Survivor Second Chance: Trish Hegarty Talks Tasha Fox

Trish Hegarty chats to us about her former tribemate Tasha Fox.

Trish Hegarty was a contestant on Survivor: Cagayan. Originally a member of the Brawn tribe, Trish was viewed as a strong social player who provided a huge assistance to eventual winner Tony Vlachos. She was able to keep allies close, and successfully initiated the blindsides of Cliff and Sarah which helped her alliance gain a numbers advantage. She was eventually voted out in fifth place because she was seen as a jury threat.

While never actively in an alliance with Tasha, Trish did spend a lot of time around her on the Solarrion tribe. Inside Survivor reached out to Trish to get her thoughts on Tasha’s second chance. Trish Hegarty talks Tasha Fox and her chances on Survivor: Cambodia.

“What was your overall perception of Tasha’s game on Survivor: Cagayan? Pros and Cons?”

Tasha’s strength on Survivor was her ability to win multiple challenges. In my opinion, that was it. She had no loyalties to anyone. She was not very sincere or genuine, which made people not trust her. She would have been voted out way before she was if she was not so good at challenges. She really didn’t connect with anyone out there.

“Do you think Tasha will try and change the way she plays on Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance?”

No, because she thinks she is da bomb. She has a HUGE ego. She could never and would never see it [needing to change] like that. As you can tell, she is not my favorite.

“Who on the Second Chance cast is Tasha’s biggest threat?”

Tasha’s biggest threat will be Spencer. He is better at challenges. He is very likable, and he connects really well with people. People will pick up on Tasha’s insincerity pretty quickly.

“Who on the Second Chance cast do you see Tasha potentially aligning with?”

She might align with Woo. She was the only one who voted for Woo to win in our season; even though it was very clear that Tony had won and played by far the best game.

“What is the major thing Tasha needs to avoid this time around?”

Tasha needs to avoid being an outright trouble maker out there.  She better win every challenge or she will be gone soon.

“What is Tasha’s secret weapon to win?”

Tasha’s secret weapon is her strength and faith.


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12 responses to “Survivor Second Chance: Trish Hegarty Talks Tasha Fox”

  1. Out of everyone you had to pick Trish to give comments on Tasha? It’s obvious this old sack of bones is still holding a grudge and its likely its killing her that she was not even considered (who would consider her anyway?) over people like Kass, Spencer and Tasha. Suck it up Trish, you were a non-entity while you were playing and you will forever be a non-entity in the survivor universe.

    Go Tasha ^_^

    (Im entitled to be biased in my comment since Trish was obviously biased in the way she approached this interview and was not objective, at all).

  2. My only guess is that folks like Garrett, Sarah, etc. would have the same bitter viewpoints as Trish…LJ actually gave Kass some credit and approached things neutrally. I would have like to see Morgan do an assessment on someone, but I suppose she’s hard to track down, ha.

  3. I’m a bit surprised; a lot of fans I talked to seemed to consider Tasha a threat because of her likability, and more so than Spencer.

    • “She is a SOCIAL player” – Spencer during the Jefra blindside episode.
      I’m not sure why Trish doesn’t think Tasha connected with people there…

  4. it would had been so much better someone more neutral talking about tasha, cuz she really seems to hate her.

  5. Trish sounds soooooo bitter! I don’t get it. Everyone in the cast loved Tasha, everyone at ponderosa were hugging her and were so welcoming. Spencer himself said she was a social player. I don’t think Tasha has an ego problem at all. She was really sweet the whole time. Tasha will do great.

  6. After seeing the 3 Cagayan castaway talks, I really hope that they get Tony (or maybe Jeremiah) to talk about Spencer.

  7. So agree with Trish. She is on point with the EGO thing. Never understood the interest in getting Tasha back on the show.I find her “Pushing Past Stopping Points” bracelet so disturbing.

  8. umm as much as I would have would this interview really weird prior to airing of Cambodia, after the season it does make much more sense to me. everybody is obviously biased to some level, but Trish’s critique of Tasha is pretty compatible with what a lot of the Cambodian jurors thought of her too.

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