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Episode 13 Recap – Planting Seeds

Who was evicted?

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Remember when I said last week that something has got to give? Well, Big Brother clearly disagreed with my perspective, because this episode was bad, and then only got worse. It all started with the end of the Veto ceremony, where Enzo named Christmas as his replacement nominee, cementing her and Kaysar as the final nominees of the week. This is far from the bold move that Enzo has been boasting about all week, but it keeps his position secure in the house for now (not that it makes any of this better).

Kaysar recognizes the hopelessness of his situation. To put it nicely, it’s a long shot to secure the votes to keep him. Nevertheless, he tries to shake up the power dynamics, with varying degrees of success. He talks to Memphis about who is running the house, with Memphis giving him minimal responses. Kaysar is understandably frustrated by the lack of gameplay and unaware that Memphis is part of the large alliance that is running the house.

While all of this is going on, Enzo’s setting up a target for next week. He wanted to play nice for his HOH reign (which is the opposite of what he was saying beforehand), but next week, he wants to strike. His target? Dani, or “The Gardener,” a nickname he has bestowed upon her because she’s always planting seeds. Tyler is in agreement with this, who sees right through Dani’s “reckless and sloppy” game.

Speaking of Tyler, he tries to patch things up with Da’Vonne after “the David incident” last week. He tries to do so by letting her know that Dani is planting seeds against her and Bayleigh. Da’Vonne recognizes that The Slick Six alliance can’t last with Dani acting like this (which, duh). The Slick Six was never a particularly strong alliance anyway, but it’s pretty much as good as dead now.

Cody, who outright admits that he’s exhausted by the number of alliances he’s in, tells Enzo about the Committee. Shockingly, Enzo doesn’t care, since he’s also in several alliances. Both of them and Tyler compare notes about their conversations with Dani and Da’Vonne and agree that they both need to go soon. Enzo emphasizes that he’d prefer Dani to go first, and I will continue to remind everyone that he was the HOH this week and could’ve easily backdoored her.

Meanwhile, Ian is finally coming to his senses about his partnership with Nicole. After comparing notes with Kevin and Bayleigh, he realizes that Nicole is aligned with him for convenience. As the two winners in the house, he’ll be the one going home if they are ever nominated as a pair. Good on Ian for finally putting 2 and 2 together, but it gets infuriating when he takes this information to Kaysar, who has been telling him the same thing for weeks. Not only that, but Ian basically confirms that Kaysar is going home and suggests that he calls out the core alliance. Kaysar says it best, people want him to take the shot they are too scared to take.

At the eviction ceremony, the question isn’t who is going home, but rather if Kaysar will shake up the house in his final speech. The answer is yes, and it’s the only good thing in this episode. He lets everyone know that they all suck at strategy. To make things even more apparent to the house, Kaysar specifically calls out Cody and Nicole for running the show, a guys’ alliance of Enzo, Cody, Tyler, and David, and a trio of Cody, Dani, and Nicole. He even explicitly calls out Cody for being in a “love triangle” of alliances. Simply put, it was the best thing to happen in weeks, and I’ve rewatched the speech multiple times already.

Photo: CBS

The votes are cast, and Kaysar is unanimously voted out of the Big Brother house, with particularly bitter votes from Dani and Cody. In his exit interview, Julie reveals the Commission alliance, and he is completely blindsided by Memphis’ involvement. On a more personal level, Kaysar admits that he didn’t come back for the money, but for reasons much deeper than that. As a platform, Big Brother changed his life, and he wanted to make a difference because he is not happy with the way the world is today. This is exactly why Kaysar is loved by so many, and it is truly sad to see him go so soon due to the herd mentality that has become the Big Brother game. I, and the rest of the viewers, will miss him dearly.

Finally, the HOH competition is here, and it’s a knock-out one. With the way things have been going, this was definitely the worst possible format production could’ve chosen for a HOH comp right now. The game starts with Ian and Kevin, with Kevin winning the first round. The rest of the game goes on with some interesting pairs chosen to face off (Dani choosing Bayleigh and Da’Vonne, and Da’Vonne choosing Dani and Memphis right after that). The final two are Christmas and Da’Vonne, with Da’Vonne answering incorrectly. This means Christmas wins the HOH without ever pushing a button, and it’s a wonderful metaphor for how the game is going right now.

I’m not too optimistic about this week, since Christmas is famous for being part of the groupthink mindset that has shaped new school Big Brother. Not to mention that she is part of the Commission alliance, and she seems pretty content there. Our only hope is that her allies, Enzo and Tyler, will be able to convince her to blindside one of the players at the top right now.

Julie also mentioned the next room that will be unlocked this week, the Big Brother Basement. She didn’t go into too much detail, but she did say there will be a competition played entirely in the dark, with three new powers released. This could be the change-up we are hoping for, or it could mean the Commission alliance secures even more control of the game. Hopefully, it’s the former, because I’m sure we’re all tired of the same old thing happening week after week. Maybe I’ll have some better news to write about next Thursday.

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