Survivor Second Chance: Laura Morett Talks Monica Padilla

Laura Morett chats to us about her former tribemate Monica Padilla.

Laura Morett is a two-time Survivor contestant and has actually played with three of the upcoming Second Chance cast members. In her first season, Survivor: Samoa, Laura played alongside Monica Padilla, and in her return season, Survivor: Blood vs Water, she played with and against her own daughter Ciera Eastin, and Vytas Baskauskas. We thought there would be too much bias if we asked Laura to answer questions on Ciera, so instead we asked her to talk a little about her old Samoa ally Monica. In Samoa, Laura was a member of the ever winning Galu tribe and was in a tight alliance with Monica and Kelly. However, for some reason, her fellow tribe member Shambo had a vendetta against her, and this ultimately led to her downfall when Shambo flipped to the rival Foa Foa alliance at the merge. But through all this, Laura and Monica remained solid and refused to turn on each other.

Since Samoa, Laura has obviously remained a part of the Survivor world, having returned to play again with her daughter in Survivor: Blood vs Water. Inside Survivor was able to talk with Laura to get her thoughts on her fellow Galu member Monica. Laura Morett talks Monica Padilla and her chances on Survivor: Cambodia.

“What was your overall perception of Monica’s game in Survivor: Samoa? Pros and Cons?”

My overall perception of Monica’s game in Samoa was that for me personally, she was definitely somebody that I trusted and could align with. She always had a good sense for when her head was on the chopping block and was always strategizing about ways to remove that “noose around her neck”. She did a good job of putting ideas and suggestions out there to the Galu five, or the “90210 group” as Shambo liked to call us. But she was never too forward or pushy about what she believed we needed to do.

“How do you think Monica will change her game on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance?”

I think Monica is going to come out a little more aggressive and will want people to know that she knows what she’s doing. In Samoa, a lot of the tribe didn’t really pay too much attention to the things she would say and would dismiss her suggestions. I think this season she’s going to be a little more assertive about them.

“Who on the Second Chance cast is Monica’s biggest threat? Why?”

I think Monica may butt heads with either Abi-Maria or Shirin. Both those girls have very strong, dominant personalities. Monica can go either way, she may push-back or she may fall into second chair. But based on my earlier answer, I believe Monica may push-back.

“Who on the Second Chance cast do you see Monica potentially aligning with? Why?”

I do think that if Monica and Ciera are put on the same tribe then they will align. I think it would be smart for Monica to use her beauty and charm to get in good with one of the stronger men. She is going to need a strong challenge competitor to help her make it to the merge.

“What is the major thing that Monica needs to avoid this time around?”

The major thing that Monica needs to avoid this season is becoming too tight in an alliance. Monica is very loyal and people can be threatened if they see a super tight alliance. Just as in our season people were very very threatened by Monica and my relationship. They knew it was going to be tough to separate us so we became a target.

“What kind of animal/player will Monica be this time – Fox (cunning strategist), Bear (strong and loyal), Goat (no chance of winning), or Dead Fish (dragged to the end)?

The animal I think Monica would be most like this season would be a fox because she is very cunning and has a great strategic mind. However, I could also see somewhat of a goat to where if she doesn’t become assertive in her opinions she could be dragged to the end. In summary and conclusion, I believe if Monica makes it to the merge, she’s not the strongest at challenges, so she will have a great chance of going deep in the game. She has the guts to make big moves, let’s just hope her timing is correct.

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  1. At first glance, it bothered me that “dead fish” and “goat” were listed separately, but it actually makes lots of sense, since “dead fish” have actually won the game in the past, and “goats” who have often been hard working. I suppose this perspective sunk in on me while reading this one, because I can see Monica being the type of “dead fish” that could potentially pull off an Amber-type win

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