Survivor: Cambodia Seventh Boot

Former Survivor: Cagayan contestant Woo Hwang has become the seventh castaway to be voted out of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance.

The 31-year-old Martial Arts Instructor was eliminated after the second tribe swap of the season. Woo ended up back on his original starting tribe, Ta Keo. The new Ta Keo tribe lost the immunity challenge and had to attend Tribal Council. The vote came down to Woo versus Spencer, with Woo receiving four votes from Abi-Maria, Ciera, Kass, and Spencer. Spencer received three votes from Andrew Savage, Kelly, and Woo.

Woo originally finished in 2nd place (out of 18) in Cagayan, lasting all 39 days in the game. He becomes the first Cagayan casualty in Cambodia; his fellow former cast-members Kass, Spencer, and Tasha remain in the game. Woo explained in his post-Tribal Council confessional that while it was a tough way to leave the game he was stoked to a part of the Survivor family.



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  • Sly

    So proud of Ciera! I think she is “The Player of the Week” if I must say. I hope Andrew “Savage” goes soon, he feels way too golden to be on Survivor. I hope Wiglesworth steps up her game. Spencer lives to play another day. Also rooting for Wentworth, Kass, and Joe to get further in the game. The early merge sucks though. I still prefer a ten-person merge.

    • Joe

      Dude, don’t expect much from Wiglesworth. At this point, she’s proven to be a disappointment. Such a shame, since now, I feel like SHE stole T-Bird’s spot. Either she’ll (a) be dragged along until she’s unneeded or (b) she’ll be seen as a coattail rider come Final Tribal.

      • Lance

        in terms of entertainment, yes, wigles stole t-birds spot. but there was no way that she wasnt getting on the show. i would’ve preferred t-bird over monica.

    • Lance

      andrew’s actual last name is Savage

      • Sly

        I don’t see the need for Jeff calling people by their last name. It doesn’t make them special. I would understand with Kelly/Kelley, but Savage? Really??? C’mon now. There are a lot more players better than him, not just on this season.