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Survivor 42 came to an end this past Wednesday when Maryanne Oketch, the 24-year-old Seminary Student from Ajax, Ontario, beat out Mike Turner and Romeo Escobar in a 7-1-0 vote to become the Sole Survivor and winner of the $1 million prize.

Throughout the season we have been running a Player of the Week poll after each episode (you can see the weekly results below). However, now it is time to vote for your Player of the Season. Who impressed you the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance during the season?

As you can see from the results below, Omar received the most Player of the Week titles during the season, with a total of three. Drea and Maryanne followed behind with two wins across the season. The only other players to win Player of the Week this season were Daniel, Jonathan, Tori, and Hai, all finishing with one each. Last week, readers voted Maryanne the Player of the Week with 1,996 Votes (77.04%).

Weekly Results

Week 1: Maryanne
Week 2: Daniel
Week 3: Jonathan
Week 4: Tori
Week 5: Hai
Week 6: Omar
Week 7: Drea
Week 8: Drea
Week 9: Omar
Week 10: Omar
Week 11: Maryanne

Vote now for your Player of the Season.

Who was the Player of the Season?


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54 responses to “Player of the Season”

  1. Jonathan does not deserve to win this. This really feels like last season when Xander won this because of most of the people’s biased opinions with Xander being a zero vote finalist being accused as racist and the events of the Double Elimination episodes making people defend Jonathan because they don’t get where Drea and Maryanne were coming from in this situation. Those of you that are voting Jonathan because of this, you are making a mistake in how biased you are coming off right now.

    • LOL Xander deserved to win last season. Him getting 0 votes was an absolute joke. He played the better game over Deshawn and Erika.

      For 42, no Jonathan does not deserve this. He didn’t deserve to win the game and he doesn’t deserve player of the season. He had a great physical game except when it came to doing the puzzles and he also sucked at the strategic part of the game. Omar deserves player of the season and it’s a shame he didn’t make it to the end because he was the best player this season.

  2. We want Jeff’s famous words to be reinstated, “come on in guys”. “Guys” is universal. We call women, guys. Let’s not make it something it’s not.
    Also, tribal council is not a “meeting” venue. When the contestants return from an immunity challenge they have plenty of time to strategize. Jumping off the tribal bench to whisper in players’ ears is unacceptable and takes away from the game. This needs to stop as you’re loosing viewers. Jeff needs to step in and regain control. Thank you.

  3. Ok, here we go again, voting for a big young white guy who had a terrible social game and was shown being ignorant and sexist over the more savvy players or the actual winner of the season. Great job, Jonathan-lovers.

      • Not really, I just like to point out the idiocy of voting for a clueless guy as a “player of the season” (not “my favorite character” though voting for Jonathan in that category would be questionable as well) just because he’s the big hunky straight white guy and him being accused of being ignorant, sexist and dismissive of women can shatter your sensibile old conservative world. I also find your petty attempt to dismisse my comment as emotional amusing. Maryanne got the title and the money in the end. I’m fine, honey.

    • LOL Which Survivor did you watch because I didn’t see Jonathan being ignorant or sexist. You mean because of how he reacted to Lindsay when they came back from the Omar vote and Lindsay was all butthurt things didn’t go her way and accused Jonathan of going against the “alliance” when she herself wrote down his name?? Give me a break.

      • Well, you probably were so mesmerized by Jonathan’s muscles that you didn’t really pay attention then. And no, I don’t mean the exchange between Jonathan and Lindsay after the Omar vote – I think that wasn’t a good look for either of them. I’m talking about Jontahan botching the strategy at the Tori vote and when Lindsay rightly pointed it out to him, he was dismissive of her and refused to listen to her even thought she was 100 % right. I’m talking about Jonathan not listening Drea’s and Maryanne’s point of view and experience at the Tori vote and instead getting all defensive because he thought he was being called out as racist (which he wasn’t actually), even calling Drea aggressive when she clearly wasn’t. I’m talking about Jonathan discussing strategy only with men and never with women – the only time we saw him talk strategy with women, it was him telling them what to do, not discussing with them. There were several cases where Jonathan was shown being ignorant and not treating women the same way he treated men on his tribe. It was even discussed between Maryanne and Mike in the finale.

  4. Johnathan should get player of the season because he did so good in all challenges & he got along with majority of other players & he really didnt backstab anybody when survivor first started it was people who won challenges & Johnathan won so many & carried his team to victory so he deserves playef of the season

    • When was Survivor ever about who won the most challenges? The first winner was Richard Hatch, who lied and backstabbed everyone.

        • You do realize that “outwit, outlast, outplay” doesn’t equate to “outdo in challenges”, right? And like Martin said, the first challege beast, Kelly Wiglesworth in S01, was defeated in the end by Richard Hatch, mostly strategic player. Even the secong challege beast, Colby in S02, was beaten in the end by a social and strategic player Tina. From the beginning, winning chalenges played the least important part in winning Survivor.

  5. Maryanne had my vote from the very beginning because to me her laughter was contagious and no matter what obstacles in her way she didn’t give up, she stayed strong inspireing us to keep going in our own lives keeping that happy energy going even when life is hard. Big thank and congratulations to Maryanne love you sweetie… blessed be

  6. Drea should have won the entire thing. She played the hardest and best game, but she made one mistake and trusted 1 person and should’ve have. ( a classic survivor mistake). They all feared her as a threat of she made it to the end. She played the best game.

  7. People talking about Jonathan and Maryanne but i am surprised Omar got 3rd place. I can attest that if Omar was a staright white men, the fan base would have labelled him as one of the most strategic players in recent seasons but since he is a poc, the fandom will deny him the title. Sad truth

  8. No one was afraid to go up against Jonathan in the final 3. That does not reek of “best player”. The same can’t be said for a few other players.

  9. Lindsey should have won she won alot of amenity challenges I didn’t care who won out of the 3 that were left standing

  10. In my oponion, Omar was the best player of the season.
    Excellent social strategy, everybody loves him while he controled the game with devious lies and also managed to not be caught for so long. I was really impressed by him.

    (On a sidenote, Jonathan shouldn’t win this cause he didn’t do much and wasn’t that likable)

  11. Dividing the “Jonathan is Survivor 42’s Player of the Season” crowd into subsections:
    Subsection A – racists, sexists, homophobes, ableists, white supremacists, etc.
    Subsection B – people whose only form of media consumption outside of survivor is sports (specifically MMA, weightlifting, and “tough mudders”)
    Subsection C – deliberate provocateurs and devil’s advocates whose only reliable source of serotonin is tapped into by fueling obstinate counter-narratives
    Subsection D – horn dogs who go goo-goo gah-gah at the barest glimpse of chiseled muscle
    Subsection E – “Jordan Peterson is my favorite philosopher” sigma male aspirant incel types
    Subsection F – any combination of two or more of the above

  12. Maryanne fans get what they wanted and yet are still the angriest out of anyone. Acting like a teen Getting a car for their birthday but it wasn’t in the right color

  13. I really really really do not understand Survivor fans (casuals) who actually think that Jonathan is the best player of the season. Did you watch the season or do you just think he’s attractive or something when he is not and even if he was he is a misogynist, condescending to all of the women and even some of the men. He is not gods gift to Survivor like the show (Probst) is trying portray. I can see right through that and also Maryanne is the best player of the season because she won the season. I need EVERYONE to vote for Maryanne so this basic ass white man doesn’t win because he doesn’t deserve it.

    • Lyndsay was just as bad as Jonathan and yet she still gets praised.

      And the behavior you describe….were you there when the show was filmed? Because that behavior wasn’t displayed on the show we all watched and it’s funny that Lindsay was the only person to have anything negative to say about Jonathan. I also think it’s funny she didn’t complain about his “misogynist” behavior until after she didn’t get her way and Omar got voted out. And then calls out Jonathan for going against their alliance when she herself voted Jonathan. It was toxic behavior and I’m glad she got the boot.

      • Well you clearly didn’t watch the same show as the rest of us did. And it wasn’t just Lindsay: we heard Maryanne talk several times about how she didn’t like the way Jonathan was talking to her. Drea wasn’t pleased by some of the remarks Jonathan made towards her either. And we even saw Maryanne and Mike discuss how Jonathan treated the women on their tribe.

        I don’t say Jonathan is misogynist, because that is a strong word and I don’t know Jonathan personally to make this conclusion. But Jonathan was portrayed on the show as being partly ignorant, dismissive, sexist and hypocritical (talking about his struggle with being perceived as just big muscular guy, but not being willing to hear other people’s struggles with their burdens and dealing with prejudices). And given the fact that the producers (or at least Jeff) clearly love him, there’s no way they would portray him like that if they didn’t have to – meaning there must be a merit to it.

        And hey, that does’t mean that Jonathan is a bad guy. But he was portrayed as a flawed character and definitely not as one of the best players of the season.

  14. If Jonathan wins this poll… you should never do them again. It makes me feel gross about reading this website.

  15. Why is it, the person that hardly ever wins immunity, does very little around camp, can not “survive”if out on an actual island, always wins? Jonathan would survive on an island by himself. He was physically fit, could endure alot of trials, and hunt and fish for his fire. Also make fire better than all, except at the fire challenge.. He DESERVES to get player of the year. Also come back and try again.

  16. Mike was the best player of the final 3 in my opinion. Romeo was carried to the end as a non-threat. And even Romeo didn’t see Mary Ann as a threat to win by choosing her to go to the final after he won the last immunity challenge. Mike & Jonathan were, by far, the best players of the final 4. In my opinion the battle for the best player was the fire challenge that Mike one and that made him the best player.

  17. This is an IGNORANT comment . Jonathan was the best player hands down. Maryanne didnt even start playingbthe game till the omar vote. Witjout jonathan winning EVERY immunity for his tribe maryanne would never have made it to the merge even. She agravated her whole tribe for tge first 2 weeks to the point she was gunna be next BUT jonathan single handedly won them safety. Maryanne coasted thru on jonathans back

  18. Here’s the thing, each season people look for different things in a winner. Sometimes it’s strategy, sometimes it’s relationships, and sometimes it’s challenges. I will say for the challenges someone who does carry a team and doesn’t get bored out right away is something, the fact he didn’t have any idols to help him when he didn’t win is something. Now Drea I loved! I wish she would have been able to go further but I absolutely loved her exit and the fact she didn’t get mad. Maryanne the fact they wanted her out from the beginning and she stayed that’s something! Jonathon did think he was macho man and didn’t need to listen to anyone or their opinions. Mike was good, Omar was good.
    What I’m hating is the fact that if someone thinks Jonathon should win player of the season people on here are labeling them racist, or anything! People should be able to have their opinions. Jonathan carried his team in many of the first challenges making it so they didn’t need to vote out anyone. That is something. That is putting a target on his back! I personally just didn’t like how the guy talked and felt he had no social game really and Mike carried him on that. I would have liked to see Lindsay or Drea.

  19. I’m more curious about the 253 people that voted for Romeo, Rocksroy, Zach, Jackson, Jenny, Lydia, Swati, Marya Daniel and Chanelle.

  20. maryanne probably the most satisfying first-time winner in a while. played a unique and personal but finally cunning game and absolutely deserved the million

  21. jonathan would be the player of the season if the show wasn’t survivor, but instead was something like “challenge game, but good at them only during the team stage (bested by little romeo when it counted), and gets bitchy and whiny because wahhh i need more calories because the only thing i have going for me is that i’m big, and alienates all the women players because he’s a condescending, irritating, defensive brad culpepper-lite game, game”

  22. Johnathan should win player of the season if for no other reason he saved half of the silly people from drowning.

  23. Thank you for your in depth explanation of those who think another contestant than your choice. You are definitely a better human than anyone who would dare to have a different opinion.

  24. Jonathan isn’t even in the top five.
    1. Omar
    2. Maryanne
    3. Drea
    4. Mike
    5. Lindsay
    6. Hai/Jonathan

  25. I used to peruse this site all the way back when Cambodia was airing and used to enjoy all the content that this site brought. Now that I come and see the results of this, it’s just really disappointing and eye-opening to how a lot of people view certain people. I’ve seen multiple polls similar to this one as well and Jonathan almost always comes out on top somehow so it doesn’t surprise me.

    • Yes, people liked Jonathan and the way he played the game. There’s nothing wrong with that! Sounds like you have a problem with people who have different views/opinions than your own and this site doesn’t need that toxicity so maybe it’s best to stay away, huh?

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