Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Week – Episode 13 (Fan Poll)

In Episode 13 we saw the elimination of Abi-Maria Gomes. Again, we will be running a fan poll first before we give the Inside Survivor verdict on the player of the week for Episode 13 of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance. That way the poll is not influenced by our opinions.

Vote below on who you think was Player of the Week overall in Episode 13 of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance.


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Martin Holmes

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3 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Week – Episode 13 (Fan Poll)”

  1. Between Tasha and Spencer, Tasha planned the Abi blindside, although it looked like ABi was going to be honest to her. and wanted to get rid of the goat, because she thinks it will not please the America to bring someone who is easy to beat. But I think Spencer has the upper hand, since he was the swing vote, and his fate lies on which “WE” he will join, so I think he is the player of the week. plus he won Immunity.

  2. how is spencer leading this poll? He was a swing vote but he absolutely made the wrong choice. He kept Jeremy in the game who is as likely to take Kimmi and Tasha to the end over him and as likely (probably more) to beat him as Kelley, Keith is a player who wouldn’t backstab him at final 4 to take a goat to the end over the final 3 deal he just made, and he has a better shot at immunity vs Abi Keith and Kelley then he would against Jeremy and Tasha. He took out one of the biggest goats to side with people who could beat him in the end.

    • Spencer sided with Jeremy so he wouldn’t be the next biggest threat! If he had gone with Abi, Keith, and Wentworth he would be voted out next because he would be the obvious next threat! BTW Spencer is playing way better than Jeremy anyways.

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