What’s The Latest On Seasons 41 and 42?

Survivor about to get back up and running.

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Members of the Survivor production crew are still arriving in Fiji. Some have already completed their quarantine and are now working on pre-production on the island(s).

What’s interesting is that some of the Australian crew that works on Survivor US have made it to Fiji. There was some concern a while back that the Aussies might not be able to make it, given how strict Australia is with its COVID-19 rules and restrictions. But it seems some sort of agreement was made because members of the Aussie crew are now in Fiji.

All crew members are quarantining for 14 days upon arrival. There are at least a couple of hotels/resorts in Fiji being used to house crew members—each of them restricted to their own rooms for 14 days.

This staggered approach of flying in crew means that once the 14 days are up for the crew already in Fiji, another set of crew can then join the hotel and begin their quarantine.


A couple of interesting casting tidbits. The season 41 and 42 casts are now officially confirmed barring any last-minute drop-outs or replacements. But the casts have received the “you’re officially on the show” call. They are currently going through things like wardrobe and other last-minute business.

The S41 cast isn’t scheduled to fly out to Fiji until mid-to-late-March. This gives time for all the crew to finish their quarantine first and put finishing touches to pre-production, making sure everything is set up for filming.

As with the crew, the S41 cast will begin a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Fiji, with filming expected to start early April and finish mid-May. S42 will begin filming in late May.

Another interesting note is that Survivor casting has essentially taken over Big Brother casting. Jesse Tannenbaum, the head casting director for Survivor/The Amazing Race, has officially taken over from Robyn Kass as the head casting director for Big Brother. And there are also other long-time Survivor casting producers working on Big Brother.

Casting for Big Brother 23 officially started last month. So if you’re interested in applying for that show, now is the time to do so!


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Lastly, I just wanted to address some of the rumors flying around. I don’t usually address these things directly because so many people just make crap up that it isn’t worth the time going through each one.

However, a few people have brought this to my attention, so let’s clear it up. There are no returnees in the mix for S41/42 (unless anything drastically changes last-minute). Before and during the pandemic, the plan has always been for newbies. This nonsense about Survivor changing their plans because of returnees demanding too much money is simply not true. The plan has been newbies from the start.

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    • I love Survivor. I have been watching this show from the very beginning. Everyone knows I am not and will not do anything I won’t even answer my phone if it is Survivor night.

      • I love this show n jeff. I have watched it since it first started. Will be glad when it comes back on.

  1. I really hope that after these 2 seasons at the FIdji, they will finally leave this country, to shoot in a new place, there are so many places that can accommodate them, and I am thinking in particular of Tahaa in French Polynesia which was used last fall for the shooting of Koh Lanta and this location will be used again for a new season which will be shot in 1 month, there is all the infrastructure you need on Raiatea located in front of Taha’a and the country can financially help the show. it would be nice Survivor Taha’a and then 2 seasons later Survivor Dominican Republic

  2. Oh, Martin (or whoever the “f” is PRETENDING to be me), it is very pathetic that you try to make (fake) posts under my name but you post things in ways I DON’T EVEN talk/write! If you WANT to be me at least TRY to be REALISTIC about it! Stupid idiots….

  3. I tried out 20 years ago and received a interview on my first try but didn’t make it through. Tired 2 times after and didn’t receive another interview. SAD, but now 20 years later I had another chance in 41 and 42 , but again no go. Hopefully season 43 will be my final chance to make it. I’m in great shape at 68 and can compete with contestant one third my age. Hope I get a call!

  4. Hi again, I’m still watching updates on Survivor 41 and 42. Still watching Survivor episodes over and over again, wondering how return players win Survivor ??????? I can’t see how players fall under the spell of theses players. Boston Rob should have never, never won survivor as a return. I feel their should be an all men or woman Survivor!!! My final go for Survivor season will be 43, at this point trying over 20 years to be on Survivor, I feel my time is over and Survivor has given up on me. Please hopefully for 1 more and final shoot to make it.

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