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Episode 8 Recap – 15-Year Friendship

Who was nominated?

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Following Tyler’s HOH win, it seemed as though the writing was on the wall for Janelle and Kaysar. “I absolutely believe Kaysar and I are in jeopardy this week,” Janelle said, “[but] you never know what’s gonna happen.” Kaysar was less optimistic: “I’m not gonna grovel and beg, so we’ll see where the chips fall.” 

The gameplay on the other side of the house was as expected, with Tyler and Cody forming a second six-person alliance, the “slick six” (Dani, Da’vonne, Enzo, Cody, Tyler, Bayleigh), that seemed to exist for the sole purpose of eliminating Janelle and Kaysar. It is worth noting at this point that just about everyone except for Janelle and Kaysar is either part of or a satellite of one or both of these large alliances. So, we’re not sure how Tyler and Cody could think that Janelle and Kaysar have any pull in the house or why creating a second large alliance is necessary. If anything, it seems like something that would backfire.

Have-not handoffs began. David hoped to put Memphis in the boiler room, but in the interest of his long game ceded the spot instead to the volunteering Enzo. Cody volunteered to take Kaysar’s place, and Christmas threw her spot to Bayleigh. To finish off the ordeal, Nicole kindly and tactfully declared, “I’m going to pick someone that hasn’t done it before and likes to talk about me: Janelle.” 

Janelle was having none of it: in a diary room, she clearly laid her thoughts on the table. “Nicole… plays a snake game. She likes to play victim. She likes to backstab and lie and then cry about it. That is her M.O. She doesn’t like confrontation, but guess what? I do.” It’s gonna be a tough week for both Janelle and Nicole.

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Mourning their imminent demise, Janelle and Kaysar made a pitch to Memphis to win the Safety Suite competition and save one of them, hoping that the other could win the Veto. Though he committed to Jaysar that he would bring one of them along as his Plus One were he to win, he was a little more honest in the Diary Room where he confessed that he had no interest in winning the Safety Suite or saving Janelle and Kaysar.

Enzo had a horrific experience in the bathroom when he misunderstood the function of a bidet (or as he called it, “spritzer water”). He was startled by the sudden presence of hot water on his sensitive bits and leapt up, allowing bidet water to spray all over the toilet seat, floor, and door. Cody was not pleased. This has no bearing on the game, but it was hilarious and human and lovely. 

Meanwhile, Janelle and Kaysar recapped their long relationship in the Big Brother game and had a few lovely, friendly, human moments. It would sure be a shame of both of them wound up on the block and we were to lose this actual interesting friendship dynamic. Gosh, we sure hope that doesn’t happen.

Oh, wait. “I’m thinkin’ about… straight up… Kaysar and Janelle”, said Tyler of his likely nominees. Crap.

The vitriol leveled against Kaysar and Janelle by the large alliance confounds us. Their cardinal sin is that they’re aware that Tyler is in an alliance with Cody, and as such, They Must Die. Da’vonne and Bayleigh had the audacity to converse with Kaysar and Janelle about the outcome of the vote this week, which according to Dani, means that they are definitely in an ALLIANCE with Kaysar and Janelle, and as such, They Probably Must Die as well.

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As the Safety Suite opened for business, Dani lamented her need to play in it lest she tips her hand and shows that she’s in an alliance with Tyler. It seems that Dani would rather not do anything and not participate in a challenge than do something goofy and interesting. 

Meanwhile, Da’vonne asked Dani and Enzo to pick her for their Plus One, apparently because she wanted to have to wear a goofy costume, and perhaps to remind the audience that she’s worth her fee as an acting teacher. Tyler was having none of it. “I’m the HOH. I’m the one who’s making the choices about who’s going on the block. That means she doesn’t trust me.” We would suggest that it’s really not that deep.

The remaining players who had not played in the Safety Suite competition (Memphis, Nicole, Enzo, and Dani) all swiped their passes, and the competition was underway. The players had to sneak through a maze of lasers to break into a vault and retrieve a colossal bouncy ball labeled “the safety sphere.” Nicole failed to live up to her serpentine reputation, having a great deal of trouble slithering through the mesh of lights. Memphis had no issue with the challenge, but not forgetting that he had no interest in winning it, he chose to take a five-minute respite right before finishing. Enzo and Dani tried their best, and both seemed to do pretty well.

Hilariously, Memphis didn’t come in last (Nicole had that honor); Enzo took the crown and gave Christmas his plus one. Kaysar had no illusions about what came next. “There was greater chance of the global pandemic being resolved rather than me not going up on the block,” he said in the Diary Room. Janelle felt much the same way, attempting to offer Tyler “coverage” in the run-up to nominations. Unfortunately, neither of their pitches bore fruit, and the fifteen-year friends found themselves facing off on the block.

With most of the house set against Jaysar, it’ll be tough for them to find ways to save themselves this week; but anything can happen in Big Brother. We’ll have to wait and see who wins the Veto.

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