Survivor: Game Changers Player of the Week (Episode 6)

Voting is now open for your Survivor: Game Changers Player of the Week.

Each week here on Inside Survivor we will be running a fan poll to determine the Player of the Week. Readers can vote for the player that impressed them the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance. The poll will close on the following Tuesday.

Last week, readers voted Sandra Diaz-Twine the Player of the Week for the second time this season with 1217 (74.53%). Michaela Bradshaw finished in second place with 155 votes (9.49%). So far only Sandra and Brad have won the weekly polls. Who was your Player of the Week after Episode 6?


Week 1: Sandra Diaz-Twine
Week 2: Brad Culpepper
Week 3: Brad Culpepper
Week 4: Sandra Diaz-Twine

Who was your Player of the Week?


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  • Gary Johnson

    Come on. Give this one to Zeke. Sandra got voted out!

  • yeltra

    I’ve been critical in the past of people who vote for the survivor that was voted out. But I can’t vote for anyone else but Sandra this time. She was voted out because of her reputation and nothing else. She played a flawless game, and I think Zeke just wanted to make a name for himself, as the player that took out the Queen. She made it much further than she probably should have, and for that I was grateful.

  • Red

    How is she first?

  • David Harrington

    I voted for Sandra, because she went out swinging. And, no one else seemed like they were really playing hard this episode. Everyone went for the easy security.

  • Andy Pfeiffer

    The Queen will always be the Queen, but… Zeke was the one who got her torch snuffed. I’m fine with either.

  • Can I vote for Cochran?

  • Steven

    Sandra may have gotten voted out, but she still showed some phenomenal gameplay, and proved once and for all why she is the best to ever play. Queen!

  • Jonathan Fox

    Probably zeke. He was the main one to push Sandra out.

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