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Episode 16 Recap – It’s Personal

Who was evicted?

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Sigh… another week, and it’s been more of the same in the Big Brother house. 

Christmas didn’t use the Veto, leaving Bayleigh and Da’Vonne as the final nominations for the week. Despite Tyler’s initial attempt to get himself put on the block, he’s ready to regroup and refocus on the game. There’s a lot of things Tyler has said and done this week that we didn’t see in the final edit, so let me just say this… production worked very hard to make him look like the good guy. 

Meanwhile, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are upset about their current predicament. One of them is guaranteed to go home at this point, and Bayleigh is blaming herself for telling Christmas that Da’Vonne was her “untouchable.” The numbers seem to be in favor of keeping Da’Vonne, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy week. 

One of the people making this week unbearable? The HOH herself, or as I like to call her, Arbor Day. After the Veto ceremony, Christmas is working overtime to explain why she decided not to put Tyler on the block. She explains to Da’Vonne that putting Tyler up as the replacement nom would destroy her game. In the same breath, she tries to convince Da’Vonne that she is her ally… while she is a nominee on her HOH week. It makes absolutely no sense, but Da’Vonne isn’t buying it either. Like she told us in the Diary Room, “Christmas is cancelled!” 

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Tyler and Da’Vonne discuss future plans, starting with the fact that she has his vote to stay this week. However, he doesn’t really give any indication of his plans, only that he hopes they can work together in the future. This should set some alarms off to Da’Vonne that Tyler just wants to make sure he is safe in the event she wins HOH. I think after this week, she’s pretty aware that she is not a priority to him or Arbor Day. 

Meanwhile, David and Enzo are not on the same page as the rest of the house. Both agree they’d prefer Bayleigh to stay over Da’Vonne, but they aren’t sure if they can get the votes to keep her. Either way, they aren’t happy with the nominations this week, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more in agreement with both of them. 

Since Big Brother is a game played in a bubble, it can be easy to forget that the houseguests have outside circumstances to get back to once their games are done. We were all reminded of this as Cody finds out that his grandfather passed away. I really wish they’d stop showing us the exact moment contestants find out a family member passed away, but it’s still a sad moment that brought the houseguests back to reality outside of the house. 

Inside the house, Chirstmas is still going on and on about how Bayleigh is in the wrong for being upset with her. Da’Vonne defends her friend, saying that she has a right to be upset about being put up on the block, especially since Tyler had offered to go up as a replacement nominee. Christmas continues to try and play the victim, but Da’Vonne isn’t buying anything she’s selling. She tells Christmas she doesn’t get to dictate how Bayleigh should feel or act about something Christmas did to her. By the way, while all of this is going on, Ian is in the shower next to them and in desperate need of a towel. This argument made me angry, but the piece with Ian was a nice little comic relief in between. 

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Christmas continues to escalate in her aggressive behavior, causing Da’Vonne to walk away. Bayleigh walks into the argument, where Christmas gets in her face and starts an argument with her. Bayleigh also chooses to walk away, and Christmas tells everyone that will listen that they are the ones taking things too personally. She’s also worried that her nominees will make her look like the bully. I promise her; she’s doing that fine all on her own. 

The one thing that makes me particularly angry about this argument is that while Christmas was lashing out at both Da’Vonne and Bayleigh, their biggest fear was that they would be stereotyped into the angry Black woman if they yelled back. It’s sad that this is the social game they have to play on top of the game that everyone else is playing in the house. Black women have a right to be angry when they are wronged, just like everyone else. Christmas getting a free pass to act as she pleases towards the two Black female contestants is wrong on so many levels. 

Finally, the eviction ceremony comes, and I’m bitterly reminded how much I will miss having both Da’Vonne and Bayleigh in the house together. Da’Vonne’s speech supports the Black Lives Matter movement and calls for justice for Breonna Taylor and all who have been killed because of their skin color. Bayleigh’s speech is about the love she has for her houseguests, but especially Da’Vonne. They showed the world that Black women can work together and support one another, and that is an incredibly important story to highlight. 

The votes are cast, and Bayleigh is unanimously evicted from the Big Brother house. Bayleigh is unsurprised by the vote and tells Julie Chen in her exit interview that she knew she was going home. Julie reveals “The Committee” alliance to Bayleigh, much to her surprise, but her interview does not end on a sour note. She’s happy that Da’Vonne is still in the house and seems to have mended things with Tyler before she left. 

Finally, we get to the HOH competition, and the Wall Comp is officially here. Called “Power Trip,” houseguests have to stay on the wall for as long as possible. It’s the first real endurance HOH competition we’ve had all summer, so we’ll see who comes out on top during Sunday’s episode. I’ve been disappointed by pretty much every HOH this season, so we shall see if I’m in for a surprise or not. 

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