Jeff Probst Still Wants a Survivor Season With A Tribe of Teenagers

A generational shift…

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Survivor is working on an idea that would push its social experiment to the extreme as the show’s producers are considering a tribe of teenagers for a future season.

In the newly released commemorative book, Survivor: The Official Collector’s Edition, host and executive producer Jeff Probst shares some insights on what to expect from Survivor in the coming years. One of the areas he touches on is the show’s “generational shift,” with more players born after Survivor: Borneo now applying.

“It would be fascinating to watch their different approaches to the game,” says Probst regarding a potential tribe of teenagers. While the Emmy-winning host does note the logistical issues involving high school conflicts and lack of life experience, he said it’s an idea the show is trying to make happen if possible.

“[A tribe of teenageers] is something we’re inching our way toward and trying to find how to make that work,” he added.

This is not the first time Probst has brought up wanting a season featuring teenagers, having mentioned the same thing in a 2020 Cameo video. Around the same time, Survivor lowered its application age to 16-years-old, with Probst encouraging young fans to apply during the Survivor: Winners At War after-show.

“We’re committed to being on in the fall with our 41st season, which means you should apply, especially if you’re young,” he said in the final moments of the broadcast. “I’m talking teenagers: 16, 17, 18, 19. Do it! Cool parents and a cool school; who knows? It could happen.”

The youngest castaway to ever play Survivor was Will Wahl, who was 18-years-old when he appeared on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X. The show has cast other 18 and 19-year-olds but has never featured anyone under the age of 18.

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31 responses to “Jeff Probst Still Wants a Survivor Season With A Tribe of Teenagers”

  1. What’s that kind of insurance cost going to be like lol. Is he really going to risk putting the life of 16 year old on the line just to satisfy his every-growing list of curiosities? This game is punishing for even full grown adults, what parent is going to sign off and allow this? Will was 18 and a legal adult but anything younger should not be allowed to happen.

    • I thank it’s a awesome idea I signed up as well but I’m 38 and my email is [email protected] and my name is Kevin and I thank Jeff would watch over them like he does in every show and season that there has been we should give this a try college fees and other what they could learn and get out of this experience is so amazing and can learn lots of things about life other people and much more and a vacation away from city life or country life and travel to another country now that’s a great plan and idea let’s do this, if you saw me on the show your would understand way I’m so happy that the show is still on and running great if I got on the show you would understand why I thank this is a great idea plus they would never be a boring moment I have loads of ideas to try. Let’s give Jeff the season he wants or is trying to do then maybe one day I can show my skills and other on this amazing show

  2. How about couples (husband/wife, mother/son, sister/sister, etc) where they would BOTH get voted out as a pair?

  3. How about a show with all the 1st people voted off? They didn’t get to experience the game really.

  4. The game has turned into “The Survivor Experience” and needs to cut out all the gimmicks and extra idols and advantages. The game has gone to Jeff’s head, and he needs to get humble and return to the basics.

  5. Jeff is insane he needs to retire asap. He’s getting worse and he NEVER listens what true fans of the show have to say… So I expect this idea to come to life, same as more twists etc. This game is turning into a joke.

  6. Keep in mind how easily teens bully and react to bullies. Teens might try Survivor, but definitely reduce number of days. Beyond the Edge was 14 days and the adults there barely lasted that long– with food provided!

  7. Maybe Jeff is onto something however since it’s so “punishing” maybe take the kids that are struggling to be good kids and put them on here and show them the true struggles in life . Survivor “BOOT CAMP”. See how fast things turn around Im in for a teenager show.

  8. Sounds like major lawsuits will need to be prepared for if teens are involved.
    Why on earth would you want a bunch of teens running around half naked Jeff Probst?
    Sounds like a personal self-fantasy you’re wanting to experience.
    Grown, mature, seasoned adults have nearly killed themselves on your show, why teenagers?
    Very, Very BAD idea!

  9. How a bout one with just senior players over 50? Or couples that are on opposing teams yet no one knows they are couples?

  10. I have always thought individual from the beginning. No tribes.
    Lots of scrambling to form bonds and aliances would have to occur. NEW IDEA !

  11. I always thought a fun twist could be like a version of the TV show Lost. Remember in Season 2 when the survivors discovered the other survivors from the tail section?

    Imagine the first few episodes starts with just 1 tribe of 8 players and the twist is there’s no tribe immunity, there’s only individual immunity.

    Then at the end of ep 3, Jeff teases a BIG surprise for ep 4.

    On episode 4 Jeff reveals to the audience (but not the tribe) that there was a secret SECOND tribe doing the exact same thing on another beach the entire time so episodes 4-6 follows them.

    Then in ep 7 the action cuts between both tribes with a double tribal at the end. The two voted out from each tribe as they leave the TC set discover a note leading them to a secret location…they follow it….and the episode ends with them coming face to face with the other voted out tribe member…its FIRST CONTACT.

    Episode 8 is a merge episode but the 2 players voted out begin inviting one each from their tribes to join them at a merge…that player then chooses another etc. The last ones on each tribe not selected must do a challenge. Winner makes the merge, loser goes home.

    Then the rest of the season plays out as it would usually.

    This could be cool and fun to watch and really throw the players off!

  12. What about all military, or all first responders, or all moms, or sets of twins, or all over the age of 45?

  13. How about the games favourites who never won , am taking ozzy, Joe, malcolm, Spencer, Russell, Audrey, cirie,coach, Jay, n Jonathan

  14. How about a Survivor with teams “too old” ? Even better have them be cancer survivors playing for a named charity. Make Ethan the host.

  15. How about a show with all the first people voted off. Also a show with all the winners.

  16. I like the idea of all the first candidates voted off first in each season. It was floated in the above comments.

  17. How about a summer fill in with big brother, with Celebrities, now that would be cool and wouldn’t have to wait as long to get to the Fall survivor. Season 42 is over and I already want more.

  18. Jeff, if you wanted a season with teenagers so badly, you should have not have been negligent and let the sexual harassment scandal on S39 happen! Doing a season with minors is so unbelievably irresponsible and reckless. If one teenager gets touched by another teenager in the privates, parents are going to press charges. They can’t legally sign their kids’ rights away, and even if they could, the parents will still find a way to press charges just like with Kid Nation.

  19. They could make it a captains season with people that first played when they were teenagers. I.e. Natalie Tenerelli, Will Wahl, Julia Sokolowski, Michael Yerger, JD Robinson, Frosti Zernow

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