Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Tribe Divisions

Check out the tribe names and divisions for this fall’s Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

The thirty-fifth edition of Survivor will hit our screens this fall, and with it comes 18 brand new castaways who will battle for the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. During the live reunion for Survivor: Game Changers this past Wednesday, host Jeff Probst introduced a preview clip for the upcoming season – Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

The season features three tribes who will be divided “based on the positive traits most often associated with them by others.” Below are the tribe names and divisions:


The Levu tribe aka the Heroes: Alan Ball (32), Ashley Nolan (26), Ben Driebergen (34), Chrissy Hofbeck (46), John Paul Hilsabeck (28), and Katrina Gerry-Radke (46). The Heroes tribe has an average age of 35.33. The word “levu” means “big,” “large” or “many.”


The Soko tribe aka the Healers: Cole Medders (24), Desi Williams (27), Jessica Johnston (27), Joe Mann (35), Mike Zahalsky (43), and Roark Luskin (27). The Healers tribe has an average age of 30.5. The word “soko” means “to sail.”


The Yawa tribe aka the Hustlers: Ali Elliot (24), Devon Pinto (24), Lauren Rimmer (37), Patrick Bolton (24), Ryan Ulrich (24), and Simone Nguyen (25). The Hustlers tribe has an average age of 26.33. The word “yawa” means “distance” or if relating to a person “far out” or “unexpectedly extraordinary.”

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers will air this fall on CBS. Check out the full cast here.

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9 responses to “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Tribe Divisions”

  1. What is with Katrina and Chrissy, both 46 year old mom types, being on the same tribe?

    This season is a mess….from top to bottom. There’s so much thats odd about it

    • Especially while one other tribe has three 27 y/o females. You’d think the categories for females would be:
      Chrissy, Katrina, Lauren
      Ali, Roark, Simone
      Ashley, Desi, Jessica

      I am not sure between Ali and Jessica – might be interchangeable. One from each of these groups would be on each tribe. Of course, that might mean abandoning the theme, which I’d prefer. These divisions are the most nonsensical ones yet… and they have the least to do with each other. I’m already leery that the “story” this next season is going to be just as hard to follow as Game Changers ultimately was because the theme is so stupid and will ultimately taint the narrative.

  2. They should stop using random themes for every season, and just have a normal cast with no specific tribe divisions. Maybe occasionally throw in some seasons with themes, but it’s getting ridiculous.

  3. These themes are just bleh. Disgusting. I mean, seriously? I like the themes but THIS theme is like, GIRL. Right after this they need to have at least one non theme season, then they can start working on actually sensible themes for their next seasons.

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