sides. I am sure those are the very qualities that brought him back to our TVs as well. I just couldn’t believe when he said that he was in charge of the chickens and that he was going to keep them alive! Does he actually think that these great players are going to let that many chickens stay alive that long? Him trying to protect them is going to hurt him in the end. I am curious to see how this plays out in the next few weeks, especially if Tai gets swapped away from his current tribe.

4. How long will Michaela be able to keep her cool? We see how upset she gets when she finds out she is the decoy vote. I can understand not wanting ever to see your name show up on a vote at Tribal, but at the same time, she was stuck in a spot where everyone was okay with that, so she was outnumbered 8 to 1. At that point, she should have stayed completely quiet about it. She said that she was going to bite her tongue, and she tried for a bit, but it wasn’t long before she was bringing attention to herself. I can see her getting herself into some hot water because of her mouth on a regular basis and in an all-star season, that just means that we won’t see her around for long.

5. Sandra reigns supreme! Wow, what an epic battle to witness. Two of the greatest to ever play the game were going one on one. It is really quite unfortunate that they couldn’t work together like they started doing at one point in the episode. I think it would have been fun to watch that unfold for a few episodes. But instead, we get just a few minutes of them forming a five-person alliance only to have it crumble just a few moments later. The next few scenes were so good as they went back and forth to rally the troops. We all saw how it turned out and now we get to see what happens next. This was so unlike the way we have seen Sandra play before, so what does that mean going forward? Will she be able to keep her little group together or will she drop back into the shadows after the swap? I for one am excited to see it play out.

There you go. What moments from this week do you think made an impact?

Written by

Brent Sullivan

Brent is a 39-year-old Survivor super fan from Muncie, IN. He is married with two kids and does IT work at a local non-profit organization. He has been running in-person and online Survivor contests since season 7.

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