Big Brother Canada 9

The Round-Up (Week 3)

What went down in Week 3?

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Each week, Gia and Garrett will round-up the week of Big Brother Canada 9 as they list their top 3-in-3 important categories. This includes the most essential information, the most stand-out houseguests, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Gia and Garrett break down all the action in week three and the third eviction of the season!


1. HOH: Victoria

Garrett: Spicy V sure had one spicy HOH this week! Victoria had nearly complete control this week and executed her blindside of Latoya rather effectively. On the other hand, her methods were fairly messy (as seen by the chaos and drama in the house all week) and may come back to bite her. The house dynamic this season has shifted a lot from week to week and Vic’s HOH contributed to that instability.

2. Nominees: Kiefer and Latoya

Garrett: Unfortunately for Latoya, her push for the flip the week before sent a signal to the house that she was here to play hard. I think Latoya underestimated how tight the other side of the house would become. Kiefer being the pawn is something I expect to see a lot of if one of his allies doesn’t win HOH. Kiefer could survive being on the block a couple times simply because he comes across as unthreatening compared to most of the house.

3. Veto: Jed, no renom

Gia: In a crossword competition, Jedson was the first to finish and was awarded the Veto for his efforts. He wanted to win to protect himself and his allies, but he ended up just making things more complicated for himself (more on that shortly). He decided to not use the Veto, in an effort to not risk losing his closest ally. The fact that he was Latoya’s Houseguest Choice makes it a much harder pill to swallow.

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1. Victoria

Gia: Victoria absolutely killed her HOH week. The chaos she reigned on the house provided us with some of the best live feeds we’ve had in years, and it’s a shame we can only see so much on the show. Just when it looked like the Sunsetters were going to steamroll their way to the jury phase, Victoria turned everything on its head. She formed a counter alliance, got her primary target out, and convinced all opposition to do her bidding. While I was sad to see Latoya go, it’s exactly the kind of chaos we’ve been begging for in new school Big Brother.

2. Latoya

Gia: I’ve lost the first member of my draft team, so now I know how Garrett feels. Latoya started the season so strong, but a Victoria HOH was her worst-case scenario. She was dead set on sending Latoya out, and she didn’t help herself when she decided not to campaign once nominations were finalized. Despite going out so early, Latoya left her mark as a strong, strategic competitor that never compromised her beliefs. She will be missed, but her legacy lives on in her numerous reaction gifs.

3. Tina

Garrett: In a house that split in half this week, Tina has managed to position herself smack dab in the middle. Tina’s biggest strength is her ability to draw people in and make them feel extremely tight with her, as seen with Tera. If Tina can keep her cover, she is in an excellent spot to win this season. I’m worried, however, that if Tina is too under the radar, she may not earn the votes of a jury. Tina needs to find the balance between hiding her game and showing her game which is a very delicate maneuver.


1. Kyle/Rohan vs. Kiefer/Latoya

Garrett: Kiefer and Latoya were talking in the bedroom when Rohan walked in—cue the miscommunication. Rohan asked why they were laughing, Kiefer mentioned something about fireworks, and Latoya said that Rohan will find out later tonight. From a third-person perspective, I realize that Kiefer and Latoya didn’t mean much by this. At the same time, I completely understand why Rohan was spooked by that conversation.

This led to a verbal sparring match between Rohan/Kyle and Kiefer/Latoya. Kyle started the whole thing off in a very awkward way because Kiefer had no idea why he was mad. It was nice to see Latoya step in and turn the conversation away from just being on Kiefer; too often, there is this gang-up mentality. The funniest moment for me was when Kyle tried to apologize by saying that Latoya needed to apologize, but Latoya didn’t think she had anything to apologize for (and to be fair, I don’t think she did).

2. Victoria convinces Jed not to use the Veto

Gia: With Kiefer and Latoya on the block, things were not looking good for the Sunsetters. Their best bet was to have another Sunsetter win Veto and take them off the block. This is exactly what happened when Jedson won, and he planned to take Latoya off. Victoria clearly didn’t want that to happen, so she threatened to put up the only person Jedson would protect over Latoya: Tychon. Forced to choose between his two closest allies, Jedson decided to leave nominations the same… only for Victoria to tell him after that she would’ve never nominated Ty.

3. The Oddballs

Gia: Sunsetters, meet The Oddballs. A new alliance has formed in direct opposition to the group of six. Consisting of Victoria, Austin, Breydon, Rohan, and Kyle, The Oddballs formed more out of necessity than a genuine bond. It’s clear that Victoria is in the swing position between the duos of Kyle/Rohan and Austin/Breydon. Time will tell if this group will last, but my guess is they’ll do about as well as The Sunsetters. Take that for what you will.

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Honorable Mention: The Beauty Pageant

Gia: Summarizing a week’s worth of content into three hours has to be difficult. While I acknowledge this, I still believe this needs to be said: not including the beauty pageant in the show is criminal. For those not following the live feeds, let me summarize: Rohan, Tychon, Jedson, and Kyle all got their makeup done by the other houseguests, with varying degrees of success (seriously, Beth, what were you thinking with Kyle’s eyebrows?). A beauty pageant was held, and the two dueling pairs became Rosalia, Jediah, Kylie, and Tyesha (see photo for reference). Rosalia snatched the crown, but let it be known Tyesha was robbed!

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