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Week 4 Stats

All the stats from the fourth week of All-Stars!

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Our resident stat man Rob Brodeur isn’t just a font of Survivor knowledge; he’s also a long-time Big Brother fan, which means each week he will be on hand with all the latest stats for this All-Stars season. 


  • As of today (September 5th), Nicole F holds the record for most days played in the Big Brother house with 201.
    • Janelle previously held this record when she was evicted last week on her 200th day of playing Big Brother.
  • This was the first season where Janelle didn’t win a single competition.
    • She won multiple HOH and POV competitions in BB6 and BB7.
    • She won two coach’s competitions in BB14


HOH (Head of Household)

  • Enzo won the “Carnival Quick Shot” HOH competition.
    • Variations of this competition have been used in BB6, BB18, BBOTT, BB19, BB20, and BB21.
    • This is Enzo’s first HOH competition win in Big Brother.
      • David and Da’Vonne are now the only players this season who have never won an HOH competition.
    • Enzo is the first player this season to win HOH and not be a runner-up in their previous season.
    • Every HOH this season placed third or higher in their first season.
    • This is the third time that the first four HOHs in a season were male.
      • BB11: Jessie, Ronnie, Jessie, Russell.
      • BB16: Caleb, Devin, Derrick, Cody.
    • Enzo has won a competition every week so far except week 2.
      • Week 1: POV
      • Week 3: Safety Suite
      • Week 4: HOH
        • Week 2 is also the only week he would have been eligible for eviction, as all three competitions he’s won kept him safe for the week.


  • Enzo nominated Kaysar and Kevin for eviction.
    • This is the first time this season that a woman wasn’t nominated at the nomination ceremony.
    • This is also the first time that both players who were nominated were previously nominated earlier in the season.
  • Christmas was nominated when Kevin used the POV on himself.
    • Every eviction night this season has seen a man and woman nominated together.
    • The first time Christmas was nominated by an HOH in both BB19 and BB22, she was a replacement nominee.
      • She was an automatic nominee after losing the opening “hit the road” competition


POV (Power of Veto)

  • Kevin won the POV competition “Face the Puppet Master.”
    • This is his third veto win.
      • He previously won the POV in weeks 5 and 9 of BB11.
      • He’s used the POV on himself twice.
    • He’s the first nominee to win the POV this season
    • He’s also the first player to use the POV this season.
  • A variation of this competition was previously used in BB21.


  • Kaysar was evicted 10-0.
    • This is his fourth time being evicted from Big Brother.
      • He ties Janelle’s record for most times being evicted from Big Brother.
    • Kaysar has never made it to the jury phase in a season.
    • Kaysar is the first man to be evicted this season.
    • Kaysar was also evicted week 4 in BB6.
      • He later returned in week 6.
    • This is the first time this season a man has been evicted over a woman.
    • This is the first time Kaysar wasn’t evicted in 10th place.
    • This is the first time he wasn’t evicted when nominated alongside someone that originally played in BB6.
      • This is also the first time he was nominated with someone that didn’t originally play in BB6.
    • The only time Kaysar was evicted when nominated with another man was when he was nominated against James in week 5 of BB7.
    • Every time Kaysar has played, the number of days he played was less than the previous season.
      • BB6: 40 days
      • BB7: 39 days
      • BB22: 30 days
    • This is the first time Kaysar was evicted when a man was HOH.
      • BB6: Maggie & Jennifer.
      • BB7: Danielle.
    • Every player to be evicted so far this season (except Keesha) was one point or question away from winning that week’s HOH competition.
      • Week 2: Nicole A got the final question wrong in the last round of the HOH competition.
      • Week 3: Janelle had 11 points while the HOH got 12 points.
      • Week 4: Kaysar was 1 ball away from winning.

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