Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X – Jay Assessment

The Inside Survivor team recently came together to give our initial thoughts on each Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X cast member and our predictions on how they will do in the game. These opinions are formed mainly from the CBS cast bios and videos, as well as pre-season press interviews conducted by Gordon Holmes and Josh Wigler. Over the next several days, we will post our thoughts on each Millennials vs. Gen X castaway.

Last time we looked at Gen X tribe member Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor, today we assess…

27, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Realtor, (Vanua aka Millennials tribe)



First Impression: I know we should give them some leeway in the videos, but really? An off-hand joke about a manipulative stepfather? Acts all easygoing until it’s something he disagrees with/wants to make a point about? Anyone with legitimate life experience will see right through the act. I bet he has a Tinder photo with a lion.

Deeper Thoughts: I mean – gah, I don’t know. There are a few people on his initial tribe who don’t seem like the brightest bulbs on the Chanukah bush. I’m basically predicting his run by looking at how Alec and Drew Christy did. He’ll either get dragged along, thinking he’s in charge until he’s a liability, or he’ll piss off everyone and get taken out early.

Potential Allies: Figgy? Rachel (if he gets that far)? He and Taylor will probably be bros, but they’ll probably end up isolating themselves in their bro-iness.

Prediction: I’m learning more towards the Drew Christy story. Pre-merge, possibly even pre-swap depending on when they inevitably switch up the tribes.


First Impression: It looks like they tried to clone Joe Anglim but something went wrong in the lab; like they accidentally mixed in some of Lill’s DNA. [Shout-out to Morgan Stradling on Twitter for pointing out Joe’s resemblance to Lill in his cast pic.]

Deeper Thoughts: His CBS video was very scatter-brained; either poor editing or he really did just bounce from one topic to the next for no rhyme or reason, like a drunk at a bus-stop. He says he’s a real estate agent – same company as Alecia’s? He describes himself as charming, and humble. Doesn’t like forced religion – so will be interesting to see if that comes up given all the religious folk on this cast. Compares himself to Russell Hantz and Woo Hwang which just makes me picture a chubby ninja. Why you’d compare yourself to two losing finalists is beyond me. His pet peeve is people saying they’re going to do something and then not delivering – i.e., “stick to the plan.”

Potential Allies: He will probably flirt with Figgy. Maybe form a bro-alliance with Taylor. He described his mother as his hero, so maybe there is a connection to be established with Adam and possibly Hannah.

Prediction: Casting probably saw him as the next Joe when they put him on, but like Jacob said, I think he’s more of a Drew Christy. He seems to have a villainous side which could be fun but will more than likely get him into trouble and blindsided. He probably makes it past a swap, but I’m saying he goes before the merge.



First impression: Oh this is the guy who thinks he’s cool but is totally not cool.

Deeper Thoughts: Jay is that unfortunate guy who thinks he’s the bee’s knees but is really pretty far from the truth. He thinks he is charming, but I’m getting more slimy/sleazy/smarmy vibes. This is a guy who thinks flirting will be a reasonable strategy, and in some cases it is but it’s not a reasonable strategy on its own. I’m not sure what else Jay plans to bring to the table with strategy. I reckon he would humble brag like a champion. He doesn’t like when people make plans…Excuse me? His job screams “high flyer” but he’s really just finished bartending. He likes Hantz and Woo; I don’t get people who like Woo, and I haven’t been impressed by people who like Hantz. As Jacob said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a Tinder picture with a large cat. Also what’s with the ‘oh sometimes I talk to people, and they end up getting really angry, that’s not my fault’. If you aggravate people on Survivor, I think you’ll find yourself at the wrong end of a pineapple pretty quick.

Potential Allies: I bet Jay is all about ‘bro-ing down’ with Taylor and any other unsuspecting victim. Might see the girls as his numbers, not convinced they’ll be loyal to him. I wouldn’t. Tries to flirt and fails.

Prediction: Depending on how much they go to tribal council I think he’ll go out pre-merge. Or I hope he does.


First Thoughts: Totally aloof, but will probably go far.

Deeper Thoughts: The last Jay left us bum-puzzled and I can’t imagine that this one gives us words of wisdom that are much deeper. What Jay has going for him, however, is that he seems like he is fairly direct with who he is and what he stands for. In a game where people are likely manipulating and backstabbing, having someone like Jay, who you know where he stands in the game, is a luxury. I think he might rub a few people the wrong way, but will eventually be swooped up by an alliance looking to gain a majority. I don’t think he has all the cards to win, but I do think that he has the makings to go far without really knowing why.

Potential Allies: I could see anyone with a pulse realizing that it’s smart to get his allegiance, but I end up seeing him strongly aligning with Figgy.

Prediction: Makes the merge.


The Inside Survivor team all have Jay going pre-merge except for Shawn who sees Jay making the merge by hook or crook. How do you think Jay will do? Let us know in the comments below.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X premieres Wednesday 21 September at 8:00 pm on CBS.

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Martin Holmes

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  1. Lol. If any of the Millennial males win this season, it’s Jay. And all of Jeff Probst’s preseason press only gives us reason to believe a Millennial male wins this season. So I would not count Jay out whatsoever.

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