Two-Time Survivor Winner Sandra Diaz-Twine To Compete On Australian Survivor

Is The Queen heading to Queensland?

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Survivor icon Sandra Diaz-Twine is set to compete on the next season of Australian Survivor, according to recent reports.

The news was first reported by Daily Mail Australia, whose sources revealed that the two-time Survivor champion has been in Queensland for the past few weeks and has been instructed to keep a low profile. Inside Survivor sources have independently confirmed this report.


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Sandra will become the second Survivor US contestant to participate in the Australian edition of the long-running reality series. Russell Hantz previously appeared on the first Champions vs. Contenders season in 2018, where he was the second person eliminated. Overall, this will be Sandra’s sixth Survivor appearance, having previously competed on Pearl Islands, Heroes vs. Villians, Game Changers, Winners At War, and as one of the Idols on 2019’s Island of the Idols.

The format for the upcoming season is expected to be Blood vs. Water, a theme that sees pairs of loved ones playing against one another. However, there is a potential tweak to the format, as Inside Survivor understands it could be a tribe of loved one pairs versus a tribe of singles. It is unclear whether Sandra is playing with a loved one or not.

Other rumored castaways for the new season include Mark Wales and Samantha Gash (as first reported by TV BlackBox); the couple met on Australian Survivor in 2017 and have since gotten married and had a child together.

Australian Survivor is staying in North Queensland for a second successive season, with filming moving from Cloncurry to the Charters Towers Region. This year’s Brains vs. Brawn season was forced to film domestically due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Once again, castaways and crew were quarantined before shooting began.

“Cloncurry provided the game with a visually stunning location, and we know that Charters Towers will provide an equally rich Australian backdrop for the Survivors to battle it out,” said Endemol Shine CEO Peter Newman (via Cowra Guardian). “We look forward to working closely with the local community and crew and supporting the Charters Towers economy throughout a successful production period.”

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more information.

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17 responses to “Two-Time Survivor Winner Sandra Diaz-Twine To Compete On Australian Survivor”

  1. We love survivor. Sandra does not deserve to be on yet another survivor after she abandoned the show the last time she participated. There are for sure many thousands of people more deserving then Sandra to be on the show

      • Stupid it may have been, but it was part of the rules just like the Outcasts, were, which could be said to have aided in her win the first time. You don’t get to choose which rules to follow or not and call yourself the Queen.

        Yes, she did quit in WaW, and thus is no longer “The Queen”.

        • It was also in the rules to make a choice to stay or go by waving the flag. She knew she had ZERO chance to win the very physical challenges required to get back in the game. This was not a disgraceful quit the way Osten, NaOnka or Purple Kelly quit.

  2. Omg … I am excited to see her play again (like every time she does) but how is this fair? She will slay everyone again. If Benji is on, she should work with him because he will have a large target too.

  3. she already had her 2 mil from survivor with not a single individual challenge win, which probably wasn’t going to start happening now. she took a choice the PRODUCERS gave her and protected her time and her energy. she is still the first 2x winner in a season where a 2x winner was not only not guaranteed, but unlikely and she still did that. so until you get out there on that island, win, go back and win again, i think we should all let sandra be

  4. She might die out there. Australian survivor is much tougher, challenges are harder and its much longer

  5. Australian Survivor is really much harder than the American version I’ve watched every season and would love to see this but SANDRA? Will never last. not tuff enough she never really did anything in the American one she’s sits out most challenges but still, I’ll be watching and good Luck. Sandra….you’ll need it those guys are a tuff bunch… and let’s do a all stars American VS. Australian would be Epic!!!!

  6. @Derk M

    I don’t think Sandra quit last time. She just didn’t need to do Redemption island after she was voted out fair and square

  7. Sandra is an interesting choice to have on Aus. She doesn’t like twists that bring players who have already been voted out back into the game. She has the two time winner threat level without her usual benefit of being able to make large pregame alliances based on preexisting friendships before the game even starts. It is inevitable that there will be an early game athletic players alliance for a few votes and Sandra already fits the same strategic archtype a majority of the previous AUS Winners did. Her target is massive. It will be surprising if she even makes it to the first swap.

    But Sandra has always been excellent tv. So hopefully she can find a crack and make it far.

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