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Episode 14 Stats

Rob Brodeur looks at all the stats from the Survivor: Game Changers season finale.

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Game Changers.

Tribal Council #1

  • Cirie was eliminated due to being the only person eligible to be voted out after the advantage and idols were played.
  • She’s only received nine votes against her total in four seasons of Survivor.
  • She’s the second female to be voted out four times.
    • Andrea is the first.
      • Cirie is the first female to be voted out of four different seasons, as Andrea was voted out twice in Redemption Island.
  • Cirie is the fourth person to be on the jury three times.
    • Ozzy, Andrea, Rupert are the others.
      • Cirie and Andrea are the only players to vote for the correct winner three times.
  • Cirie has always been eliminated in an odd circumstance.
    • Tiebreaker in Panama.
    • Surprise final two in Micronesia.
    • Idoled out in Heroes vs. Villains.
    • Everyone immune but her, no votes against her in Game Changers.
  • She’s never been voted out by a majority of her tribe.
    • 2-2 vote (with a tiebreaker) in Panama.
    • Amanda had the sole vote to vote her out in Micronesia.
    • 3 out of 8 people voted her out in Heroes vs. Villains (Tom used a hidden immunity idol).
    • Nobody voted her out in Game Changers.
  • This tribal council holds the record for most people immune at tribal with five out of the six people being immune.
    • This tribal council also holds the record for most hidden immunity idols being played at once with three.
  • Cirie is the sixth person never to have her name written down during a season (including votes to win) without quitting or being medevaced. The others are as follows:
    • Paschal in Marquesas.
    • Jonathan & Wanda in Palau.
    • Sugar in Gabon.
    • Rupert in Blood vs. Water.
  • This is the first time the legacy advantage was used where the person using it would have been voted out.
    • The person who used the legacy advantage in both Millennials vs. Gen X and Game Changers got at least one vote against them at the tribal council they used it.
  • The Cambodia final six tribal council also had a “no votes” situation.
  • In the four all-returning player seasons, the winner has always been voted for by the person that went home at the final six tribal council.
    • In All-Stars, Shii-Ann voted for Amber.
    • In Heroes vs. Villains, Rupert voted for Sandra.
    • In Cambodia, Kimmi voted for Jeremy.
    • In Game Changers, Cirie voted for Sarah.
      • All four of these players went on to vote for the correct winner.
  • Coincidentally, the actual vote total in this tribal council was 3-2-1, which is a voting strategy that Cirie employed during the final six tribal council in her first season, Panama.
  • Tai is the third person to use two hidden immunity idols at the same tribal council.
    • Parvati and Malcolm were the others. However, technically Tai is the only one to physically “play” both idols (as in, hands them to Jeff). Sandra and Jerri played the idols that Parvati gave them, and Eddie played one of the idols Malcolm gave him.
  • This was the first tribal council where someone other than Jeff Probst declared that “The tribe has spoken,” as he allowed Cirie to say it instead.
  • Sarah is the third winner to negate votes against her in a tribal council that she would have gone home in.
    • Mike Holloway saved himself with an idol in Worlds Apart.
    • Jeremy saved himself with an idol in Cambodia.

Tribal Council #2

  • Aubry was voted out 4-1.
  • This is Aubry’s first time being voted out.
  • With Troyzan receiving a vote at this tribal council, Cirie became the only person this season to not receive any votes against her.
  • Both of the remaining original Mana members voted for each other in this episode.

Tribal Council #3

  • Tai was voted out 3-1.
  • This is Tai’s first time being voted out.
  • The final four tribal council in Cambodia also had a 3-1 vote in which someone who used a hidden immunity idol on themselves at the final six tribal council was voted out.
    • In Cambodia, it was Kelley Wentworth, in Game Changers it was Tai.
  • Tai used three idols over the course of the season, the record for most idol plays from one player in a single season (he used them all correctly).

Final Tribal Council

    • In both of her seasons, Sierra has never correctly voted for the winner. She voted for Carolyn in Worlds Apart and Brad in Game Changers.
      • Jenna Lewis, Kathy Vavrick O’Brien, and James Clement also hold this distinction.
        • Jenna voted for Kelly in Borneo and Rob in All-Stars.
        • Kathy voted for Neleh in Marquesas, and Rob in All-Stars.
        • James voted for Courtney in China and Amanda in Micronesia.
          • He played three times but didn’t make jury in Heroes vs. Villains.
    • Ozzy has only correctly voted for the winner in South Pacific.
      • In Micronesia, he voted for Amanda.
      • In Game Changers he voted for Brad.
        • In Cook Islands he was the losing finalist, so South Pacific was really the only season where he was involved with the Sole Survivor’s win.
    • Sarah is the third woman to beat two men in a FTC.
      • Sophie beat Albert and Coach in South Pacific.
      • Natalie beat Mick and Russell in Samoa.
    • Brad is the first losing finalist to get three votes since Coach in South Pacific.
    • Sarah is tied with Natalie White and Kim Spradlin for most votes to win for a woman with 7.
    • Sarah is the eighth person to win the game without winning any individual immunity challenges.
      • The others are Tina, Sandra, Yul, Earl, Todd, Natalie White, and Tony.
    • In the four all-returning player seasons, the first boot and winner have been the same gender.
      • In All-Stars, Tina was voted out first, and Amber won.
      • In Heroes vs. Villains, Sugar was voted out first, and Sandra won.
      • In Cambodia, Vytas was voted out first, and Jeremy won.
      • In Game Changers, Ciera was voted out first, and Sarah won.
        • The winner and first boot have also never been from the same starting tribe in the season.
    • Both Cambodia and Game Changers had a final three that consisted of a man and a woman (Jeremy & Tasha/Brad & Sarah) from the dominant pre-merge tribe (Bayon/Nuku), going up against the only man (Spencer/Troyzan) that made the merge from the inferior pre-merge tribe (Ta Keo/Mana).
    • Sarah is the only first jury member to come back and win in a subsequent season.
    • Brad is the only former NFL player to make it to FTC.
    • Cook Islands is the only season that Ozzy was on where the runner-up (who was Ozzy) didn’t receive three votes to win.
    • The FTC vote in Cook Islands was 5-4-0
  • Nobody from post-first-swap Nuku made it to FTC.
    • Sarah and Troyzan were on Tavua.
    • Brad was on Mana.
    • A similar thing happened in Cambodia where nobody from post-first-swap Ta Keo made it to FTC, as Jeremy and Spencer were on Bayon, and Tasha was on Angkor.


  • Sarah had the most confessionals this episode with 9.
    • She has the highest confessional count for the season with 45.
  • Sarah has the least amount of confessionals out of all those with the most confessionals in a season.
    • The previous record holders were Penner in Cook Islands and Tyson in Blood vs. Water with 49 confessionals.
  • Troyzan only had 13 confessionals this entire season.


  • This is the only season where somebody from the “expanded tribe” won Survivor, as Sarah was on Tavua.
    • Jeremy was never on Angkor in Cambodia.
    • Adam was never on Ikabula in Millennials vs. Gen X.
    • Prior to this season, Stephenie was the only person to play three times and never have someone from their starting tribe win the season.
      • Jeff Varner has now joined her in this as nobody from original Kucha, Ta Keo, or Mana won the season.
    • Five people from Cagayan have made it to the final tribal council.
      • Cagayan – Tony & Woo.
      • Cambodia – Spencer & Tasha.
      • Game Changers – Sarah.
    • Every season with players from One World has had at least one person at the FTC.
  • One World – Chelsea, Kim, & Sabrina.
  • Blood vs. Water – Monica.
  • Game Changers – Troyzan.
    • With Sandra, Aubry, Tony, and Tai being voted out this season, there’s only three returning players who have never had their torch snuffed.
      • Mike Skupin – medevaced from The Australian Outback, finalist in Philippines.
      • Jenna Morasca – won The Amazon, quit All-Stars.
      • Colton Cumbie – quit/medevaced from One World, quit Blood vs. Water.
    • This is Aubry and Tai’s second time making it to the finale episodes of their seasons.
      • They’re the third and fourth people to be still in the game in the finale during all of their seasons, after Keith Nale and Spencer Bledsoe.
    • Aubry and Tai played a total of 76 days together.
      • Amanda and James have the same total number of days played together, but theirs was across three seasons, while Aubry and Tai did it over two seasons.
      • Jerri and Colby hold the record for total number of days played together with 83 days (across three seasons).
    • This was the first episode in two seasons (Millennials vs. Gen X and Game Changers) that didn’t have someone from the original Millennials tribe still in the game.
    • Both Culpeppers have gone out pre-merge on Day 14 in their first season and made FTC in their second season, placing second. #WWMD
      • They both won the most individual immunities in their returning season.
      • The winner of both Blood vs. Water and Game Changers had seven votes to win.
    • Both winners from Cagayan (Tony & Sarah) were from the same original starting tribe (Aparri). This has also happened with the following seasons/tribes:
      • Ogakor: The Australian Outback won by Tina WessonAll-Stars won by Amber Brkich.
      • Maraamu: Marquesas won by Vecepia Towery, Redemption Island won by Rob Mariano.
      • Hunahpu: San Juan Del Sur won by Natalie Anderson, Cambodia won by Jeremy Collins.
  • Michaela, Troyzan, Brad, and Sarah are the only people this season to beat their previous best placement.
  • Jeremy is the only male winner of an all-returning player season.
    • Amber won All-Stars.
    • Sandra won Heroes vs. Villains.
    • Sarah won Game Changers.
  • In Kaoh Rong, Aubry was one placement above Tai, in Game Changers Tai was one placement above Aubry.
    • They both now have an average placement of 3.5.

Immunity Challenge #1 – “Maybe I’m A Maze.”

  • The eventual final three are the ones that took part in the post-immunity challenge reward.
  • This challenge was previously seen in The Australian Outback, Marquesas, All-Stars, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Gabon, Redemption Island, and Cagayan.

Immunity Challenge #2 – “Spoonman.”

  • This challenge was previously seen in San Juan Del Sur and was won by Keith Nale.
    • Neither person that won this challenge has won Survivor.

Immunity Challenge #3 – “Final Four-titude.”

  • Brad won every immunity challenge in this episode.
  • This challenge is the same one that Mike Hollway won to give him his fifth individual immunity win.
    • Cochran also won this challenge in Caramoan, which means Brad is the only person to win this challenge that didn’t go on to win his season.
  • Brad is the sixth person to win five individual immunities in one season. The others are as follows:
    • Colby in The Australian Outback.
    • Tom in Palau.
    • Terry in Panama.
    • Ozzy in Cook Islands.
    • Mike in Worlds Apart.
      • Tom and Mike are the only ones that went on to win their season.
      • Terry is the only one not to make it to FTC.

Overall Records

  • Cirie holds the record for most days played by a female castaway with 121 days played over her four seasons.
    • She also is the only person to make it to the finale episode in three separate seasons.
      • Taking Redemption Island into account, Cirie has played the most days still in the game, as Ozzy was on Redemption Island for 15 out of his 128 days.
  • Tai now has the record for longest average longevity in the game for a returning player, with 38.5 days.
    • Sandra held the record with 39 days until this season.
      • Once Sandra was voted out, Parvati and Spencer held the record with 38 days, which was then broken by Tai.


  • This episode received 8.48 million viewers and 1.9/8 in the Adults 18-49 Rating/Share. The live reunion show received 5.84 million viewers and 1.3/5 in the Adults 18-49 Rating/Share.

Episode Title

  • The episode title “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” was said by Cirie after the fight about the previous episode’s tribal council.

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  1. I mght be wrong, but when you said “Tai and Parvati used two idols on the same Tribal Council”, didn’t Malcolm use two on Fans vs Favorites?

    • Technically Eddie used the second idol, but if you want to argue semantics like that, then TECHNICALLY Tai’s the first one to play two idols, because Parvati gave her idols to Sandra and Jerri, and THEY played them.

      • By your logic, Steven, either all of of them (Parvati, Malcolm, Tai) should be included, or just Tai.

        • That’s my point. I feel like all three of them should be included, because Malcolm did the same thing that Parvati did, yet he’s not included in the list.

  2. You’re wrong about tai bing the second person to use 2 idols, Malcom did in fans vs favorites 2 when former FBI agent Phillip Sheppard was voted out

  3. It can definitely be argued the Caramoan Phillip boot was a double idol play by Malcolm, even though he gave idol #2 to Eddie before the vote.

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