Big Brother Canada 9

The Round-Up (Week 2)

What went down in Week 2?

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Each week, Gia and Garrett will round-up the week of Big Brother Canada 9 as they list their top 3-in-3 important categories. This includes the most essential information, the most stand-out houseguests, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Gia and Garrett break down all the action in week two and the second eviction of the season!


1. HOH: Austin

Gia: We have our first HOH of the season, and it’s none other than superfan Austin! She held her own and outlasted Latoya in the endurance competition, meaning all of Team Destiny was safe once again.

This is a little unexpected since Austin originally wanted to play low in the early stages. I think the team twist pushed her to save herself and her team, and she did a relatively good job of lying low despite being HOH. We’ll see if this comes back to affect her long-term game.

2. Nominations: Kiefer and Josh

Garrett: The nominations this week largely seemed dictated by the Sunsetters alliance based on the live feeds, although the show made it seem more of Austin’s plan. Josh was once again the clear target for the group because of the mysterious drama that happened on Day 3 (pre-feeds, not on the show), and Kiefer was seemingly targeted for rooting against Austin in the HOH competition.

While this move may not have been perfect for Austin’s game because her target is not aligned with anyone, she seems to have been able to keep the blood off her hands. There have been many worse HOHs.

3. Veto: Kiefer wins Veto, Rohan renom

Gia: This week’s Veto competition involved balancing apples on a wobbly wheelbarrow, and Kiefer delivered with 31 apples as his grand total. As HOH, Austin had to decide whether to nominate a player that was likely to be a part of a larger alliance or to pick a safer option in hopes of keeping the attention off of her. In the end, she decided to do the latter and picked Rohan as the replacement nominee.

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1. Latoya

Garrett: Latoya ran this week of Big Brother. The Sunsetters ball started rolling the minute Latoya paired up with Tychon and Jedson, starting a cross-team alliance. She furthered her control by expanding the group and keeping strong relationships with them, especially Tina.

While it was teased on the show, there was a lot more waffling when it came to the vote and whether or not to flip it; Latoya was right in the middle of it. Latoya understands the game, but I’m worried that by not locking in the vote sooner, she may have shown her hand. We’ll see if Latoya can continue to be a power player without being targeted.

2. Kiefer

Gia: Kiefer’s social game is… lacking, to say the least. His strategic game is also not that great. He’s in the Sunsetters, but it’s clear that he’s the sacrificial lamb of that group if one of them has to go. On the plus side, he was able to save himself this week by winning the Veto. He also proudly represented Haida people in the process, something he’s been consistently doing during his time in the house.

Though he was safe this week, I worry that his position will not get better in the upcoming weeks unless he changes things up… and soon.

3. Josh

Garrett: Another member of Team Garrett is gone, but alas, this is about the placement I expected for Josh. That being said, I truly enjoyed watching him on the show, especially when he was monologuing to himself in the bedroom. The best seasons have people like Josh, someone who causes a lot of chaos early on and makes it very difficult for a solid house structure to develop.

Josh may not have had the best game, but I appreciate that he went out fighting and never gave up. In the grand scheme of things, I think it was good for Josh to be evicted this week so that the house can’t continue to use him as a pariah.

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1. Sunsetters

Gia: We have the first large alliance of the season! Comprising Latoya, Tina, Tychon, Jedson, Beth, and Kiefer, the “Sunsetters” are hoping to send all of their competition off into the sunset. This cross-team alliance managed to keep all of their members off the block by the time the Veto ceremony was finished, but we’ll see if they can all make jury… as Beth predicted (probably not).

2. House Meeting

Garrett: Any house meeting on Big Brother gets me excited; this was no exception. First of all, why did Jed even do this? Calling the whole house together because one person may have thrown your name out is a paranoid decision. The Sunsetters already appear to have cracks forming.

Then, of course, there’s the Austin vs. Josh of it all, which I thought was really excellent TV. It was fun, it wasn’t nasty or personal, but it was heated. This cast is delivering on so many levels; let’s all cross our fingers for more house meetings to come.

3. Ball Pit

Gia: This deserves a mention, solely because of how much I love the idea of a ball pit in the Big Brother House, and it has immediately become my favorite Have Not room in the franchise’s history. Or is it a Have Not room? Are there advantages to be found there? We don’t know the answers to this quite yet, but some players like Latoya are already suspicious. So we’ll have to see if there’s more to come with this room in the near future!

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