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Christine & Gia’s Island Round-Up – Episode 11

Christine and Gia break down Episode 11.

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Each week, Christine Pallon and Gia Worthy will round up the previous week of Survivor 42 as they list their top moments in various important categories. This includes the most essential information, the stand-out castaways, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Christine and Gia break down all the action from the latest episode.


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Top 3 Moments

Everyone vs. Romeo

Christine: This episode brought us some more good old-fashioned Survivor food drama, starting with practically everyone on the tribe getting frustrated with how much food Romeo eats. It’s a fun reversal of the “big guy eats all the food” conflict (which comes up with Jonathan in this very same episode) to have the scrawniest person on the tribe be the one at the center of the food drama. Romeo doesn’t care, either: he knows he’s on the bottom; why shouldn’t he eat as much as he wants?

Do or Die returns

Gia: It’s the twist absolutely no one wanted to see again, so of course, it was the focal point for this week. Do or Die was back for the final seven, but this season only Jonathan and Lindsay decided to partake. Like Deshawn Radden before her, Lindsay dropped first and became the next player subjected to this game mechanism. Luckily, just like Deshawn, Lindsay also chose the correct box and was immune from the vote.

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Knowledge is Power flops (again)

Gia: Another recurring advantage with the same results was Knowledge is Power. Drea’s observation skills were enough to clue her in on her being the target, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from telling Omar about her plan to steal Mike’s idol. When it was time to play her power, Mike revealed that he didn’t have the idol, and he actually gave it to Omar about half an hour before tribal.

Stand-Out Castaways


Gia: This was a week of highs and lows for Lindsay. On the one hand, her competitiveness got the best of her and landed her in some serious hot water with Do or Die. On the other hand, she survived the twist and left tribal council with an idol. She was second in command to Omar’s plan to nullify Drea’s advantage but got none of the pushback for it. Lindsay’s in a pretty solid position going into the final six, and I’m pretty confident that we’ll be seeing her for finale night.


Christine: Omar once again secures his spot as one of the star players of the episode! Drea was the latest person to mistakenly trust Omar, who’s playing a strong snakey game without anyone catching on to how much of a snake he is. He foiled Drea’s plans to steal Mike’s idol, once again playing a major role in how the vote unfolded. Omar is now in possession of Mike’s idol, and he just might be villainous enough to hold onto it next round. I imagine he’ll choose to give it back, but Omar might need the extra protection thanks to Drea’s parting words, which hinted at how good of a game Omar is playing by revealing he was the only person who knew about her advantage.

Omar and Drea
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Gia: Drea has been a force since Day 1, so it’s only right that she went out that way too. Her intuition led her down the right path for much of the game, but her faith in Omar ultimately was her downfall. Her numerous advantages and strong social game made her one of the clear frontrunners to win, and it’s this strength that made her the ultimate target when Do or Die failed. As we should expect, Drea went out swinging, using every advantage she possibly could before leaving with one of the most iconic send-offs in Survivor history. She was bold, she was passionate, she was unapologetically herself, and that’s what we’ll miss the most about her.

Advantage Watch


Gia: After weeks of more or less the same, we have a shake-up in our idol watch. All is well with Maryanne, who still has her second idol. Mike’s idol is still in the game, but he gave it to Omar to protect it from Knowledge is Power. I’m assuming this was under the assumption that he will give the idol back to Mike, but with so few players left, who knows if he actually will or not. Now with Drea out of the game, Lindsay’s advantage amulet has transformed into a full idol. With the final six underway, there’s very little time left for them to play their advantages. I think it’s safe to say next week could be very interesting.

Advantage Amulet

Christine: Lindsay is the last amulet-holder standing! With Hai and Drea leaving back-to-back, Lindsay is now in possession of a full immunity idol headed into the final 6. We know at least Mike and Omar are aware she has it since she told them about the amulets at the reward last week, but with only two more chances to use the idol and no Knowledge is Power in play, that might not hurt her too much.

Extra Votes

Christine: Drea played her extra vote to put two votes on Mike in a last-ditch effort to survive once her plan to steal his idol failed. It didn’t end up making a difference, but it was the right play since she knew she was likely screwed regardless. Maryanne is now the only one left in the game with an extra vote. Next week will be her last chance to play it, so I expect it will make an appearance one way or another.

Knowledge is Power

Christine: I was wrong last week when I predicted Drea would opt not to use Knowledge is Power, but in the end, she wasn’t able to pull it off. Her plan to use it to steal Mike’s idol had one fatal flaw: telling Omar, who made sure Mike wasn’t holding his idol when Drea asked for it. After Tiffany, Evvie, and Xander’s idol fake-out with Liana last season, it’s safe to say that the name of the advantage is certainly accurate. Knowledge is power, but you better be very careful about who you share that power with.

Written by

Christine Pallon

Christine is a writer, musician, and lifelong Survivor nerd based out of Urbana, Illinois. When she’s not playing shows with her bands or working at her day job at a tech company, she spends her free time tweeting about bad horror movies, Kate Bush, and the filmography of Juliette Binoche. Christine writes Inside Survivor’s episode recaps for Survivor US.

Gia Worthy

Gia Worthy is a Massachusetts native and a lifelong fan of Survivor. When she's not helping to run the Survivor Diversity Campaign Twitter page, you can find her on her own Twitter, letting everyone know that Survivor: Marquesas and Fiji are criminally underrated.

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