Survivor Second Chance: What Is The Third Tribe?

With the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance press day in full swing, there appears to be a lot of confusion over the third tribe buff. As revealed earlier, Planet Buff have released the official Season 31 buffs for purchase, and they include the already spoiled Bayon and Ta Keo buffs, as well as a third yellow buff with the tribe name Angkor printed on it. This has caused mass confusion, and people want to know if this is the merge buff, or whether it is some sort of outcast tribe or just a shuffled third tribe.

Inside Survivor never originally intended to reveal this information as it could be considered a game spoiler, but as the third buff has now been publically released and we are receiving numerous comments and questions asking about it, it only feels right to explain. If you don’t want to know then, you should stop reading here.

As most fans know, the merge buffs never have the tribe name printed on them because the merged tribe name is decided upon by the tribe members themselves, not by production. This rules out that the yellow Angkor buff is the merged tribe’s buff. So what tribe does it belong too? Well, while the game does start with two tribes of 10, at some point the tribes are shuffled and split into 3 separate tribes – Bayon, Ta Keo, and the new Angkor tribe. I will leave you to speculate on at what point the two tribes become three.

Fans have been speculating about this twist since filming for Survivor: Cambodia even began. It definitely adds an interesting element to the game and was likely used as a way to diminish the effect of pre-game alliances.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor and the official CBS website for more Survivor Second Chance pre-season press.


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Martin Holmes

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6 responses to “Survivor Second Chance: What Is The Third Tribe?”

  1. I remember Shane Powers saying in his interview with Rob that he heard that apparently after the first 2 boots, the tribes split into three. So, I’m assuming that’s what’s going on.

  2. YES! They finally did it! It’ll go from 2 tribes of 20 for 6 days, and then the tribes will split into 3 tribes of 6!

  3. It could be a split at 18, but if I was running the season, I’d split it at 15. Tighter tribes = more strategy.

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