Survivor Second Chance: Reed Kelly Talks Kelley Wentworth

Reed Kelly chats to us about his former tribemate Kelley Wentworth.

Reed Kelly was a contestant on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. He competed on the season with his boyfriend Josh Canfield. Reed is perhaps best remembered for his “Wicked Stepmother” jury speech directed towards finalist Missy Payne at the Final Tribal Council. He started the game on the Hunahpu tribe, and while he wasn’t directly aligned with Kelley Wentworth, he did spend the first ten days with her at the same camp.

Reed is a successful Broadway actor but still remains engaged with the Survivor community, offering his thoughts and opinions on the game. Inside Survivor reached out to Reed to get his thoughts on Kelley’s second chance. Reed Kelly talks Kelley Wentworth and her chances on Survivor: Cambodia.

“What was your overall perception of Kelley’s game on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur? Pros and Cons?”

Kelley was playing a pretty good game overall. She was talking with different groups of people, listening, and making connections. I think there were two things which hurt her out there. The first was that she was a fan of the show and made it very clear to everyone how much she knew about Survivor nearly any conversation that was had. Personally, I enjoy talking about the game’s history in minute detail, but it became quickly apparent that on our season this was not a wise choice. We had some folks who were um… let’s say, less-than-knowledgeable about the intricacies of Survivor and it’s gameplay. These people were very intimidated by her extensive Survivor trivia and wanted her gone because they felt threatened. Secondly, (though I spent no time with the man in the game) apparently Dale did much of the same on his tribe and ultimately, when the two of them got together, this was a fatal tipping point.

“How do you think Kelley will change her game on Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance?”

I could imagine Kelley doing better on a season of returning players because her knowledge of the game would be far less intimidating to people who have already played before. I honestly have no idea how she will change her game out there this season. I feel she contributes the majority of her early torch-snuffing to Dale hindering her game, so perhaps she won’t alter her strategies that much.

“Who on the Second Chance cast is Kelley’s biggest threat?”

When I look at the cast, for some reason I just don’t see Kelley and Abi-Maria getting along very well if they are on the same tribe. I could be completely wrong about this one, but I can see Abi-Maria wanting Kelley gone and that could create some real friction.

“Who on the Second Chance cast do you see Kelley potentially aligning with?”

I would not be shocked if Kelley and Jeremy teamed up, at least until they both felt like they had gained some footing in the game. They were original Hunapu together and always seemed to have a very good working relationship out there on the island. I could see them being natural allies if they were on the same tribe on day one.

“Do you think Kelley has an advantage been one of only two pre-merge boots on the cast (along with Kimmi)? Will people underestimate her?”

Yes, I do feel like having less known about her gameplay because of her early boot could be advantageous; it could give her a little bit more wiggle room as people may know less about her. However, apparently Kelley has been very active online on message boards (from what I’ve been told), and I assume there are other returnees out there who’ve read what she has shared, so that could potentially counteract some of the early-boot-anonymity.

“What is Kelley’s secret weapon to win?”

She’s cunning and resourceful, is chill like a bro, and looks great in her bikini. If she can use those traits to her advantage, rather than getting tripped up by them, she could do really well.

“What kind of animal/player will Kelley be this time – Fox (cunning strategist), Bear (strong and loyal), Goat (no jury votes), Dead Fish (dragged to the end)?”

From the first time I saw her at our (casting) finals in LA, I had maintained that Kelley was like a fox. She was always very alert; keeping a coy, yet sneaky side eye on all the competition. Once I was finally on a tribe with her it only reconfirmed these suspicions. Kelley wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea on SJDS, but I predominantly enjoyed her and am very intrigued to see what Second Chances will hold for her — not to mention that the fan in me is thrilled that someone who loves the game so much gets another shot at it!


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  1. Objective, unbiased and honest. That’s what a “take-on” interview should be all about. You nailed it with Reed

  2. Good choice to interview. Reed gave some great insight on Kelley, and on Cambodia in general. I wonder if he has a blog or something; I would follow it during Season 31 if he does

  3. For someone so “in-your-face” about Survivor superfandom, Wentworth was pretty stumped on who Courtney Marit was on RHAP. Wentworth’s issue will be not coming off as phony and not running into someone who calls out BS.

  4. Reed talk so good and unbiased about Kelly and Second Chances, He give us a lot of details over Kelley and San Juan del Sur, thanks for this.

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