Survivor: Cambodia Third Boot

Former Survivor: China contestant Peih-Gee Law has become the third castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance.

The jewelry designer was eliminated after the new Angkor tribe lost the immunity challenge and had to attend Tribal Council. Despite ending up with four former Ta Keo members on the new Angkor tribe, alliances and loyalties began to break down after a chaotic immunity challenge when Jeff Varner was caught whispering to Kelly Wiglesworth on the Bayon tribe.

Eventually, the vote came down to Abi-Maria versus Peih-Gee. The vote was 4-2, with votes from Abi, Jeff, Savage and Tasha sending Peih-Gee home. Peih-Gee and Woo voted for Abi-Maria.

Peih-Gee originally finished in 5th place (out of 16) in China, lasting 36 days in the game. Unfortunately, in Cambodia, she wasn’t able to escape the dark cloud of Abi-Maria and that rivalry ended up costing her her spot. Peih-Gee explained in her post-Tribal Council confessional that she was a little blindsided by Tasha and Savage as she thought they were on her side.

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6 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Third Boot”

  1. Ouch Peih-Gee, waited so long for her to return. 🙁 Sadly, her second chance got axed. Hope she comes back, third times a charm.

  2. Still trying to grasp the login behind Tasha’s and Andrew’s decission to keep such an unpredictable character as Abi over Peih Gee AND also severing Woo’s trust. What makes them think Jeff/Abi are more trustworthy than Woo/Peih Gee? It doesn’t make any sense and if Savage/Tasha are sent packing (Likely Ankgwor is going to TC more than once before they merge based on strength) then it’d be their fault only.

    Kind of annoyed at how much the editors down played the incident that essentially caused a power-shift in this new tribe. We got to see Varner whispering unintelligible words to Wigglesworth and Tasha calling him out on it. He denies it and Jeff tells them they are about to hit rock bottom. And that was it x_x . Like, really?

    • Hopefully, the logic is along the lines of, “As long as Abi has SOMEONE in her crosshairs that isn’t THEM (namely, Savage and/or Tasha), they’re golden.” Because for all the flip-flopping, Peih-Gee might even go back to Woo and Varner the next time around.

  3. They didn’t give us enough information to be able to understand the outcome. I guess Jeff/Abi spent a good deal of time with Tasha/Savage and promises were made and believed. The did show us Savage trying to deal with Woo/PG without firm results so maybe that was supposed to show us they weren’t smart enough to deal. I was scratching my head at the end saying “what just happened?” and we won’t know until we get some interviews.

  4. I’m very disapointed by Peih Gee’s elimination and Abi’s “You voted for me twice” comment to Woo. Erhhhh..

  5. Peih-Gee, my favorite :'(

    Unfortunately I feel that Savage and Tasha made a terrible mistake, because we know they’ll continue to lose. Varner will rule the tribal council once again and they could be taken out.

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