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Episode 6 Stats

Rob Brodeur looks at the latest stats from the sixth episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


  • Sandra was voted out 5-2.
    • This is the first time Sandra has been voted out of Survivor.
  • Even though she was voted out, Sandra is still the only two-time winner.
  • Just like All-Stars, all previous winners were voted out before the merge.
  • Both times Sandra won, she had six votes for her to win. With this episode, she has six total votes against her that counted in her Survivor career.
  • Andrea, Ozzy, Sarah, Tai, and Zeke are the only people in Survivor history to successfully vote out Sandra.
  • Sandra is the sixth person in a row this season to do worse than in her previous seasons.

Tribal Council

  • Cirie is the only person not to attend a tribal council so far this season.
  • This is the first time Sandra and Tai have received pre-merge votes.
  • As of this episode, Brad Culpepper has passed his previous placement.
  • Sarah fulfilled her “who would you vote out first” vote from Dalton Ross’ pre-game interviews by voting out Sandra this episode.
  • Troyzan and Jeff are the only original Mana members without any votes against them.
  • Sarah has avoided tribal council for the first five episodes and gone to tribal in the sixth episode (on Day 16) in both of her seasons.
    • Both times, there were seven people at tribal council and a female player was voted out.

Hidden Immunity Idol

  • Tai is the first person to find two hidden immunity idols in the same episode.
  • Tai has found four idols in total over both his seasons and is in second place behind Russell Hantz for most hidden immunity idols found (Russell found five in total).
    • Tony and Malcolm, who were also on Game Changers, are right behind Tai with three idols found each.


  • Debbie had the most confessionals this episode with seven.
    • She had more confessionals this episode than Aubry, Hali, Ozzy, Sarah, Andrea, and Sierra have had all season.
    • She also had more confessionals this episode than the entire Mana tribe combined.
  • Debbie and Sandra are tied for the most confessionals so far this season with 20.
    • Debbie has the highest confessional count of everyone left in the game.
  • Sierra, Michaela, Cirie, and Hali had zero confessionals this episode.
  • This is the first season where Sandra had more than one confessional in every episode she was in.
    • She had 20 confessionals, which is only seven less than she had her entire time on Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Tony (voted out in Episode 2 with 11 confessionals) has more confessionals than ten people that are still on the season.


  • Tavua is the fifth tribe never to attend a tribal council.
    • Viveros and Bayoneta in Exile Island, Puka Puka in Cook Islands, and Tandang in Philippines are the other four.
      • Coincidentally, three out of the five (Viveros, Puka Puka, & Tavua) are green tribes.
  • Cirie is the only person this season to be on all three pre-merge tribes.
    • Jenna Lewis, Jerri Manthey, and Rupert Boneham did this in All-Stars, and Andrew Savage did it in Cambodia.
      • Jerri is the only one of those not to make the merge.
    • If Cirie makes the merge, she’ll also join them as being on every tribe in the season.
  • Half of the original Mana tribe has been voted out as of this episode, while only one original Nuku member has been voted out.
    • This is on par with Cambodia where the first six people eliminated were five from Ta Keo and one from Bayon.
  • In the first six tribal councils, Mana went to three in a row, and Nuku went to three in a row.


  • John Cochran is the third former player to return in a season as part of a “special visit.”
    • The first two were Val Collins and Dale Wentworth during the loved ones challenge in Cambodia.
  • Debbie is the fifth person to be exiled without a tribe after an uneven tribe swap.
    • Bruce Kanegai was the first in Panama, Lisi Linares was the second in Fiji, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper was the third in Gabon, and Julia Sokolowski was the fourth in Kaoh Rong.

Tribe Swap

  • Despite playing together twice, Sandra and Cirie have never been on the same tribe.
  • Groups that have stayed together during both swaps:
    • Nuku -> Tavua -> Nuku : Andrea, Ozzy, Sarah, Zeke
    • Mana -> Nuku -> Mana: Aubry, Michaela
    • Nuku -> Mana -> Mana: Brad, Sierra
    • Mana -> Nuku -> Nuku: Jeff, Sandra
    • Nuku -> Mana -> Nuku: Debbie, Tai
  • People that have not stayed with anyone else during both swaps:
    • Mana -> Mana -> Mana: Hali
    • Mana -> Tavua -> Mana: Troyzan
    • Nuku -> Tavua -> Mana: Cirie
  • Hali is the only person to stay on the same tribe at the first swap, and still be in the game when the second swap happened.
    • JT was the only person to remain on Nuku at the first swap but was voted out at the last tribal council.
  • Hali is the only person this season to participate in two swaps and be on the same tribe for the entire pre-merge, as she’s never been swapped from Mana.
    • The only other person in an all-returnee season to be the only person to stay on one tribe pre-merge is Amber Brkich (Mariano), who stayed on Chapera in All-Stars.
      • Stephen Fishbach, Jeremy Collins, and Kimmi Kappenberg stayed on Bayon in Cambodia, but they were together the entire time.
  • Hali and Troyzan are the only remaining players to never be on Nuku.
  • Andrea, Ozzy, Sarah, and Zeke are the only remaining players to never be on Mana.
  • Sandra and Brad are the only people this season to participate in two tribe swaps after never having previously participated in a tribe swap.
  • Cirie and Ozzy have been involved in the most total tribe swaps with four each.

Vote Advantage

  • Debbie is the fourth person to get an extra vote advantage.
    • Dan Foley got a double vote advantage in Worlds Apart.
    • Stephen got a vote steal advantage in Cambodia.
    • Tai got a double vote advantage in Kaoh Rong.
      • Kaoh Rong has the most people to have the extra vote advantage with two people
        • Tai got it in Kaoh Rong.
        • Debbie got it in Game Changers.

Immunity Challenge – “Cargo Salvage”

  • The puzzle in this challenge is the same one seen in the premiere episode’s immunity challenge in San Juan Del Sur.
  • This challenge has previously been seen in Cagayan and San Juan Del Sur.
    • Since nobody from San Juan Del Sur is in this season, and Sarah was already gone by the time this challenge came up in Cagayan, nobody has ever competed in this challenge twice.
      • Tony competed in this challenge in Cagayan but has already been eliminated from Game Changers.

Overall Records (Through Day 16)

  • Cirie has officially passed 100 days played after this episode. (She’s at 101 days)
  • Ozzy is now the person who has played the most days of Survivor with 120 days, beating out Boston Rob’s previous record of 117.
    • Parvati still has the highest number of days played by a three-timer with 114 days.
  • Amanda Kimmel still holds the record for most days played consecutively without being voted out with 108. Sandra is second with 94 days.
    • Sandra and Amanda are tied with the most consecutive tribal councils survived with 28. 


Episode Title

  • Debbie said the episode title “Vote Early, Vote Often” after picking the extra vote advantage during her exile trip.

Written by

Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

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  1. Debbie is the fourth person to be exiled without a tribe after an uneven tribe swap. > Actually she is the fifth, you forgot Lisi in Fiji, who joined the all-male Ravu tribe.

    Cirie is the only person from Tavua to swap to the new Mana tribe. > Troyzan?

  2. Bruce went to Casaya, not La Mina (his original tribe). Also, Troyzan switched to Mana from Tavua along with Cirie. (The Hali and Amber red tribe stat may be in question since Probst claimed Mana’s color is orange).

  3. “Cirie is the only person from Tavua to swap to the new Mana Tribe” Troyzan also swapped to the new Mana tribe. However, Cirie is the only person to be on all three tribes this season.

  4. I Thought from the pic we’d get a confirmation this is the highest % of out gay men ever left in the game, and also the first time 3 gay men were on the same tribe. (Were there even 2 on the same tribe before?)

  5. Cochran is the 4th person to be on different seasons one of which he wasn’t a player. Laura B came for a loved one visit.
    And If Brad survives long enough then Monica might be added to the list.

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