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Episode 11 Recap – High Stakes

Who was nominated?

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In the wake of Janelle’s (devastating to many) exit, the stakes for the HOH competition were high. Kaysar knew what was at stake. “This is the very first time I’ve been in this house without Janelle. They’re coming for me next… Everything is riding on this now. I have to win,” he said. By the same token, Tyler knew that a Kaysar HOH might spell doom for him, saying, “Please, somebody from one of my alliances, maybe Enzo or Cody, pull this thing out.” Fortunately, as Tyler has been in an alliance with damn near everyone in the house but Kaysar, the likelihood that somebody from one of his alliances would win was high. 

Cody, too, was afraid of a Kaysar win, knowing that Kaysar is one of the few people that he’s got little or no connection to. Memphis hoped to continue having power in the house, so he could continue to make earthshattering, genre-defying moves—that is to say, targeting David… again. Bayleigh hoped to get her hands dirty, looking to target Memphis, Nicole, or Ian—a few targets that might actually be unexpected and interesting to watch. Enzo’s targets were less clear, but he DID know that he aspired to become “the king of the castle.”

It looked as though Kaysar might take a quick win, dropping two of three balls in the final round right off the bat. Nicole panicked in the Diary Room: “Kaysar winning would definitely be the worst-case scenario for me… I’m sure he would put me on the block.” Leaving aside the fact that Kaysar winning would likely be the best-case scenario for many viewers, we have to wonder whether it’s realistic that three-quarters of the house are afraid that Kaysar will nominate them, considering that he is limited to two nominees—not nine. 

Luckily for the supermajority alliances, Enzo narrowly beat out Kaysar and David for the title of Head of Household (his first HOH ever!). Kaysar was understandably devastated, but not despondent. “I’m not giving up,” he said. “They’re gonna have to drag me out of here.”

With the twenty minutes of HOH competition over, the drama within the house resumed. Dani was incredibly confident in her hinky vote for Kaysar, thrilled that she might have sown confusion and discontent in the house, having left everyone off-balance and thrown suspicion onto Da’vonne and Bayleigh. Oh, never mind. Cody joined her in her room and promptly asked, “Who’d you get to vote with you?” “IT WAS NOT ME, I SWEAR!”

HOH Comp
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Perhaps Dani forgot in the moment that she’d asked Cody to throw a hinky vote with her the day before. A few terrible lies later, Dani was certain that she’d left Cody in the dark; in actuality, it seemed as though she’d broken Cody’s trust. When Dani tried to bring the question up in front of Christmas, Cody was having none of it: “I think it was you.” Cody, Christmas, David, Kevin, and Da’vonne chatted through the possibilities, throwing accusations back and forth and confounding David by publicly interrogating him. Ultimately, and unfortunately for Dani, most of the houseguests didn’t care about the hinky votes… and those who did suspected Dani most of all.

Kaysar and Dani had a brief conversation about the Abrahamic faiths, discussing the similarities between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, the differences between Kosher and Halal, and one’s individual path to faith. They also spoke at length about the Black Lives Matter movement, the tendency of BLM detractors to hold up criminal records and imperfections as justification for police violence, and the horrific circumstances leading up to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. “It’s terrifying… it’s hard,” said Da’vonne. “Conversations like these were a big part of why I came back,” Kaysar confided in the DR. “I couldn’t sit idly by and watch the world burn. I couldn’t bear it anymore.” After twenty minutes of rolling balls and talking about Kaysar winning HOH being the Worst Possible Thing ™, this human scene was a welcome respite.

The Have-Not handoff came next. Nothing so exciting as Nicole’s Totally Unintentional Slip-Up; Enzo picked Tyler, Cody picked Da’vonne, and Bayleigh picked Dani. “I’m comin’ after you,” said Dani. “Listen… swing, but don’t miss,” Bayleigh retorted. With these three heading off to a week of misery, it was all the other houseguests could do to be considerate of their new terrible circumstances. “I hate my room,” Nicole whined to Dani in the bathroom. “I just think it’s not for… it’s not for me.” Giggles and friendship ensued, followed by a montage of superficial chatting about shopping and trust.

In Enzo’s new HOH room, discussions of nominees began. As expected, Enzo’s intention was to target Kaysar, as Kaysar hasn’t had much game discussion with him. Kaysar immediately arrived in the HOH room to discuss plans. “I know you’re gonna do what’s best for you at the end of the day… just make sure you know… I’ve got your back. I like competitors. I don’t like floaters. People come here to play… you’re playing,” said Kaysar. Enzo’s responses were predictable: “Yup. Yep. Yeah. Yup. Thank you, man. I appreciate it, bro.” It seemed likely that Enzo’s plans had not changed. “He talked no game with me for four weeks, bro… I like the guy, but what am I gonna do?… I don’t trust him.”

Christmas’ all-star is born punishment continued as she received her tenth, eleventh and twelfth Star Babies very early in the morning… or very late at night. Luckily, Star Babies have a very short maturation period, and she was able to jettison them out of the nest shortly thereafter.

Her penance of motherhood concluded, Christmas pitched a continuing alliance to Enzo. Christmas was, understandably, excited to continue her time in the HOH’s good graces. They discussed targeting Ian as well as Kaysar, or backdooring Ian in the event that Kaysar pulled himself down. Kevin and David were on their radar as well, for being flip-floppy and wanting to shake things up.

Enzo ultimately made a safe choice, nominating Kaysar (everyone’s target) and Kevin (a safe pawn). Unless Kaysar wins Veto or the house flips itself upside down, we’re afraid that this week’s outcome will be just as predictable as the last three.

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