Survivor: Winners At War Reunion Will Take Place Virtually

Survivor finale taking place virtually.

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Survivor is set to close out its monumental Winners At War season next month in unprecedented fashion. Not only will the champion of champions recieve the biggest prize pot in the show’s history, but the reading of the votes and reunion will happen virtually.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, May 13’s three-hour finale and reunion is unable to take place in front of a live studio audience. Therefore, host and executive producer Jeff Probst will communicate virtually with the 20 cast members throughout the night, including the reveal of the $2 million winner and the usual post-season reunion show.

According to EW, logistics of the finale are still being worked out, but the show is likely to follow the typical finale format. This means expect the action to be intercut with Probst interviewing players as they are eliminated—except this time on a video call as opposed to a CBS studio sound stage.

“We are still figuring out exactly what we’re going to do,” Probst told EW’s Dalton Ross. “The rules change every day! At this point I can’t tell you what we’re planning, because we are still exploring options.”

CBS also confirmed that the penultimate episode of Winners At War on May 6 will be a double episode—this most likely means two back-to-back episodes including two Tribal Councils, as opposed to one feature-length episode.

The news of the virtual reunion comes after Survivor recently shut down production of seasons 41 and 42 in Fiji. While the plan initially was to postpone filming until May 19th, Inside Survivor recently learned that all crew already on location were sent home and production has been put on hold “indefinitely.”

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7 responses to “Survivor: Winners At War Reunion Will Take Place Virtually”

  1. Will the finale be 3 hours and then or a reunion, or will it all take place within the three hour timeframe?

  2. This does not look good for Survivor….between last season’s reunion being pre-taped for “security reasons”, this season being vertical & production for sessions 41 & 42 being “put on hold ‘indefinitely’”. If filming is put on hold ‘indefinitely’” what is going to happen when it is time for season 41 to air & it hadn’t been filmed? There is no show! It seems more & more apparent to me that this is the downfall of Survivor.

      • Hum, yes, I am aware of that, I have been stuck in my house for that seems like years (although it’s only been weeks)! But what does that have to do with pore production/edits (or I guess you could say casting in a way). Also, that being said, if they don’t film (as the current “plan” is) right after the WaW reunion (as the production memo from a previous article indicated) what does that do to Jeff’s “here’s what’ coming up next season” segment? How are they going to be back “next season” if they are not even able to film the next season? I make very logical points….all relevant questions you can’t (or refuse) to answer! Please tell me, how, exactly, is that not the downfall of Survivor? You can blame it on whatever you want but I am not going to sugar-coating, the facts speak for themselves….

          • I don’t deny other TV productions are in the same situation. Let’s take The Amazing Race, for example, they had already started filming an upcoming season (I forgot what number) & had to stop. The issue I see them having is different: do they pick up where they left off (after an extended break in filming) or start over? Then they would have an issue with previously-eliminated teams or placement changes if they start over.
            What I mean with Survivor is with the recent downfall production has had (unpopular twists/edits, the situation with Dan, etc.) would they be able to sustain an extended delay? How many people (that have not been happy recently) would watch (again) if/when they return? I have stopped watching both The Amazing Race & Big Brother years ago became I simply got bored with them & have not been interested anymore.
            Me, personally, I have always loved Survivor….it has been my all-time favorite show since season 1, day, 1 episode 1 & I have been applying since season 2 (but have never gotten a call in 20 years….I won’t get into my distain for returning-player/reunion seasons such as WaW but let’s just say I’ not a fan of them) however, the past couple seasons I have not liked several of the edits, themes/twists or recent casting (that they now allow Canadians to apply to a US version/franchise which makes it that much harder to get on, as if I haven’t already been). Who’s to say that Survivor wouldn’t join the ranks of The Amazing Race & Big Brother because of the sour sports I have been getting/having with them the past several seasons?
            IMO, their recent downfall has been their own fault & this could be the straw that sinks the ship, I’ just saying….

          • This sounds more like a personal problem, rather than an objective argument. Jeff Probst not announcing the next season of Survivor in the reunion is not going to spell doom for the show. They will most likely run commercials before season 41 anyways in order to get the public’s attention. Also, you might think Survivor has been heading down a “downfall” because of the previous incidents, but the rating & viewership numbers for the current season have been higher than the past couple of seasons, which presents an increase in support rather than a decrease.
            Finally, if you have gotten bored of the show, it’s fine. There are millions of others still tuning in every week. Your departure will not be felt as much as you seem to belive it will.
            All in all, there is no substantial, factual proof that the show is amidst a “downfall” apart from your own personal opinion. Take care!

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