Big Brother Canada 9

The Round-Up (Week 1)

What went down in Week 1?

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Each week, Gia and Garrett will round-up the week of Big Brother Canada 9 as they list their top 3-in-3 important categories. This includes the most essential information, the most stand-out houseguests, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Gia and Garrett break down the premiere week and the first eviction of the season!


1. Captains: Tina and Kiefer

Gia: Ever since the cast was announced, Canada had been voting on who they would like to see as captains of the two teams, Destiny and Defender. Tina and Kiefer came out on top, and as a result, they were able to pick their respective teams based on their first impressions.

We don’t yet know how long the team format will last or how it will impact the long-term game, but I’m really hoping it ends soon. Right now, it feels too much like Survivor and less like Big Brother.

2. Team Destiny: Tina, Austin, Beth, Kyle, Tera, Tychon, Victoria

Garrett: Team Destiny was able to get the first win of the season in the team competition. In the little that we saw of Team Destiny, they seem like a bright bunch—some of whom are willing to work across the aisle, mainly Tychon. Let’s see if Team Destiny continues to succeed.

The way the vote was structured, however, was unfair. Team Destiny theoretically got to decide who went home no matter what. I haven’t seen this discussed as much; 6 people from each team could vote (not the captains), which meant that Destiny could force a tie. In the event of a tie, their captain would get to break it. Whether or not they realized it, Team Destiny had complete control over who left this week.

3. Team Defender: Kiefer, Latoya, Breydon, Jed, Josh, Julie, Rohan

Gia: Team Defender came up short this week, and with no nominations, everyone but Kiefer was at risk of going home. Some players, like Breydon, Jedson, and Latoya, never seemed to really be at risk of getting voted out (more on that later). But others like Josh, Julie, and Rohan weren’t so lucky. As team captain, Kiefer was safe this week, but he should be watching his back in the meantime.

Julie Vu
Photo: Big Brother Canada/Global


1. Victoria

Garrett: Victoria was an instant fan favorite the moment she entered the house. Her pink hair is indicative of the bubbly personality that I’m obsessed with. Victoria was all over these episodes, from the team competition to her funny moment with Tina in the bathroom to her lively Diary Rooms (DR). It’s hard to come away from it not rooting for her.

2. Tychon

Gia: My first draft pick has not disappointed! As a member of Team Destiny, Tychon was safe this week, but he didn’t treat it as a week off. Instead, he focused on his social connections and formed an alliance with Jedson and Latoya. The trio did well to place themselves in powerful positions, but I’m giving this spot to Tychon because he did the most good for his game while never being in danger himself.

3. Julie

Garrett: When I drafted her first, I obviously did not expect Julie to be gone in week one. I saw the potential to flame out early, but the premiere’s twist really was what did Julie in. She had no Power of Veto to save herself, and I don’t think she would have been outright nominated under the usual format. But since the opportunity was there, Latoya took it.

Julie was constant entertainment and charm when she was on screen (RIP the Dollz), and I was happy that, at the very least, she got to share her experience as a trans woman. I hope that the outcry from fans after Julie was evicted first paves the way for more trans representation in future seasons.


1. Victoria winning the Team Competition

Garrett: The first competition involved the houseguests holding a rope attached to a suspended bucket of goo as long as possible. Victoria outlasted everyone and won the comp for her team. Her quippy DR about pretending to struggle was a very funny moment. There’s a reason she is our top houseguest this week! Victoria winning the first competition of the season seems to have started everything off on a high note.

2. The Latoya/Jed/Tychon Trio

Gia: Walking into the Big Brother house, Tychon and Jedson had an instant connection, immediately agreeing that they needed to stick together in this game. Latoya was added into the mix shortly after the safety competition, and the three soon held a firm grasp on the game. It’s still too early to tell if they stay on top, but they were instrumental in this week’s decision-making process.

3. The Coming Out Stories

Gia: Amongst all the game talk, we had some touching human moments as well. With a much higher number of LGBTQ+ contestants than what was the standard, we were treated to an array of coming-out stories. No surprises here, the star of the conversation was Julie, who shared with her houseguests (and the world) about coming out twice.

While this makes it even more disappointing that Julie went out so soon, we need to take a moment to appreciate that just a year ago (or even a summer ago), these conversations couldn’t have happened because of the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in the house. Let’s hope that these new casting standards become a permanent part of the show. With Arisa Cox as executive producer, I’m optimistic that these changes are here to stay.

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Garrett Stanley

Garrett is a Seattle local, hopeful comedian, and journalist for Arizona State University’s State Press Magazine. Besides keeping up with all of his reality TV, Garrett likes to cook, backpack, and act. Garrett is a lifelong Survivor fan from a family of casuals.

Gia Worthy

Gia Worthy is a Massachusetts native and a lifelong fan of Survivor. When she's not helping to run the Survivor Diversity Campaign Twitter page, you can find her on her own Twitter, letting everyone know that Survivor: Marquesas and Fiji are criminally underrated.

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