Australian Survivor Episode 10 Recap – A Super Villain is Born

Source: Nigel Wright for EndemolShine Australia and Network Ten.

Heath Chick has all his ducks in a row or in a barrel and is ready to recap the tenth episode of Australian Survivor.

We start Episode 10 of Australian Survivor at the Vavau camp where Phoebe is digesting the elimination of her closest ally in Rohan.

“Kat is dead to me,” sighs a rather despondent Phoebe who didn’t see Kristie and Kat flipping against her original Aganoa alliance in what was a right old mess at the last Tribal Council. Of course, Phoebe isn’t the only one in shock at Rohan’s departure. The entire Vavau alliance was gunning for Phoebe, but she craftily convinced Rohan to handball a hidden immunity idol to save herself and leave Rohan defenceless.

“Without Rohan, Vavau is weaker” ponders Craig who is now basically left to carry the physicality for the entire tribe in challenges. One who isn’t contributing anything physical is Andrew, but that isn’t stopping him talking himself up as the master strategist.

“No one knows that I’m executing a game plan perfectly,” declares Andrew with a confidence that is very quickly crossing the border into the world of arrogance. “I’m probably the smartest person here,” he continues. “I have a Ferarri in my brain, and the rest are driving Hyundai Excels!” And the border has officially been crossed. Andrew is getting plenty of airtime to talk himself up and is quickly evolving from admirable game player to super villain.

I’m not sure what car Craig drives, but he can’t seem to find the hidden immunity idol, despite the all-important clue he picked up a few episodes ago. It seems that often the hidden immunity idols are just a bit too easy to find, so it’s refreshing to see that an idol is seemingly well hidden.

Over on Saanapu and they are feeling pretty happy with themselves. They have that winning feeling, and Brooke is bragging that they have now forgotten what it’s like to lose. That’s a setup for a big fall if I ever heard one! Of course, things aren’t all rosy as original Aganoa members Lee and El, still feel on the outer and are trying to find cracks in the original Saanapu alliance.

Back at Vavau, and another on the outer is Phoebe who has decided to try a search for the hidden immunity idol without any clues to help her. She says that she’s noticed Craig searching around the waterfront a few times, so she heads in that direction. By narrowing her searching to key landmarks or things that stand out, she digs around the base of an unusual tree and remarkably digs up the idol without any clues! This girl has some game!

Source: Nigel Wright for EndemolShine Australia and Network Ten.
Source: Nigel Wright for EndemolShine Australia and Network Ten.

We cut back to Andrew who is still dribbling on and on about being in control of the game. I’m getting the feeling that he is being setup for a massive, massive fall.

Onto the immunity challenge and Saanapu are shocked to see Vavau cut one of their strongest physical threats in Rohan, but Nick says that he doesn’t underestimate Vavau at all. Brooke sits this one out as the two teams have to manoeuvre two logs through an obstacle course before another classic puzzle at the end of the course will determine who will head to Tribal Council.

Saanapu is again the pace-setter, with Kat and Sue clearly holding back the struggling Vavau tribe. Saanapu builds enough of a lead that Nick manages to take a close look at the puzzle pieces they are carrying through the challenge. He identifies an octopus, and it turns out Nick is absolutely spot on. Nick and Matt arrive at the puzzle first and quickly make light work of it. Kate and Andrew are struggling for Vavau, and they fall further and further behind as Nick and Matt finish the job and claim yet another win for Saanapu. Vavau will be visiting Tribal Council once again.

Source: Nigel Wright for EndemolShine Australia and Network Ten.
Source: Nigel Wright for EndemolShine Australia and Network Ten.

It’s scramble time on Vavau as Andrew puts the wheels in motion to remove Kat. She seems the logical choice, but clearly, there are some rumblings in the core alliance. Kate and Craig see Vavau as a sinking ship and think changes need to be made at the top as Andrew’s name is mentioned, while Phoebe, Kristie, and Kat decide to band together to try to out Andrew as the ring leader. Can the two groups get on the same page to remove the mastermind?

It seems that Phoebe didn’t learn from the mistake of Rohan as she tells Kristie and Kat that she found a hidden idol. Phoebe says that she doesn’t trust Kat, but yet she tells her she found an idol? Phoebe explains that she wants to convince them to follow her lead in voting for Andrew, but I’m not sure if the two girls actually believe her.

Source: Nigel Wright for EndemolShine Australia and Network Ten.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan LaPaglia asks who was surprised by the last Tribal Council. The answer is everyone, including JPL himself. The tribe talks about trying to recapture the fire in their belly, as Phoebe questions the motivation to win of those who are safely in the core alliance. That gets Sue’s back up, and in a rare moment of TV time, she says she despises being at Tribal and fiercely wants to win.

Andrew says he brings loyalty and trust to the tribe, as well as a strong puzzle presence – none of which he has displayed in this episode. Kat says she is a straight shooter, and in another inappropriate Tribal rant, she declares her allegiance to the original Vavau tribe to the complete shock of former Aganoa tribemates Kristie and Phoebe.

With Kat reminding everyone how annoying she is, it’s no surprise to see a majority vote for her as the eighth player eliminated this season. Even Phoebe wrote her name down. Two votes are thrown at Andrew from Kristie and the departing Kat, and judging from the teaser for tomorrow night’s episode, that’s something that he’s none too pleased about. A super villain is born!

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  1. Phoebe is surprising me. She makes some mistakes along the way, but she is so strategic and always manage to get what she wants. The girl convinced Rohan to give her the idol, next episode she founds one herself and convinces Kat/Kristie to vote her way. Impressive!

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