Survivor: Cambodia – Another Twist?

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Remember when Jeff Probst told Gordon Holmes before the season “We’re going to start with two tribes and then we’re going to switch it up a bit. We’re going to try to make it tougher to keep alliances together.”? Well, he wasn’t just referring to the switch from two tribes to the three.


That’s right; there is still one more tribe swap to come. Inside Survivor can reveal that at the Final 14, the remaining castaways will switch back from three tribes to two tribes. This is sure to shake things up and cause last minute scrambling as the castaways head into the merge portion of the game.


Photo Credit: Ant‫‬ via Compfight cc

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6 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia – Another Twist?”

  1. Any chance that they’ll do a double boot?
    Meaning the only one team wins immunity and the two losing teams go to tribal…. I think that’ll be a crazy twist as well…

  2. wouldnt it be crazy if it went from 2 tribes at the start, 3 tribes at final 18, and THEN 4 tribes at final 16, then down to 3 tribes at final 15, 2 tribes at final 14 and then merge at 13 that would be crazy

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