Survivor 43 Tribe Divisions

Check out the tribe breakdown for Survivor 43.

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The forty-third edition of Survivor will land on our screens in late 2022 and with it comes 18 brand new castaways who will battle it out for the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. The new season, which will simply be titled Survivor 43, is expected to premiere on CBS in September

As previously reported by Inside Survivor, the upcoming season will follow a similar format to Survivor 41/42, with a shortened 26 days and castaways divided into three tribes of six. Today, we can reveal a first look at the tribe divisions.

Check out the tribes below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. All the tribes are named after native Fijian trees/plants.

The Koka tribe, who will wear blue, is made up of web designer Geo Bustamante, event curator Jay Jones, fitness trainer Ryan Medrano, fashion merchandising student Cassidy Clark, educator Karla Godoy, and pediatric nurse Lindsay Carmine.

The Baka tribe, who will wear yellow, is made up of psychologist Elie Scott, UX designer Jeanine Zheng, content creator Morriah Young, heart valve specialist Mike Gabler, admission counselor Owen Knight, and recent high school graduate Sami Layadi.


The Vesi tribe, who will wear red, is made up of account manager Cody Assenmacher, computer science student Dwight Moore, PHD student Jesse Lopez, regional sales manager Justine Brennan, director of operations Nneka Ejere, and paralympian Noelle Lambert.

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13 responses to “Survivor 43 Tribe Divisions”

  1. In season 44 if they try pull that ‘they haven’t seen 43!’ shit again fuck american survivor. Enough of 3 tribes of 6 also.

    • The seasons are filmed back to back with about a three week break between them. The S44 players will not have seen S43 just like the S42 players hadn’t seen S41. It’s bee thi way for a long time.

      • I think AK is referring to the show re-doing the structure and twists of the whole season a second time in a row.

  2. Post-covid Survivor has it’s pros and cons. I’m a huge fan either way. In 43, I’m hoping the producers will change some of the twists because the players will now know what to expect from watching the previous 2 seasons. I truly enjoy Jeff Probst talking to America before several immunity challenges also!

  3. I guess they will find out when they land. I seen in a past article where they are from There are 3 from My home state Texas. Kneka Ejere is from Wheatherford Texas that only 20 miles from where I’m from Mineral Wells Texas. I don’t know her but I’ll root her and the other 2 from Texas.

  4. disgusting news to hear about them continuing with 26 days, no covid/quarantine excuses now…they’re money hungry and saw a cheaper (and worse) way to make the show…they ought to be ashamed of themselves for ruining the show

  5. I honestly don’t mind the 26 day format, mostly because I keep forgetting 41 and 42 had 26 days. My only wish is they have more unique challenges, tho we’re still in Fiji so probably not. :\

  6. Judging solely by the looks blue tribe seems to be the physically weakest and red tribe the strongest.

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