Survivor 43: What’s Staying and What’s Going?

Which twists will we see in the new season?

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Survivor 43 is just a couple of months away and with it comes 18 new castaways set to battle it out on the islands of Fiji for a million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. But what else can fans expect?

As Survivor entered its third decade on the air, the long-running reality series began a new era. Seasons 41 and 42 introduced an updated version of the show where titles and themes were a thing of the past, and the trademark 39 days were cut down to just 26. The show also took advantage of its back-to-back filming schedule by repeating many of the twists and format changes from Survivor 41 in Survivor 42.

Some of the new twists seen in seasons 41 and 42 included the Shot in the Dark, which allowed worried players a chance at protection from the vote; the Hourglass, which had the power to “reverse time” and change the outcome of a challenge; phrase-activated immunity idols; Risk vs. Reward dilemmas; and the Do or Die, a random game of chance that could end a player’s game on the spot.


So which, if any, of these twists are sticking around for Survivor 43? The show’s Emmy-winning host and executive producer, Jeff Probst, previously hinted at what fans can expect in future seasons. “We are establishing new markers. So things like small tribes, earn the merge, no food, risk/reward dilemmas, Shot in the Dark, are here to stay,” he told Entertainment Weekly‘s Dalton Ross. “Other specific twists will come and go depending on the season.”

Inside Survivor can confirm that the Shot in the Dark and Risk vs. Reward dilemmas are still a part of Survivor 43. The season is also keeping the 26-day format with three tribes and no tribe swaps. However, the controversial Hourglass and Do or Die twists have been scrapped.

As we understand it, there will still be an “earn the merge” component to the season, meaning the remaining 12 castaways will be split into two teams and compete in a challenge to earn their spot on the merged tribe. Much like in Survivor 41 and 42, the losing team will be vulnerable at the next Tribal Council; however, this time around, there will be no Hourglass twist to potentially reverse the outcome of the challenge.

Also gone are the silly phrases that are required to activate idols. However, Beware Advantages still exist, and there is still a lose your vote component until a specific task has been completed.

Survivor 43 will also once again announce the winner on location in Fiji with the reunion special taking place at Tribal Council immediately after the final votes are read.

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47 responses to “Survivor 43: What’s Staying and What’s Going?”

  1. Why can’t you go go back to 39 days instead of 26?,. I live this show. Hope they never take it off. And please keep Jeff prost. He makes the show

  2. If they keep the 26 day foat, I’ll probably stop watching.
    There is just not enough content and the show moves too fast. I feel like I am missing so much. One week there is drama and next week it’s all forgotten about and it’s a different storyline.
    Goodbye Jeff, it was a good run.

    • Viewers should also be aloud to vote,because the best players and real survivors allways got voted out by the contenders and in the end its the end most of the time it’s the weakest player that’s crowned soul surviv

      • Gonna have to agree with this one. Some of the best players that really worked thier butts off to make it to the end should be, in my opinion, named Soul Survivor and win. However, my hat’s off to ALL players. I love this show, watch every season, and could never go through all that they endure. Anxiously waiting for Season 43

  3. Wish they return to the 39 day format. I agree too much information to process and the shows moves to fast . Its takes a couple of weeks to form solid alliance’s . Then before you know it , its halfway through the show . Please go back to the 39 day format its so much better .

  4. I don’t know why people are complaining about Survivor changing things up every so often if they didn’t the game wood have ended 20 seasons ago!

  5. So keep the days on island shorter, reuse the same location from here to eternity (started season 33 I think), and recycle challenges like originality lost its meaning. I’ve been a fan since season 1 episode 1, but this generic cookie cutter recipe Probst has put together is quite off-putting, and I’ve found myself less interested the past several years.

  6. I’ve always been a huge fan of Survivor since the beginning, but it seems like Jeff Probst just tries to figure out how to make the contestants suffer more and it’s getting hard to watch. I’m not really into seeing people starve to death. At least go back to giving them rice. NOT a huge fan now if Survivor

  7. I quit watching when they “jumped the shark” with all the gimmicks. Also, EVERYTHING became a solve the puzzle challenge at the end. Boring and lazy. Also too much whining and not enough show. I watched for 41seasons. I wonder how many more people gave up because the show became boring and predictable.

  8. I think survivor has completly gone off track, please bring back survivor they way it use to be, for 40 seasonsbit has been fun to watch but this last two seasons are taking away the fun.

  9. 26 days isn’t “Survivor”, it’s camp. Try taking a page out of Australian Survivor…. 59 days!!… that’s “SURVIVOR”!!

  10. i agree that it should go back to 39 days; also, wish they would come back to the States to let everyone know who wins so the Finale show and reunion could have an audience of fans…would love to go to it

  11. If Australian Survivor can go almost 50 days, US Survivor can go back to 39. There’s just not enough time or content to get to know everyone… It changes the game so much. Contestants have to move extremely fast and they’ve all become much more paranoid about making moves etc. All these other changes have really made this show a lot weaker. I’ll stick with SA Survivor and Australian Survivor.

  12. I have watched every episode of every season. Last season was ridiculous on so many levels. I’m done.

  13. I liked the show the way it was. A few changes here and there are fine but all of these new twist and exiles are too much. Put people on an island, starve them, give them occasional alcohol, make them do reward and immunity challenges and you’re gonna get drama regardless. You don’t have to force it.

  14. Keep the 26 days and smaller cast. It made everything from challenges to the social game better, faster and more interesting.

    They should also keep adding new twists, so the players cannot rely on old strategies.

  15. Why shorten the show permanently?? 39 days is so much better. I feel bad for the people who had to REALLY stick it out that long. They would think 26 days is a cake walk.
    I say bring back the gross food challenges too!!

  16. I agree…return the 39 days. Also, LEAVE FIJI! I miss viewing parts of the world not normally seen.
    As to no Season title I’m torn on. While I liked them, EVERY SEASON had a shuffle in Ep. 3 that NEGATED that title.

  17. Unlike other commenters, I’m fine with the shorter filming period and faster pace of the game. These past 2 seasons have been the best seasons in quite some time. The show has become reenergized, IMHO.
    Hopefully many more seasons to come. Still my favorite reality show by far.

  18. Sure thing ‘Tater…you’ll be on your couch every week like u have been for the past 20+ years once the new season kicks off!

  19. Without Jeff prost survivor would not exist. I for one would no longer watch with him gone. You make the show marginal now with the shortened days. Need to go back to the original. Don’t know why you have to take a good program, change it and ruin it.

  20. 39 days please!!!
    Less puzzles that often render the rest of the competition mute.
    Different locations. Fiji is ok, but how about different challenging geography, climates?
    Learned reading the thread here about Australian survivor – will check that out for sure

  21. Please bring back the 39 days. This new version is too confusing and you really don’t get to know the contestants.

  22. To many changes. You shortened the amount of days then we have to watch one third of the show at tribal council. Which makes it even shorter. I fast forward through most of the council. As the jury comes out you use to tell their names but you haven’t in some time. I forget the early jurours names. I’ve watched this show since day one. But all the changes in 41 and 42 aren’t good. The show won’t last much longer if you don’t change it back to the good ole days where it was fun to watch.

  23. Viewers are getting a highly edited and condensed version of the actual events so they’d have a very limited scope to base their vote off of. Basically that places way too much power in the hands of the editors.

  24. While I agree that “Mr Surviver” Jeff Probst makes the US version of Survivor, the Australian and New Zealand hosts do a fine job of host as well. The Australian version is an incredible 59 days! The US Survivor needs to go back to 39 days as that gives the viewers time to get to know the contestants better and follow their game play. I watched from the 1st series and look forward to watching for many years to come. Keep bringing it on!

  25. leave Fiji! One of the most interesting parts of the show are the changes in location and fishing holes.

  26. Love the game enjoy watching they need to bring back A more diverse age group too many 20 somethings. I always enjoyed the backstabbing and cutthroat attitude of older players that’s what made the game exciting, not all this sharing and self awareness.

  27. Bring back 39 days, don’t make them starve, give them rice, Jeff Probst stays as host, bring back Lynn Spillman so she can put in better character ppl.

  28. “Martin Holmes says: April 6, 2022 at 2:45 pm
    Our resident Stat Man, Rob, recently had a baby, so he’s taking some time off. But the stats will be updated eventually.”

    Is this still going to happen?

  29. So basically Probst doesn’t give a crap about the fans who don’t want all these BS twists and is just gonna run them to the ground cause it’s a “new era”… awesome


  31. The BEST SURVIVOR Shows are the ones with the MOST interesting & diverse group of people, DO NOT Limit it to the young!! WHY are they shortening the weeks? It needs all ages, race & cultures! Do they train the players at all? Why come if u dont swim?

  32. Does anyone complaining about the show being “shorter” with only 26 days instead of 39 even watch the show. It’s still the same amount of content because the number of episodes is still the same. The only thing I hate is NOT having the reunion show live back in the US.

  33. The days were shortened because of the pandemic. It has not disappeared, so it is for the safety of everyone. It has affected all of our lives .

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