Survivor Season 40 To Introduce New Game Twist

Money talks…

Photo: CBS

The increased $2 million prize fund isn’t the only twist involving money on Survivor season 40. Inside Survivor has learned that the upcoming all-winners season will feature a brand new twist involving Survivor “currency.”

According to our sources, at the start of the game, each player is given a certain amount of Survivor “money.” This money can then be exchanged for rewards, comfort items, and advantages throughout the season. When a player is voted out, they must will their money and any purchased items to another player still in the game, much like the Legacy Advantage. (Update: Players can also share money).

The twist is also in effect for those living on the Edge of Extinction, which we recently revealed is part of this season. The inhabitants of the Edge can send advantages to players still in the game, but to obtain the advantage, the recipient must pay for it. If a player chooses to purchase an advantage, the money is then transferred to the sender on the Edge, who can spend it on food or comfort.

That means that those living on the Edge, this supposedly desolate island with limited supplies, can potentially eat food and enjoy luxuries. Hardly the extreme conditions that would push someone to raise the sail and quit.

The twist has elements of the Survivor Auction, which hasn’t been seen on the show since season 30, Worlds Apart. First introduced in the second season, the Auction allows players to bid on various items, including meals and other luxuries. Sometimes undesirable choices are mixed in. Items usually remain covered until someone makes a winning bid. In later seasons, the Auction began offering game advantages too.

During season 37, David vs. Goliath, castaway Christian Hubicki asked Jeff Probst why the Auction is no longer part of the show. “His reasoning was that it’s not as interesting to watch hungry people eat food anymore,” said Christian in an interview with Hollywood Reporter. “But for me, I think the issue is more that people have gamed the auction to death, ever since Shirin did what she did in Worlds Apart about paying $20 for letters. That takes away the uncertainty.”

Now we basically have a season-long Auction where players can buy food and various rewards throughout the game, whether they’ve been voted out or not.

Let us know your thoughts on this twist in the comments below.

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  • Mr Fish

    Oh damn reminds me of a Discord ORG I played, $urvivor, what a small world we live in huh.

  • Birkaran Dhillon

    So who’s gonna get Victoria’d this season? Put your prediction in the replies VVV

  • Victor B

    They stole this idea from $urvivor, an ORG (online reality game) on Discord. The host should sue them for sure. @Species

    • Andy Pfeiffer

      FWIW, I did it in an ORG I hosted long before Discord even existed. It’s an idea that should stay in ORGs.

  • Ruston Eastman

    I was so excited to see the all-winners 40th anniversary season. That’s all they needed. Now they’re formatting it to death.

  • Anthony

    what in the fresh rigged heck is this

  • Kirsten Doyle

    I guess I won’t be watching Season 40. It sounds awful.

  • Gato_wiska

    I wont mind the currency system if idols get removed.

  • Joan James

    Survivor is just barely Survivor anymore…much better when the game wasn’t so loaded with twists. Last season’s win by a player who hardly played the game was ludicrous. What are you thinking Jeff?!

  • James Bradshaw

    What’s the conversation of Survivor Dollars to Shrute Bucks?

  • Buffy0531

    I’ve said it before, but EOE and anything associated with it should end at the merge, since they’re insisting on doing it at all, otherwise, as we saw, it’s a ridiculously unfair advantage, and with this element of being potentially well-fed and comfy, it would be even more so. Forcing earlier re-entry might negate some of that advantage. Look a Devens, he re-entered earlier, and made the rest of the season more entertaining, and he still had to actually play.

  • Alex Presser

    This isnt even survivor anymore

  • The Dreamer

    I don’t hate this idea, but what I would do is make the price of items come out of the $2million prize money and make the prices high. So, if they want that comfortable pillow, they can have it, but it will cost $20,000 from the prize money. And food, sure, but would you pay $50,000 for that chocolate chip cookie?

    • yeltra

      MTV did this on “Stranded With A Million Dollars”. You needed a majority to order anything off the ridiculously over-priced menu. Things got ugly very fast, when the majority refused to share anything they bought, with the minority. The final 4 were 2 from each group left. One pair was deliberately trying to make the other 2 sick, so they would be medivaced and wouldn’t have to share the prize money with them. Unfortunately it never got picked up for a 2nd season.

  • Jonathan Husk

    They just love experimenting don’t they?

  • Rick Eldredge

    So excited about Survivor 40! Theeeennnn learned EOE is back…

  • Jonathan Husk

    They call them Champions so Probst kiss their ass and treats them like Champions. How stupid. I hope no one is stupid enough to buy food or comfort.