Survivor Second Chance Pre-Game Alliances

The Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance pre-season press is an exciting time and already there is so much juicy info to take in, but in what is a Survivor first – we have the castaways opening up about their Survivor Second Chance Pre-Game Alliances. interviewed the 20 second chancers before filming and openly asked them about the pre-gaming, and some of the returnees were very forthcoming, in particular, Jeff Varner.

In the interview below conducted by Mikey Glazer, he grills the Ta Keo tribe members on their pre-game alliances and relationships.

Jeff Varner reveals that the pre-gaming was “insane”, and that he had formed a solid group with Kelly Wiglesworth, Terry Deitz, Vytas Baskauskas and Shane Powers (who didn’t get voted in the season by the public). This alliance was hinted at by Shane Powers himself in an interview with Rob Has A Podcast prior to filming. But Varner also reveals he had a separate alliance with Kelley Wentworth, Shirin Oskooi, Spencer Bledsoe and Peih-Gee Law. Vytas is a little more cagey but admits to wanting to get together with Terry. Wentworth and Spencer both mention how they feel comfortable with each other, as well as Shirin and Varner and Peih-Gee. Kelly Wiglesworth flat out denies talking to anyone despite Varner’s revelation that they had both spent a day together, as well as taking part in conference calls. Of course, the most interesting thing to note here is how Varner ended up on a tribe with all of his potential pre-game alliances.

Inside Survivor can reveal that conference calls were indeed happening between the old school alliance (+ Vytas), right up until the night before the cast members flew to LA for the Survivor: Worlds Apart finale.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor and the official CBS website for more Survivor Second Chance pre-season press.


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3 responses to “Survivor Second Chance Pre-Game Alliances”

  1. Jeff Varner or Kelley Wentworth are going to win the season! Possibly Peih-Gee. I don’t know spoilers. But I bet you, the winner is on the Ta-Keo tribe!

  2. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that Varner would be such a strategist. This is going to make Cambodia much, much more interesting.

  3. This is going to be one of the best seasons of Survivor. I would like to see Kelley Wentworth go far. Not sure if she will win, but I would like to see that happen.

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