Jeff Probst on Tribe Swap and Sean’s Quit From ‘On Fire’ Podcast (Episode 4)

Probst and co discuss Episode 4.



Survivor host Jeff Probst, former Survivor: Edge of Extinction player Rick Devens, and producer Jeff Wolfe meet for the latest On Fire podcast to discuss the fourth episode of Survivor 45. They talk about the first tribe swap in the new era, the players’ endless possibilities in creating new strategies and relationships, the shocking tribal council where another player asked to be voted out YET AGAIN, and much more. Also, Probst answers some fan questions, and the memorable “Why Jeff Sucks” segment is back again.


  • Probst says production sees Survivor as a “murder mystery” where, throughout the episodes, there are clues for viewers to see what will happen. 
  • Devens recounts his experience with his tribe swap and how this is the perfect chance for castaways to form new relationships, gather information, and test what type of players they are. 
  • Probst says producers are like therapists for players on the island and can help when they need to take a breather. 
  • Probst states the focus of the new era is having new players stick with the new format and see how players adapt to it, as well as tweaks to former concepts, and one tweak they tried this season was a tribe swap. He adds the tribe swap was pre-planned at 15 players. 
  • Probst shades contestants who need coaching to get on the show after highlighting how players such as Kaleb thrive independently. 
  • Devens jokes that the feud between Katurah and Bruce is one of the most entertaining storylines this season, especially after Bruce and Emily didn’t get swapped on the same tribe.
  • Probst says Hannah quitting the game may have been a turning point for Emily’s life, both in the game and outside. Emily avoided being the first voted out, which has helped her to continue getting to know herself and has also flourished as a better player. 
  • Probst asks the others who they thought was getting voted out: Devens says Sean, as he thought Reba was going to stay strong, while Wolfe thought Sifu instead.
  • Probst reveals all the interviews before the tribal council pointed towards Sifu going home, and production decided to play the mystery for the audience, instead of pinpointing Sean quitting, to have them feel the same they did after tribal. 


  • Probst’s thoughts on Sean quitting the game: Sean thought he was about to get blindsided, and Probst’s questions at tribal were perhaps a confirmation to him, and Sean decided to opt out instead. 
  • Probst adds Sean crafted a narrative that worked for him as this was an engineered quit, and Probst knew Sean would quit when he brought up “the powerful lessons that come with failure.” 
  • Sean’s decision was romanticised from Probst’s perspective, and it helped Sean realise his game wasn’t going the way he thought it would, and he didn’t own it in the moment.


  • Is Probst hesitant to bring back any themes or twists due to the new game era, for instance, the family visit? Probst says it hasn’t been done in the new era due to COVID and health protocols, and it wasn’t until Survivor 45 that it could’ve been brought back. Due to 45’s game structure, the family visit wasn’t brought up, but Probst says he is open to it returning, but there needs to be a reason for it to return. 
  • What is the procedure in tribal council if all players lose their vote? Probst denies players would go to rocks. There is, in fact, a game plan in case this scenario happens, but he won’t spoil it for fans. 
  • What does Probst consider a genuine “Jeff Probst” Halloween costume? Probst says the things needed for a costume are a hat, a blue/adventure shirt, a choker, and a snuffer. 
  • Why Jeff sucks? Probst is told he sucks because he takes the players’ flints away, and they are suffering enough regardless. Probst says he does it because the flint is part of players earning it instead of it being a given. Also, Probst enjoys saying “sucks for you” when he takes the flint away. 


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Mariana Loizaga

Mariana is a lawyer and a writer from Mexico City, Mexico. She has a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Surrey. Her hobbies include reading, blogging, and of course watching Survivor. The first season of Survivor she ever saw was Survivor: Philippines and she became so fascinated with the game and its many layers that she went back through the archives and watched every single previous season.

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  1. When will survivor not let quitters on the show. It make everyone look bad and worst of all the contestants know exactly what they are signing up for

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