Australian Survivor Planning ‘Australia vs USA’ Season With Survivor Legends

An international showdown!

Network 10/CBS

Australian Survivor is hoping to pull off its biggest and most exciting theme ever in 2025 with an international showdown between Australia and the United States of America.

Inside Survivor can confirm‘s report that Network 10 and production company Endemol Shine Australia are working on an Australia vs. USA theme for the next season of Australian Survivor.

The idea has been in development over the past couple of months and is expected to feature iconic castaways from both Australian Survivor and Survivor US. However, casting is still in its early stages, and the theme is wholly dependent on being able to lock people down.

Inside Survivor has also heard the season could be much shorter than the usual length of an Australian Survivor season, which tends to run anywhere between 47 and 50 days. This edition could potentially be half that, even shorter than the former 39-day standard.

Filming is expected to take place in September, with the show airing in January 2025. We do not yet have details on the location.

UPDATE: We have heard a regular-length newbie season will still be filmed this July in addition to the AU v US special. 

This wouldn’t be the first time Survivor contestants from the US have competed on Australian Survivor. In 2018, two-time Survivor runner-up Russell Hantz appeared on the Champions v Contenders edition, while two-time Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine participated in Blood v Water with her daughter, Nina Twine, in 2021.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more details in the coming weeks.

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Martin Holmes

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33 responses to “Australian Survivor Planning ‘Australia vs USA’ Season With Survivor Legends”

  1. Dream cast
    David, George, Simon, Feras, Luke, Pia, Kristy, Moana, Kirby, Brooke
    Tony, Yam Yam, Russell, Jonathan, Q, Carolyn, Sandra, Mary-Ann, Venus, Cass

  2. I really hope this is no less than 39 days and they don’t pull any players from “New Era” Survivor for the US Team.

  3. Hard to believe that I actually had this idea in my head before this announcement and now that there’s speculation of it is pretty exciting.

  4. They are not going to do a returnee season of AU without including their beloved George. And probably haley

  5. Brilliant idea. How about a world championship competion, with all survivor countries participating.

    • Sorry Dan, but the US version it’s not superior to the AU version, at least nowadays. I’m portuguese, watch survivor since the first season, and can say that in the present, AU version is better than the US, the players on the last AU season are miles away better compared to the players on Survivor 46. Ok, maybe thats not far to compare, simce the players on Survivor 46 are really dumb, and really bad players, Feras or Kirby would won it with their eyes closed.

  6. This would be amazing!! I’m from UK and have watched usa from the start but I love the aussie more now. So much more fun players, can’t wait!!

  7. au, once again, trying to chase that clout by attempting to steal US’s thunder! Typical aussies

  8. Could this season be a joint season??

    Survivor US will produce and do post production?? THEN I am all for it!! Survivor 48!

  9. Great picks there from Dave in the comments.

    This reminds me of around 10yrs ago when I tried to contact CBS and Probst about a potential international version, with myself representing the UK of course haha

    Never got a reply… lol

  10. I’ve watched every season and every episode of all the survivors. American was cool until the last few seasons, Australian version is far more superior now. Better gameplay, better casting, better in depth episodes, every aspect. Obviously you haven’t watched.

  11. Right now the only people that think US > AUS imo are Americans but the rest of the world puts Australia top. The US version has gotten stale and characters are boring. Plus great villains and rivalries make a great show which US no longer has.

    Honestly Australia is just a different level. The characters are amazing and understand that not only is this a game but it’s reality TV. Plus I like the longer version.

    So I am all for the concept if it’s over 40 days and maybe it’s a battle with the old school players. If the current Survivor US players can’t handle Q and find Venus irritable…how are they supposed to deal with players like King George, their sneaky game play and loud personalities.

    • I’m American and have been watching the US version from the beginning and I can honestly say Australian Survivor is far superior. Can’t wait for this season.

  12. Nelsen, still the US survivor is far more superior in music and editing and storytelling. I agree that casting in Australia is currently better. They still like villains and hot people and don’t care about diversity as much.

    Where Aus is inferior is the camera work. Australia just doesn’t have the same budget. This means, hardly ever do they have a camera crew when players get back to camp after tribal. This is such an important moment. they take us to “the morning after”. That is not the same feeling.

    The weird pauses and smirks from Jonathan to random players when players vote.

    It’s def not a bad version, it’s very good but it’s not as good as the American one. Also, no one needs 24 new players. It’s too much. Non elimination episodes are also terrible but have gotten better in the past few seasons.

  13. ‘Murican here. US is going to get stomped. AUS survivor has been on a different level and my cousin’s aren’t ready for it.

  14. It is mind boggling that anyone would suggest Yam Yam for USA vrs Australia. He was average and annoying. I never want to see him again.

  15. And I am from the USA and have loved Survivor since the very first season but it has been really average and barely worth watching since they got a new casting director several years ago. Australian Survivor has been easily ten times more entertaining than the US version. Most of the best players from the last 10 years are from Australia. Brooke, Hayley and David are far superior to any American player from the last 10 years (in both how good a player they are and how entertaining they are to watch play).

  16. I wish it wasn’t shortened.

    I want to see some of these American survivors – especially from the new era – try to last in the conditions of Australian Survivor.

    The length of days. The sheer physicality of challenges. The way the game shifts so much – and how it almost feels like two different games pre and post merge.

    And also – how Australian survivor just produces a show where everyone is treated as a worthy competitor.

    I think American players would just pale in comparison. And people would realize what they were missing.

    Even though sometimes it feels like Australian survivor drags on – they still know how to make 2 hour to 90 minute episodes without ridiculous bits like “Q skirt” and the obsession with idol hunting or cheap twists or an entire episode devoted to Bhanu. Or Liz’s BM. It’s just so silly how American survivor pales in quality and production these days.

    Australian survivor is still about an adventure for the contestants and creating a compelling game show with unique people. American survivor has become a game show they produce on the cheap and somehow has become all about Jeff. He doesn’t care about the adventure aspect anymore – he just knows he can get his contract renewed by telling CBS they can make the show cheaper and cheaper every season.

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