Survivor Season 37 Theme And Title Revealed

A new battle is set to take place on the next season of Survivor.

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Inside Survivor can confirm that Survivor is about to get biblical on our asses as the title and theme for season 37 is David vs. Goliath.

The new theme was first revealed by user anthonyd46 in a Reddit post, which stated that 20 players would be divided into two tribes based on the famous biblical underdog story. The post described the David tribe as “common people,” and the Goliath group as “people on top of their respective fields like ceos surgeons, etc.”

Inside Survivor has since verified this information with multiple sources. The “Goliaths” are defined as those who have attained great power or achieved huge success, whether in their careers or personal lives. The “Davids” are said to be a tribe of underdogs, people that are underestimated or undervalued. It’s not necessarily about physical strength.

Season 37 recently wrapped up filming in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands and is scheduled to air this fall on CBS. You can view the rumored cast here.

UPDATE 05/24/18: The David vs. Goliath theme was confirmed during Wednesday night’s live reunion special of Survivor: Ghost Island.

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Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more updates in the coming weeks.

Header Photo: CJ Isherwood via Compfight cc

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20 responses to “Survivor Season 37 Theme And Title Revealed”

  1. Ugh, enough of the arbitrary divisions. That isn’t an interesting long term theme: like does anyone really remember BvBvB as a fascinating additional element, or HvHvH because of the contrast between the groups. Ghost Island may not have been as effective as I hoped, but at least it is still a present theme in the game at the end point.

  2. You know, I don’t mind most Survivor themes. I really think HvV, BvW, and BBB are all fantastic, and FvF would be a great concept if vets didn’t have an advantage over new players.

    Dear gods, though, I’m sick of division based on employment. Worlds Apart, HHH, and now this have all divided tribes by their jobs. Like, employment status isn’t something I want to see overdone on season after season. Honestly, just give me another BBB season, or a gender/age division, or anything besides dividing them up by their careers AGAIN.

  3. ok it seems interesting. when the 5 members of the missing deals went up.
    season 38 will also be completely newbies?

  4. Awesome! I hope they go crazy with the art direction and give it all a Biblical theme! That would be epic!

    Also, this is basically the same as AUS: Champions v Contenders right?

  5. I hate it already. A season that starts with the premise that some people are “better” than others sounds awful.

    • I really hope there’s a season bad enough that they’ll start listening to what real fans want to see. The themes season after season have gotten stale very quickly.

      • Agreed. What’s wrong with just dividing people into random tribes, tossing them on an island without a gazillion idols and advantages, and seeing what happens? Earlier Survivor seasons were so much better.

  6. Very cool theme! I’m into it. I just hope the females can be as strong as the males. We all know they tend to cast weaker females as opposed to males, which is lame. We need more dominant women!

  7. This is so ridiculous. When you think about the best survivor seasons, they either have no theme or the reason they are good is not related to the theme at all! The old school survivor seasons had no theme based on tribe divisions, and they were some of the best seasons. Think Pearl Islands..Pirate themed but no absurd tribe divisions. I can’t even take the themes seriously anymore.

  8. Can they just move to a new location so the absurd themes can stop??

    Vietnam, India, Madagascar, Venezuela, Japan, Indonesia. There are so many places they could move to.

    Even if they return to somewhere like the Philippines… they could go somewhere like Bohol, Palawan, Siargao, or somewhere else. That they can play it off like they’re in a new location.

    The themes and twists are starting to get to me.

  9. Sounds like “Winners” vs. “Losers” to me. Oh, wait, the “Davids” are simply “underestimated”, whatever that means. Sounds a little condescending, if not insulting, but does it really matter? Survivor is built on putting people together, whatever their differences and watching them interact. These kind of themes merely state the obvious, and are quickly abandoned, especially when the producers don’t see it going their way. If you are going to do this, then let the tribes stay together until the merge. But they can’t do that because bonding would take place and whoever had the numbers at the merge would vote out the rest (usually, but you never know). So they have to continue mixing things up, letting people get to know each other, and hoping different alliances form. So it all begs the question: Why do these stupid gimmicks in the first place?

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