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Episode 10 Stats

Rob Brodeur looks at the latest stats from Survivor: Game Changers.

Each week Inside Survivor contributor Rob Brodeur will be collecting various Survivor related statistics and information based off the latest episode of Survivor: Game Changers.


  • Debbie was voted out 6-5.
    • This is the second 6-5 vote this season after the 11-person double tribal during the pre-merge.
      • Everyone that voted together during that tribal also voted together during this tribal.
        • Aubry and Michaela voted for Sierra in Episode 4 and voted for Debbie in Episode 10.
        • Brad, Sierra, Tai, and Debbie voted for Malcolm in Episode 4 and voted for Andrea in Episode 10.
  • Both times Debbie has been voted out, she was the third member of the jury.
    • Hali, Ozzy, and Debbie have the same jury placement as their previous season. (In Ozzy’s case, it’s the same jury placement he had in Micronesia).
  • In both Kaoh Rong and Game Changers, Aubry and Tai outlasted Debbie.
    • All three outlasted Caleb in both seasons as well.
      • Caleb was eliminated on the same day in both seasons, and Debbie was the third juror in both seasons.
  • Both times Debbie was voted out, Aubry was one of the votes against her.
    • Tai has played with Debbie twice and has never voted her out.
  • This season, Debbie’s challenge win number and votes against total were exactly one more than in Kaoh Rong.
    • In Kaoh Rong, she won seven challenges and had five votes against her.
    • In Game Changers, she won eight challenges and had six votes against her.
  • In both of Debbie’s seasons, the only times she voted incorrectly were the tribal councils where she was voted out.

Tribal Council

  • This was Cirie’s first time this season voting for the person who was eliminated.
  • Brad, Cirie, Sarah, and Troyzan are the only people remaining without any votes cast against them.
  • As of this past tribal council, nobody has a perfect voting record.
  • Troyzan was the only former Tavua member to not vote for Debbie to go home this episode.
    • The four remaining original Nuku members that were on Tavua voted for Debbie.


  • Sarah had the most confessionals this episode with ten.
    • This is the highest confessional total for a single episode this season.
    • Sarah had more confessionals this episode than Troyzan has had all season.
    • She had almost the same amount of confessionals in this one episode than she had in the previous nine episodes combined (11 confessionals).
  • Tai and Michaela didn’t have any confessionals this episode.
    • This is the first episode in Tai’s entire Survivor career where he didn’t get a confessional.
  • Cirie now has the highest total confessional count of those remaining with 23.
  • Debbie has the highest confessional count this season with 32.
    • She’s the only person on the merged tribe that had a confessional in every episode she was in.


  • Sarah is the second person to get the “Vote Steal” advantage.
    • Stephen Fishbach had one in Cambodia.
    • Both times a Vote Steal has been in play, it has been in all-returning player seasons.
    • This is the first time that two “extra vote” advantages have been seen in the same season.

Reward Challenge – “O-Black Water.”

  • This challenge has previously been seen in Worlds Apart.
  • Sierra is the only person to compete in this challenge twice; she has won both times.
  • Andrea and Debbie are the only two people to win both post-merge reward challenges this season.

Immunity Challenge – “Got A Hunch.”

  • This challenge has previously been seen in Blood vs. Water, San Juan Del Sur, and Kaoh Rong.
    • Aubry and Tai have competed in this challenge twice.
  • Troyzan is the first original Mana member to win individual immunity this season.

Overall Records

  • Sarah improved on her previous placement of 11th place by surviving this round.
  • Andrea has now jumped into third place behind Ozzy and Ciera for Most Votes Received In All Appearances, with a cumulative total of 27. She needs just eight more votes to surpass Ozzy for the top spot.


Episode Title

  • The episode title “A Line Drawn in Concrete” was said by Debbie in a confessional while discussing the two opposing alliances in the game.

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Rob Brodeur

Rob hails from Boston, MA. He studied Architectural Engineering at college and has been following Survivor since the first season. Rob is married and has a dog named Snoopy. He also used to host Survivor ORGs (Online Reality Games) on Facebook. Rob writes Inside Survivor’s weekly Survivor Stats feature.

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